Dreaming the next installment, Miracles, Long songs, Intuition, Chuckles and clues

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor E. Frankl


  • Survival of Consciousness After Death: “Even though what exactly happens after physical death remains a mystery, belief in survival is enough to increase happiness and well-being. Helping more people understand what we know about psi is paramount – and this can be achieved through rigorous scientific experiments.” IONS Blog.

    “When we see our work become a reality in the world for the world, this is the act of Love” – Dr. Alex Tanous
  • Alex Tanous Scholarship Award: How it Helped My Research, By: Callum Cooper. Link.
  • Conversations with Ghosts, Alex Tanous, Author/ Callum Cooper, Editor, Amazon.

    Amazon review [edited] “But if you want to learn from a man who, not only was a psychic, but also a philosopher, theologist , educator and counsellor, then start reading the book. I am 100% sure that you will find a couple of things that you hadn’t read about anywhere before.”
    _ _ _

    On a personal note, Alex Tanous had a profound impact on my life. I experienced an extraordinary visitation. I had been reading his biography when he appeared in the dream state. Yet, in that state, he seemed life like, solid and incredibly real [or even more so]. It was as if we were in my daytime environment. Described in a previous post.

    A signal: Tanous indicates big shifts/changes are happening for me. Positive.
    _ _ _
  • Miracle 1980. Blind, Deaf and Bald. Cured by Lightning. WeirdUniverse. Worth a visit. Bookmark WeirdUniverse.
  • Miracle follow-up – 1984. Edwin Robinson says his vision remains ’20-20 plus,’ his hearing is fine and he is still glad he went out into the yard during the storm. UPI.
  • Intuition. Lottery $$$. UPI.
  • Freddie Silva on Facebook: In 1990 the astronomer and mathematician Gerald Hawkins discovered that the early crop circles encoded diatonic ratios, what musicologists refer to as the perfect intervals of the music scale. According to Hawkins’ calculations, the chances of this happening by accident are 1:400,000. Secrets in the Fields. Available on Amazon.


7.7.22 – Stick Signals – Tree People

Today, I check to see if the sticks in the yard have been moved. To my surprise, not only have they been moved, several more have been added and arranged into a design that seems to indicate a box with an opening on one side.

The square/box outline is easy to see in this picture. The two sticks that create the roof are on the left side and the open side of the box (bottom of the image) actually slants to one side.

Opening the Box. Opportunity.

The box has a pointed section – could indicate a house roof. Andy and I are looking at the design when he says he heard a cat meow. There are no cats in the yard. Then the owl hoots – just once – nearby. Indicating presence. Taking notes.

I’ll post my interview with Tricia Brown. She interviews me about my book, Talking to Nightlights 2. This is the link to part 1 of that conversation.

We also talk about other paranormal experiences, including Sasquatch – the forest/tree people. She’s having those encounters as she hikes in the area she now lives. Her YouTube intro. The Our Sasquatch conversation is in part 2, along with my time shift experience. Can we actively shift our timeline? In 2009, I encountered others who demonstrated to me that they can.

7.7.22 – Dream – Teacher

I dreamed I showed up to meet a man seated in a chair. He was wearing a brown tweed suit. (Instructor) He greeted me in a familiar way and said – “You came.”

Apparently, I was expected. I told him I knew his name and followed him on social media. (I didn’t log the dream soon enough to capture the name.) He speaks with another man and I hear a comment indicating my receptivity or what I interpret to mean that I will be a willing follower.

[My response is interesting – defensive, indignance.]

I am out of body and watching this exchange from above as I say the words. I feel the sensation of amusement about being prejudged, surprised that there would be any assumptions about my behavior or that I would be considered a pushover. I smile and offer a retort, something cheeky, along the line of – “don’t count on it.” I am a researcher, not a cult follower/groupie. I investigate and explore to learn what works for me.

Later, when I am awake and reviewing the dream, I think about it and consider that it might have been me jumping to conclusions. (Ego) His comment could also have been an indication of me being a natural for the project.

On that note, I signed up for a course of study I had been contemplating for several years. The notice appeared in my social media stream. The class is finally available as an e-course. I can go at my own pace in my own time. The teacher is male. And the dream is my cue: I am ready.

The course is on OBEs. I’ll be journaling my progress.

  • *Phenomenology: a form of qualitative research that focuses on the study of an individual’s lived experiences within the world. Link.
  • Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view. Stanford.
  • Teaching, Learning and the Phenomenology of Meaning. Link.

A Study of Time

Composer Jem Finer was always intrigued by the concept of time. So in the year 2000, he decided to commemorate the new millennium by writing “Longplayer”—an everlasting piece of music that repeats every 1,000 years.

Listen to the song. Link.

The Big Snooze

Two Snaps and a Hey = Defined

  • “If I scream everything is fine.” Chipmunk chaos. CNN.
  • If things are not fine, Activate the Queen. Tweeters.
  • Cue Benny Hill. CNN.

Cover Image: Alice looking behind the curtain. Source.

Trust. Endure. Persist. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Truth will out. For reasons unknown and unfathomable on this plane, Truth works on its own timeline.

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