Exploring Space, outer, inner, and beyond normal, OBE

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken yourself.
If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate
all that is dark and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your
own self-transformation.” – Lao-Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Public Domain.

Expanded Horizons

How wonderful to see the images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Background. Link. Images. Link.

Synchronicity in the timeline

I posted the spectacular image of the Carina Nebula in the heading. I know this space. This is where I was headed during an OBE. Efficient for travel but you can’t take photographs in an OBE.

I was zooming out in space, heading away from Earth, traveling in blink time. I knew exactly where I was going – to a nearby star nursery. Then I slowed, and reconsidered. I paused somewhere in that landscape because there was a tug, a pull back to planet Earth. I decided it would be more fun to see that extraordinary sight if I went with a companion.

It was a sensation of longing. I really wanted to share the experience. So I returned to my body and stayed home after that.

As to how real it was, I’ve often wondered about that event, because it was so intense and the space expanse I viewed seemed to stretch to infinity… I traveled it with a thought. Seeing it now – brings back the memory and the realization, it is a sight worth seeing!

Another thought. I can’t remember if that was the time I saw my silver cord – but I HAVE been out wandering around in space [OBE] a few times and there was a time when the silver cord was visible. I was happy to spot it because I had heard about it and finally saw myself connected to it.

The reference is usually silver but the cord I saw was more like a luminous, light blue color. Curious what would happen – if it would detach? – at the same time, deciding it might be better if I left it alone.

New Vistas – bring on the OBE

I finally decided to splurge on an OBE course and am now doing the e-class offered by William Buhlman. Link. Previous options required physical travel, using extra vacation days, or were more expensive than I could justify.

There’s an interview in the archives. Adventures in the Afterlife, Amazon. Wendy’s Coffeehouse interview Link. I read the book for that.

At that time, he mentioned a survey with nearly18,000 respondents. Many said they didn’t share their OBE experiences with their husband or wife because they thought it would make them sound “strange”.

Attitudes are gradually shifting. Research has been there but it wasn’t as easy to access in 1998. Six Studies of Out-of-Body Experiences. Link. Continued research along with internet access to the topic and the studies is helping to change that. 2017. Out-of-body experiences: Neuroscience or the paranormal? Link.

This study links OBEs to the trauma of childbirth: Link. Another covers a wider population: A Brief Review of Studies of Out-of-Body Experiences in both the Healthy and Pathological Populations. Link.

OBEs are normal. Some individuals who are better at initiating the process can also teach that skill. Those are the people you want to learn from. William Buhlman fits that role. I’ll provide an update when I can.

“We are learning by the very fact of coming into a body we are extending our consciousness throughout the entire multidimensional spectrum.” – William Buhlman

Owl gift. Insight. Eagle of the night.

When I mowed the lawn today, I found a gift from our resident Owl. I consider that a good omen – affirming my investment in expanding my vision.

Another affirmation came in the dreamtime. 7.12.22. I was walking through the house and noticed something different about the window in the room I use as an office. The window was perfectly clean and the trim had just been given a fresh coat of white paint. What was different? (The daytime answer would be: no furniture in the room.) Andy was standing beside the window. Then I spotted the curtain rods alongside the window. Yes! The curtains were down to paint the trim. The window had an unobstructed view. Clear vision.

Then I panicked! It was time for me to get the traffic recorded. I ran out of the room and —- woke up at that moment —- to find the cat perched right beside me, making sure I knew it was wake up time. The alarm sounded.

Timing, smooth as silk, the action segued from dream into waking reality. Exactly what I have been experiencing and working on – for decades. How delightful. The cat (and other animals) likes to play this game too.

Recent shows in the Podcast archives

Keith Linder continues logging his experiences with a Poltergeist. The Bothell Hell House is one of the most actively documented Poltergeist accounts in recent memory. Documentary Youtube link.

From paranormal research novice to pro, Keith’s IT background gives him an advantage in knowing what equipment might be useful and familiarity with how to use the tech for tracking ongoing paranormal activity. An amazing capture included in his journal? Heartbeats in a mattress. Not his. Interview Link. Follow Keith on YouTube.

Tricia Brown offered to interview me about my recent book update: Talking to Nightlights 2. The interview is in two segments. Not in the book, my time shift experience in 2009. Part 2. We also talked about her Sasquatch encounters in a nearby hiking location. She plans to continue posting videos on her YouTube channel and is inviting others to contribute stories or join her to explore the area.

To the Stars

Recommended reading. I’m not the only one who opted to review and revise a story when hindsight provided greater insight to an experience beyond the pale at the time of writing and the understanding and integration continues.

Enrique Barrios, author of Omi of the Stars, offers this explanation in the description (edited: The maturity acquired by the writer over the years, plus his search for greater knowledge, has allowed him to understand in greater depth several topics that he himself had written before in this book, when he only knew the topic “Aliens” from afar, and he was guided more by youthful enthusiasm than by accuracy.

Today he writes the same story as before, but from a deeper perspective and a less childish, more realistic and more accurate perspective.

The spirituality it presents is now easier to understand, and even the humor has grown. Omi, a young alien from a more advanced and benign world than ours, is the main character of this book. Translated into twelve languages, it has sold several million copies and continues to reach more people, languages and countries.

This is the version I discovered and fell in love with, more than a decade ago when the only version I could find was via internet posts. Link. I am looking forward to reading the new book. It arrives later this week.

A wink from the universe

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” – Carl Sagan

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