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“The oceans are a great metaphor …
Everything we do on land ends up in our coastal waters.
The oceans mirror the health of our planet.”
Ted Danson, President, American Oceans Campaign, Oceana.org.

Conscious Bees

“We now have suggestive evidence that there is some level of conscious awareness in bees – that there is a sentience, that they have emotion-like states,” says Lars Chittka, professor of sensory and behavioural ecology at Queen Mary University of London. Source.

Having had a Bee hive and experienced the energy of the colony in health and decay, there is an extraordinary sense of community. We lost one colony to hive collapse. It was devastating. I could sense the change immediately but felt helpless to do anything to save them.

In the garden. Mint flowers.

Another bee keeper and my husband investigated as soon as I told them there was something wrong. But they could see no obvious issue. Within days, the entire colony was gone – sitting in a pile on the entry to and inside the hive.

Knowing I had sensed that shift gave me a very real understanding that we CAN engage with them and their influence is wider than just the space they are housed. The connection is consciousness.

Channeling Disclaimer

When given channeled information, I have sometimes hesitated to open it to the field because that simple act of sharing creates a ripple and I have no further influence. What I have learned in 25 years of connecting to this open stream of consciousness is: allowing it to flow is an act of trust.

There is a reason and timing for the content. Somewhere, resonance exists. A channel understands the result is not the point. In delivering a message, the goal is accomplished.

Discernment is applied, Divine design/the universe manages everything else. While I understood that part of this equation – and have been an active participant in delivering information I could consider relevant, it has taken decades for me to articulate this process.

The fun part is seeing others who are on a similar path and have dealt with their own challenges in delivering insight that can assist in offering tools and actions to create positive change wherever the inspiration lands.

What about the Light Beings?

What I saw was a light so bright it looked like someone had turned on the office light. The next morning, we found a marble had been removed from a stand and the stand placed alongside. I included a picture in the previous post. Link. When I asked for more information about the purpose of that activity, I was given the term Light Beings for the visitor/s. I have also channeled information previously from beings who chose to be referred to as Messengers of Light. This is the first time the dots have connected with a sighting.

From my journal: 7.14.22 Full Moon – Super moon

I see a bright light in the other room? It goes out and for a minute. I think I must have imagined it or seen it at an angle but I know that doesn’t make sense. Then it happens again and I can see there is a light on in the other room. I go to check it out. The nightlight in that room has gone off and on before but never that bright. There is no light on, or any other light that could have created such a bright glow.

The guides are speaking and they say what I am seeing is a light being. I saw one years ago when this first started. 1998. There was a glow coming from the sun porch. It sat in the room for quite some time. At first I thought it could be the moon shining on the couch but the angle of the window was wrong for that.

The light beings are not corporeal nor do they have physical shells like us.

~~~ Channeled response: “They are too bright for you to see in person or in direct view, so that has been alleviated by appearing in an indirect fashion. You are going to have to communicate telepathically and trust what you are given is a message and contact from that being.

It has been too difficult for them to connect previously. The sun activity now is given them better access to the humans of this planet, and they can appear although it is a selective choice as to whom to connect with. Not all humans are receptive, and fear is too great for the unknown to even try a message. You have been monitored and are ready to receive guests.

There is no fear to overcome as it has been a gradual introduction and the nausea and other physical discomfort will be minimal. Just allow them to show themselves in a way that you can see the presence and they will connect with information that will be helpful during this time of transition.

Each is going forward, and your light body will be the chosen form of incarnation rather than a physical vessel as the planet evolves to a dry and arid state. These are the earth changes long foretold and you have also written of this epoch. The trials with this are multifold.

Disease is easier to transmit given the proximity to large bodies of water. Moisture is a transmission element and when it rains the molecules are dampened and cleansed. Arid conditions do not allow for that diffusion, and all becomes more resistant and proliferates.

Not much is known about the new viruses as they are better carriers than in times past but there will be progress mitigating transmission. Even so, the death toll will continue to rise as the toll takes out entire communities vaxed and unvaxed. There is a vulnerability and that is not avoided until the vaccines are enhanced to compensate for the ra factor.”

Enough for now. Prepare for contact. The dream phase is underway.

When I want further information to help me with certain language, I usually google. There were two terms that I needed clarified.

  • 1. What does a high RA Factor mean?

Google: Rheumatoid factor (RF) is an immune system protein that attacks healthy cells in the body. High RF levels in the blood can indicate an autoimmune condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis. An RF test is a blood test that can help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis.

  • 2. How is disease related to “large bodies of water”?

This resource suggests proximity to flooding and river water flow increasing as possible hazards due to climate change. National Center for Biotechnology Information: Source.

Discernment advised. Channeled information is intended to provide a general overview of events that may or may not come into physical manifestation. Very much depends upon consensus reality mirroring thought energy. Change your thoughts – change the physical manifestation. This is one interpretation offered for the current state of reality on the physical plane.

We are conscious creators – anything is possible.

Change your focus – OBE

“You don’t need to believe OBEs are real and you don’t need to believe you can induce an OBE. All you need is suspension of disbelief.” Bob Peterson.

Bob is a tremendous resource for any and all information related to Out of Body Experience. Research, practice and insight. Book reviews and support information are current and ongoing. Blog.

Bob says 20 percent of all people have had an OBE. Some discount it and others work on initiating the OBE.

Even though he read Robert Monroe’s book, he thought it was far-fetched and didn’t take it seriously until later. Only when he began to practice it himself did he accept it was for real. My interview with Bob is posted here: Link. Bob’s books, including the entire book, Out of Body Experiences and How to Have Them, are here: Link.

Signs in the field – 2022

Karen is author of the Crop Circle Year Book series (1999-2020). Her hand-drawn paintings
of the geometry of the circles are widely collected.

Interpretation: Reported on the 22nd of May. In a field of Barley and measures approximately 260ft in diameter.“Geometry of the Hippenscombe crop circle of 2022 is based on a hexadecagram which gives the saw-blade its teeth. The quintuplet is held in place by a octagram – sublime. The golden section places the tuft of woven crop in the centre circle.” Source Image.

PSI Instruction -Vintage

Recently uploaded to Youtube. This is a fascinating demonstration of Pharaoh’s Cylinders. What they are: Info. Watch Vadim Polyakov as he explains what he senses in the movement and demonstrates how they work.

Further explanation on how the healing rods work. Link.

Resources – Consciousness studies

  • Dean RadinThe Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, Amazon. Researchgate: Link.
  • Dean Radin Real Magic, Amazon. “If you are skeptical of psi phenomena, start with Pages 95 and 96. They will knock your socks off, and a much more interesting world will open up.” John Cleese, actor (reported in New York Times) Website.
  • Elliot Maynard Brave New Mind: Living in a Future-Science World, Amazon. The Arcos Cielos Global Ecology Project® A Planetary Restoration Program Using Future-Science Technology. Link.
  • Bill Douglas – NEW 2ND EDITION; The Gospel of Science: Mind-blowing New Science on Ancient Truths to Heal Our Stress, Lives, and Planet, Amazon. The Global Transformation Project: We are building a global coalition of people who want a better society and planet to help us advocate for a United Nations Resolution calling for SCIENCE-BASED Mind Body Education (Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Mindfulness) to become part of Public Education worldwide. Link.

Play time. It’s a Dog’s world.


And so it goes. Evolution in progress.

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