Reality is an enigma = Normal is subjective = Truth is relative = The matrix has your number

“There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it, because it is alive. ” – Philip K. Dick, VALIS

The problem with the practical/logical approach is that it allows for no deviation from the ordinary as an explanation. Expediting a preliminary assessment of an unknown with the attachment of a label such as fluke, abnormal, hysteria or delusion, denies and devalues very real encounters with that which we have yet to identify, allow or fathom as active and engaged participants in our reality game.

Thus, apparently, there is a societal agenda for a reliance on practical assessments: Avoidance.

Reality is far more interesting than the ‘normal’ we have been led to believe. Once again, I refer to the unseen others among us. Thank you to whomever recovered and posted this classic Bob Dean presentation. Bob is the man who pulls the curtain aside to expose the wizard at the controls in the land of Oz.

After seeing Bob and his wife Marcia featured in a Project Camelot segment, link, I interviewed his wife Marcia about her own ET/Alien/UFO encounters and projects. Her interaction started when she was a child. ET, Alien, Multi-dimensional. It isn’t when they get here – they’re already here. Link.

Especially after Covid, there have been calls for a return to ‘normal’. Considering accounts from others I have interviewed and my own life experiences with the paranormal and unexplained, I believe ‘normal’ is a fiction designed to maintain the mundane as status quo and dissuade contemplation and mental engagement with anything that deviates from lock-step consumption of goods.

Focus enshrines a consumer driven society, conditioned and primed to buy the latest whirly-gig, ensuring perpetual distraction from anything that challenges the status quo, no matter how mentally stimulating and karmically rewarding. Shiny sells.

Fear is our greatest challenge and part of the programming. To go forward and upward one must master the fight or flight instinct and step out of bounds. The survival cue is deeply embedded. Sensing the unfamiliar, strange, unexplained – possibly a threat – the gut says, RUN! ETs, Spirit Guides, Transdimensionals, Angels – show up to offer bits and pieces of instruction and encouragement.

There is a also counter program to disengage fear. Intuition. Activating and mastering PSI allows for greater conscious awareness. This is the next step in the evolution of our species. Some are already there – a past life experience bonus. Each is growing into new awareness at his own pace.

Answers are earned. Magic drops an assist when one is willing to engage the unexplained. By magic, I mean anything is possible. My normal includes supra and para-fantastic. If you are like me in some way, our ‘normal’ has no limits.

Note the glitches in the matrix and you will realize they have been happening all along – under the guise of accident, oddity, anomaly, quirk, synchronicity, coincidence, divine intervention, miracle.

Allow reality to include spirit guides, guardian angels, fairies, elementals, ghosts, sasquatch, devas, plant spirits, aliens, etc. – you get the picture. It’s all as real or as unreal as you make it.

Each and every being is here for a purpose. Some will experience the incredible reality as part of their normal routine. Some will have a glimpse of that incredible reality on occasion. Some will experience none of the incredible and deny the possibility. And all are on the same journey for the duration as a learning exercise.

Nothing here is what it seems. The tendency is to accept the program as it appears on the superficial level and proceed from there. In so doing, one remains oblivious to the magic of the matrix. Evolution requires going within and learning just what added talents and abilities are available. That is the call to enlightenment. Going within offers the chance to become the embodiment of the muse behind the curtain, operating from multiple planes of awareness. A multidimensional creator.

One of the most effective learning scenarios is a life-threatening event. Survive that? Perspective broadens. Priorities change, choices change. Life changes.

2009. When told [telepathically] to expect a demonstration of how changes are made in the timeline, I accepted I would be given a cue. Indeed, there were several. Also instructed not to telegraph my perspective that things were off kilter from what had been my norm and to just go with the flow in my interactions with people and allow that I would be experiencing an altered state.

What did that altered state consist of? I saw people identified by the colors they wore. Green was a neutral color, indicating the mentally challenged but protected by a higher force. A Native American family carried bags with rainbows, protected in another way and immune to some of the events that would transpire. Greed and gluttony was represented by the color black. People wearing those clothes were almost caricatures. Some had horns and tails. And I was stone, cold, sober for that adventure.

During that period of time, everything was exaggerated and surreal. It seemed as if I was in some kind of theatrical performance. It is hard to explain the feeling I had being in that space at that time. Things happened that are NOT part of a ‘normal’ reality.

It was overwhelming. One constant – the presence of men ( I called them watchers) who appeared to be stationed at specific locations during my travel from one metro location to another. Each would seem to acknowledge me by simply looking in my direction with a nod of the head or a glance as I continued on the route I had been instructed to take.

Specifically instructed to take a circuitous route – there was a purpose for the journey. Although I don’t have that information, the test seemed to be whether I would follow instruction. I did – to a point. The one time I chose to deviate gave me an interesting experience as well but I have another story to tell here.

— Arriving at work one day, I encountered an older woman who appeared disoriented. I could choose to help her and clock in late or ignore her and proceed. Something about the encounter was different. I made solving her problem my priority and told a co-worker I would be late so that I could help the woman.

She was wandering around in distress and confused. She told me she could not find her car. I calmed her and we located her car on the opposite side of the building. A black Lincoln Town Car or a similar model. The most interesting thing about that encounter was the word on the license plate: JUDGE.

Then a surprise. Having never seen the woman before, I saw her again a few days later. She appeared coherent and was getting into a classic Mercedes parked at an Aldi’s. The word on that license plate: JUDGE.

The events I experienced during that period of my life are beyond the pale. And my telepathic instructors told me not to write anything down or it would stick the timeline and things needed to be fluid. Since then, I have found it challenging to maintain a daily diary. —

Present day. My 24/7 nightlight experience is an extraordinary bonus. But it does have a few speed bumps. When we visit my Mom, her touch lamp responds much like my nightlights. It can be set to the ‘off’ setting – but turns itself on to flicker and flash. Mom prefers the lamp to operate like a ‘normal’ lamp – so, most of the time, and for her – it obeys the ‘normal’ on and off positions without flickering, flashing or blinking.

I have been asked if I would permit a documentary crew in my home to view my nightlights. Not likely. Although I have made several public appearances with my nightlights and others have seen them react and respond, I have also seen some individuals who are so resistant to such experiences they block the encounter. It makes them uncomfortable. Scares them. Sad, but for them, brain rattling. No need to open that door.

Proof is relative. I am comfortable with my reality. To most who see the nightlight interaction – it’s just a blinking light. The entity is non-corporeal – non-physical and an extraordinary inspiration for me. Nothing to see – just an amazing reality I am glad to have the opportunity to share.

A recent anomaly? Sunday, Andy was driving. The traffic light was green and we proceeded to follow a car through the intersection. The moment our vehicle entered the intersection, the signal lights went out. OFF. Dark. No visible traffic signal lights.

We cannot stop mid intersection. Headed north, things are in slow-mo. The East/West direction cars begin to move. I am looking at the drivers and then at the dark street signals and repeating out loud – “there are no lights!” We make it through without a problem. Something shifted in that moment. A glitch.

I asked Andy if he wanted to return to the intersection to take another look at the traffic signal lights and he opted to just accept that whatever happened was necessary. Sometimes that is what happens when there is a reset.

Just like the Matrix world of Philip K. Dick, there is more going on here than meets the eye. And sometimes, those who are calling the shots allow us to peek behind the curtain without exposing their intentions or agenda – just to let us know we are not in charge. It pays to be curious and continue questioning our experiences.

What is real here? Everything and no thing. And that is what makes it a place worth returning to. The carrot for reincarnation is that no two life-time experiences are alike. Love is the foundation, the mortar, the glue. The goal is to learn. Learning never stops.

Peter Pan tells Wendy how to get to Neverland. “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. ” Intentional nonsense. And so it is, I make my own sense of things. I am Wendy, free to to fly.

By now it should be perfectly clear, adults don’t run this place. Kids are in charge and we are still learning. Each and every one, a representation of the all. The desire to learn is a prerequisite, forgotten upon entry.

The best part, whatever we dream, we can create. Caught up in the wonder of that knowing, imagination is our superpower and the key to liberation.

Neverland it is. Just remember – we are not alone.

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