When you find the way
Others will find you
Passing by on the road
They will be drawn to your door
The way that cannot be heard
will be reflected in your voice
The way that cannot be seen
Will be reflected in your eyes
– Lao Tzu

Reflection Illuminated 2014 wendyg

Circling the Logos

And when indeed you relinquish
cavorting in creation
reflected shadow of the One

shift and rise above the charade
laugh and honor all-that-is
in being and non-being rejoice
recover home never left

perfect awareness
gatekeeper retired
blinding illumination

Levitation – good vibes

So very real this dream memory. Singing in an underground cave. Echoes all around. I saw shadows on the wall in front of me but my focus was on the vibrations pulsing within my body. My sing-song chant intensified and I began to levitate until I hovered near the ceiling. Eyes closed, heart beating, my entire body throbbing. Sensation? Pure bliss. It felt familiar – a place I knew from a previous life.

After that dream, I found a story that resonated: Plato’s Cave. The explanation can be found here. Link. I dreamed about this scenario long before I realized there was an actual story to go with it.


Sometimes my mind is so full of stuff to process I don’t know where to go with it. When the guides first checked in – or maybe it could be considered vice versa. I was given several names to expand my awareness and provide a larger reference archive for them to draw from.

I did not retain it all. I am not an encyclopedia. Some concepts were familiar. Others required years to unpack as I would run across a reference to material that had not been present in the information I had access to at that time. It is still that way. I am guided to a topic, a person, a philosophy and then given free reign to make some sort of determination. I’m normal. I google what I can.

Still curious. I wonder as I wander and continue to follow the threads. Now into my 25th year of channeling with the nightlights, I have learned that answers are relative. No one-size-fits-all. Many are self-determined, uniquely tailored to the percipient, and may even require a lifelong pursuit.

Names provided by the guides at that time were designed to turn the gears and set a course. They offered as a foundation, Lao Tzu – The Way. Daoism. Laozi.

Lao Tzu’s philosophy advocates naturalness, spontaneity and freedom from social conventions and desires. In the Tao, which means the way, Lao Tzu refers to the ultimate order of things and ultimate basis of reality. Resource: Essential Skills. Lao Tzu Philosophy.

I was given – telepathically – as all spirit guide information comes to me – several specific names and instructed to consider their works for greater understanding. Hegel, Kant, Kandinsky and Sartre are the four I remember. I had never taken a philosophy course. My guidance was to become familiar with their ideas and influence.

I did not pursue this information as a scholar would. I simply tried to look up the information available to me at the time: 1998, and become aware, but by no means an expert. I am somewhat familiar.

“Everything starts from a dot.”Kandinsky

I was surprised to find connections. Example: Kandinsky connection to Kant and Hegel. Link. Chrome Music Lab Experiment: Kandinsky.

I find Kandinsky’s method fascinating and am attracted to his design. Music, form, color and sound. The Guardian.

Geometric elements I can now see in technicolor due to the recent affliction of ocular migraines. Source. Nothing in the example images comes close to the beauty of the designs that pop into my view when triggered.

Branching out, I added Jackson Pollack and Georgia O’Keeffe.

“I have no fears about making changes,
destroying the image, etc., because
the painting has a life of its own.”
Jackson Pollock, MOMA

Try your hand at a Jackson Pollock creation. Link.

Another influence. Electric color and broad stroke, Peter Max. I have a signed print, gifted to me on one of his visits to Kansas City radio station in the 90’s – prior to his health decline. New York Times.

“I’m just wowed by the universe,” Mr. Max had said. “I love color. I love painting. I love shapes. I love composition. I love the people around me. I’m adoring it all. My legacy is in the hands of other people.”

I later added Elizabeth ‘Grandma’ Layton. Activism and Art after 60.
She did not begin drawing until 1977 when, at the age of sixty-eight, she took a drawing class at a local university. There she learned to use the technique of ​“blind” contour drawing, in which the artist looks at the paper only for points of reference, concentrating on the subject reflected in her mirror rather than the line being drawn on the paper.Source.

2 sketches included with the book. Happy toes and a woman.

Destiny Manifest

Philip K. Dick refresh. What if Our World is their Heaven? Amazon.

I love the intimate feel of this conversation, a taped interview shortly before he died. He tosses out tidbits about the 1974 personal religious experience. That encounter deserves more attention.

In addition, some of the information he uncovers in learning Greek to read the bible sheds new light on historical anomalies.

P. K. Dick says of that life-changing encounter in 1974, it was hard to talk about to anyone. And it lasted for an entire year. Feb. 1974 to Feb. 1975. No matter how he tried to “break it down” … he believes it was “a genuine religious experience.” The encounter concluded with a specific imprint. Dick says he was shown the Golden Section, an introduction to the Fibonacci numbers, the basis of the universe. Having no idea about that at the time, he consulted Britannica, link, to determine the meaning.

Synchronicity of the moment: dementia, brain fog, confusion, memory loss. Fast forward to his book: Divine Invasion, Amazon.

Amazon Review: “Loved it from start to finish. Dick tells a science fiction imagining of the Second Coming from a Gnostic Jewish perspective, and manages to make it work. While “VALIS” was a sort of fictionalized autobiography of Dick’s own encounter with… something… in 1974, “The Divine Invasion” is more a standard action sci-fi novel.”

A story yet to find a conduit for manifestation, he offers the plot for the unfinished Owl in the Daylight. The fantastic premise addresses aliens, a species that is entirely visual, connecting via light and color. If that species sought out a meeting with a species dependent upon audio, how could the two connect? Biochip?

Scenario playing out on a parallel plane? He may have stumbled onto it – just like when the fictional female character he created showed up months later in the flesh, almost exactly as she had been outlined.

“I do sometimes describe characters I have yet to meet. And I, you know, I now no longer tell whether the characters that I have written about are based on people I have known, or whether it works the other way, or how it works, but there is some connection, some essential connection between my characters and actual people.” – Philip K. Dick, What if Our World is Their Heaven? The Final Conversation of Philip K. Dick, Amazon.

About predicting the future

2019 Sci-Fi. The Future of Another Timeline, Annalee Newitz, Amazon.

My 2019 Sci-Fi Novel Was About a U.S. Where Abortion Is Illegal in 2022. But I didn’t Predict the Future.” – Annalee Newitz

“A multilayered tale of “editing” history, human rights, and the ripple effect. Smart and profound on every level.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Breathtakingly brilliant.”- The New York Times

Amazon Reader Review5.0 out of 5 stars – Current events and history intertwined: “This novel uses time travel as a way to show that everything that seems new has happened before, and yet not everything is predetermined. We really can change things — for the better or for the worse, and it’s up to us to actually do it.”

UFO – Long shot and not

“There’s obviously the UFO hunters,” he said. “It’s not for me to decide what the best use in the modern world is for it. So long as it doesn’t harm and it’s not intrusive…I’ve got the tech…let’s give it a life.” Tech Millionaire has a project worth noting. Source. Follow the original post on Reddit.

Realistically, do we have present tech capable of tracking a UFO/UAP designed to avoid detection? Example: a transmedium vessel. Source.

And then there’s another problem. “Despite the frequency of the encounters and the severity of the hazard, it took the Navy five years to adopt a formal UFO reporting structure.” Safety vs. secrecy. Source.

Jacques Vallee still doesn’t know what UFOs are. Wired.

Background: Forbidden Science, Volume One: Journals 1957-1969 — A Passion for Discovery. San Francisco: Documatica Research, 2007. Hardcover. Paperback and ebook editions available from Anomalist Books.

Coming Soon: Forbidden Science 5
The Journals of Jacques Vallee 2000-2009,
Jacques Vallee

“We are dealing with a yet unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of man but closely linked to the earth…. I do not believe anymore that UFOs are simply the spacecraft of some race of extraterrestrial visitors. This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the frequency of their manifestations through recorded history, and the structure of the information exchanged with them during contact.”Jacques Vallee

That’s all for now. Cheers!


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  1. Thank you – I check in on Richard off and on – more for the content he offers in The Alien Agenda. Lots of contactee information similar to beings described by Remote Viewer Angela Thompson Smith. And I’ve got another interview coming with experiencer John Foster – still focused on experiencer accounts.


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