The Gods must be … open to interpretation …

“Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.” – Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. Available on Amazon.


  • Howard Stern ramping up the 2024 Presidential campaign. VP on board. He’s a “real patriot and a great raccoon — that’s our campaign slogan” in reference to his role in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. (Bradley Cooper) Link.
  • Just now catching up to the light. Objective Reality May Not Exist at All, Quantum Physicists Say. Link.
  • Weekend Celebration underway. Roswell UFO Festival. Follow along on Twitter.
  • Not to be confused with a UFO. India’s new military flier, aka ‘Autonomous Flying Wing Technology Demonstrator’. Link.
  • More background info on the Ariel encounter. 1994 interview with the kids. A wonderful time-capsule. With drawings. Source.
  • A new find. In this case, a Roswell headline from a defunct Newspaper. “Army Debunks Roswell Flying Disk As World Simmers With Excitement,” followed by a sub-head bearing a familiar assertion that would help fuel future accusations of a cover-up: “Officers Say Disk Is A Weather Balloon.” Source.
  • And a reference to the disk in this memoir [2018 article]. Inez Wilcox was the Sheriff’s wife (1947/George Wilcox).
    “One day a rancher north of town brought in what he called a flying saucer.”
    “Since no one had seen a flying saucer, Mr. Wilcox called headquarters at Roswell Army Air Field to report the find. Before he hung up the telephone almost, a military officer walked in. Quickly loaded the object into a truck and that was the last anyone had of it.”
  • I posted an interview with Tom Carey earlier this year. [U.S. Air Force veteran who held a Top Secret security clearance] He has spent the last 23 years investigating the Roswell incident and published more than 35 articles about it. Witness to Roswell – 75th anniversary – the government’s biggest cover-up. Interview Link.
    Carey’s book references sheriff George Wilcox, saying he inherited the default role of media liaison, fielding calls from all over the world. Ordered to provide no information.
  • A win for Andrew Collins. He explains in this video. “My theories proved correct!! Gobekli Tepe High Culture originated from Siberia!” Link. The article he references: Link.
  • I spoke with Andrew about his most recent book with Greg Little. And we touched on UFOs. Interview Link. Origins of the Gods: Qesem Cave, Skinwalkers, and Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences. Amazon.
    Foreword: “This book is a milestone. Here it is proven as clean as a whistle that many a finding that was considered certain has to be revised. Origin of the Gods should become a textbook and compulsory reading in all schools.” – Eric von Daniken


I have found my calling. Minimalism.

Rare Air

The Moody Blues. Link. Know your lyrics. We’re starting midway…

…Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin’ in a slide zone
Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin’ through a time zone

He went to find a shooting star
Around the bend, that’s where they are
I went along just for the ride
Suddenly I began to slide

Standing in a slide zone
I could be steppin’ through a time zone

The air raced by, there was no sound
We drifted high above the ground
And then he said, “You know this place”
And then a smile lit up his face…

… and then we Sing along… YouTube.
Steppin’ in a Slide Zone.

Out to Sea

Dorothy “oldest sailboat in Canada,” going back in the water. BONUS = Ship’s first owner, W.H. Langley swore he saw a sea monster dubbed the “Cadborosaurus.” {More info: Cryptid Central}

A sworn affidavit by Langley saying he saw the sea monster is still housed at the Maritime Museum of B.C., and marks the first official sighting of the creature. And the boat? “She was beautiful and graceful, and moved like a rocket.”

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