Magic in the Moon Light – who goes there? Calling the explorer, the mystic, and the curious.

There’s magic in the moonlight. Sleep through it and you’ll miss it. – Guidance given to me at the lake.

Pay attention here because there is an interwoven thread I will provide after I share this latest encounter. I didn’t remember the entire piece – only about the moon – and then I remembered the important element about the source who provided the quote.

A Mystery

Anomaly. Not quite ready to get up, thinking about stuff I don’t remember now that I write it, I did a double take when I realized what I was seeing. Through the curtain on the door, I noticed there was a light on in the room I use as my office.

Too bright to be the nightlight over the litter box (which does sometimes play the on/off game). It went off and I considered that I had been mistaken, supposing an impossible answer to resolve the issue and make it go away – because what I saw should not have happened. I opted to consider it a reflection of some sort (impossible).

Then the light came on again. Very bright white. Not a reflection. Curious to know the source, I got up to check out the room. The house was snoring. I was the only one awake. The nightlight over the litterbox was on, glowing softly. It wasn’t blinking.

Revelation. Today we discovered the universe marble had been removed from the stand. Impossible. The stand doesn’t wobble. And yet, there it was, indicating my light visitor left a clue.

Did my unseen visitor help the universe jump off of the pedestal?

Insight. The universe is in flux, no matter how solid and stable it might appear to us, and/or how ingeniously defined (propped up) by our science. It might have a surprise or two designed for us to ‘discover/uncover/recover’ – not because the science is at fault, rather, there is an unseen actor pulling strings and re-distributing dots. Magic is afoot.

We are being nudged to expand our awareness to allow that what we believe to be designated and finite knowns are part of the illusion. The unknown is equally present and represented by proxy: light or dark, depending on the circumstance.

Astrology: Re-examine foundations. Nylon: Astrology. Yoga Journal: Astrology. Wit & Delight: Astrology.

My Vision on this one: Upended.

Synchronicity: Yesterday, I bought a tank top with a message I like. Breathe. The universe is taking care of everything else.

The Guides. The other part of this encounter is that I asked the guides what was happening. Their answer: My visitor is a light being. The best way for me to view it is in a diminished form. As their light is blinding to us, I would only have been aware of a bright flash and more focused on the discomfort than resolving an anomaly.

Leaving a calling card was a way for me to affirm something had happened and there had indeed been a visitor in the room.

Andy noticed the marble, surprised – because it is his marble and should not have been off the stand. My marble is the earth. (It twirls.) Andy is my second sight. So this visit was meant to inspire him too. I am amazed at how these threads are interwoven.

Rainbow around the moon

I took a picture of the full super moon with my phone the night before last. Naturally, it was a lovely white blur. However, when I stepped outside last night (Wednesday), the moon was encircled with color. So, I grabbed my camera to capture the mood.

I don’t have a fancy camera. I let my imagination refresh the joy of moment. There is a wonderful energy in these moon moments.

Radiant – Super moon, 2nd night 7.14.22

The Buck Moon was full Wednesday 13 July 2022, but will still appear full Thursday 14 July in the UK and around the world. Source.

Here it is pictured on the day after the big bow. My super moon is dressed for the occasion in cheery summer hues. Sadly, the camera does not do justice to the sight. It was a rainbow.

The lake visitor – Full Moon

The opening quote was given to me during an encounter in the cabin at the lake. Funny that I first remembered the quote without relating it to the source.

I had fallen asleep on the couch. Awakened by something that felt like a feather, softly tracing across my arm, I opened my eyes to a blinding light. What the …? How rude to be awakened like that.

Annoyed, I asked/ordered Andy to stop blinding me with his flashlight. Honestly, that is atypical of anything he would do – but I didn’t consider any other possibility.

After a few seconds, I realized it wasn’t Andy standing next to me. And it wasn’t a flashlight shining in my eyes. It was the full moon shining through the skylight. Bright and blinding, directly into my eyes, after the feather tickle made me remove the arm that had been covering my face.

Even more real was the sensation of someone standing next to me and touching my arm. That space now felt empty. Wow!

Curious. I asked why I had been awakened and what was the intent. The answer is that opening quote: “There is magic in the moonlight. Sleep through it and you will miss it.”

What are we missing? Is it really about the moonlight or something more? Are we so blinded by the daylight values that we believe nothing else is real? The suggestion hints to a subtle reality that beckons the explorer, the mystic, and the curious.

Dimension shift in progress

It would seem the universe is tired of being stuck on a pedestal and has requested a helpful assist to provide a change of view. Whatever and whomever can accomplish that is answering the call.

Something whispers: Magic is afoot.

Google supplies the result: A song written by Leonard Cohen. Sung by Buffy Sainte-Marie. God is Alive, Magic is Afoot.

And this comment from: several years ago: I was in my teens when I heard this song, this wonderful singer that is Buffy Sainte-Marie. She sings Cohen’s song with the authority of mystic/prophet. She builds up to that wonderful Dionysian ecstasy at the end with the illuminations of time/clocks. “Though alters built in parliaments, they couldn’t order men”–this passes all jealousy tests. Thanks, Buffy and Leonard, for helping “dance the rainbow.

Leadership – timeless wisdom – play

Creativity. Lead with Joy.

Her theme: “Some will tell you what you want isn’t on the menu. No. We write the menu. The choices are there.”

In her presentation, the phrase ‘on a pedestal’ … wisdom creates an outlet. Magic is afoot.

Buffy Sainte-Marie a force of nature.

More about the Light Beings in an upcoming post. They are connecting now and stronger in presence to those with whom they resonate. Humans are evolving the ability to engage our multidimensional awareness. Dimension shift in progress. Spirit is gathering resources.


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