Whispers in the night – A rare alignment and the math in plain sight

“Those things which I am saying now may be obscure, yet they will be made clearer in their proper place.” – Nicolaus Copernicus

Waking up from the dream 7.28.22 and the words: Chaos Theory: “Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected.”


  • Nessie gets a vote of confidence. New discovery suggests it is possible (and maybe not) that she might exist. LadBible. Watch the Nessie on the Net! live cam. Have yet to see an uptick in traffic. YouTube.
  • Desperation increases throw the baby out with the bath water alternative threatscapes. Exploring methods of dimming the sun. Link.
  • Saudi Arabia unveils plans to build this $1 trillion ‘linear city’ inside a 170km-long mirrored skyscraper. Link.
  • How the universe would look if we started with different variables. AI offers a view. Link.
  • Alien signs of life. City lights. Link.
  • Astronauts have seen stuff. Link and heard stuff. Link.
  • Closer to home. Tracking up the sea floor. Who goes there? Link.
  • New UFO Lab opens up near Fukushima. Link.
  • Tales from the dark side. “I want you to make his life a living hell … seriously,” FPL’s CEO Eric Silagy wrote in a 2019 email to two of his vice-presidents about state Senator José Javier Rodríguez, who proposed the legislation. Derailing clean energy. Link.
  • Ghost knockin’ on the skeptic’s door “The sensation on the back of my neck reminded me of fingertips. It was so immediate, quick, and vivid. It actually felt as though a child had dropped into my lap, had wrapped their arms around my shoulders and neck, and had hugged me.” BOO! Link.
  • “I could see about three seconds into the future [as part of Dean Radin’s presentiment experiment2nd Link …. It’s spooky….. [Radin has] done that over and over again with people. That, with me, is on the edge of physics itself, with time.” – Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize-winning chemist
  • Part 1. Cern + Mandela Effects + Portals = Altered States. Link.
  • Part 2. “I describe how one day, I heard my salad telepathically communicate with me. I used to get emails each year, up until maybe seven years ago or so, from people who were disturbed by the idea that salad might be sentient.” Cynthia Sue Larson.
  • Slow burn. Earth global warming dance mix. Link.
  • Scapegoat. Cats.

Paradigm Shift in progress

John Foster UFOs – Few can testify, armed with nearly 5 decades of first-hand knowing to the presence of ongoing, clandestine ET intervention in human affairs. He has intimate familiarity with those who are categorized under the terms ET, Alien and UFO.

I have a hunch John’s involvement in nuclear projects gave him a higher need-to-know status and insight to certain programs that few contactees rated. Whatever he remembered – was allowed.

He, at this point – is a lone ranger. 85 years old this fall, the time and energy he has to devote to sharing his stories in person is on the down side but – the books and the blog are open to all. Link. Those who have endorsed his story have solid credentials as well.

Unfortunately, there is still a tremendous amount of denial, and fear in general, around the topic of experiencers. Randall Nickerson (Director, Ariel Phenomenon) addresses the loneliness that accompanies being the one person awake in a crowd of neophytes who cannot fathom that UFO reality or evidence of a long-term presence in a recent interview. Link.

The reality shift is in progress with more experiencers coming forward and military records becoming public. When the veil drops, John’s story will be validated.

His involvement in nuclear projects is key and a crucial tie to the UFO enigma. Link. John’s UFO experiences are extensive and include but are not limited to: time travel, OBEs, flying a craft, precog scenes of the future, witnessing various paranormal phenomena in conjunction with UFO activity, and corroboration by multiple witnesses.

He includes drawings of the beings and the craft. His background as an Engineer and home builder supports that ability. There are 2 new interview segments in the podcast library. Link 1.

Death Charts

What are they and how does it work? In the newsletter, an outstanding read.

Response from the Client: At the end of our time together Joe said to me, “I’ve been to a lot of astrologers who gave me a lot of information coming from their intellect, but I feel like you’ve helped me, coming from your soul.”

My conversations with Moonrabbit are in the podcast archives. She was also very accurate in predicting the outcome of the 2016 US election.


Dream/Vision: There is a bearded man standing in front of me. He is wearing long white robes and holding a sphere contraption with rotating circular metal rods. He wants me to see the movement. It rotates within the bands and is beautifully balanced. The last impression is a solid metal band centered around the equator. I am given the name: Copernicus.

I am told this is a tool used for navigation. Given the word longitude. Seafaring. Nautical? I have never seen anything like it and am fascinated by what appears to be an authentic navigation tool of sorts. Google search turns up an image: Link.

Only today did I find the statue depicting him in a long robe and holding the special sphere.

Article Link. Image Credit: Halibutt  Source. Link

And I also have an image with him bearded, as he appeared in the vision/dream. Link.

Relevant to this post is his choice to avoid publication: Despite the insistence of many, Copernicus kept delaying the final publication of his book, probably out of fear of criticism for his revolutionary work by the establishment.

Legend says that the first printed copy of De revolutionibus was placed in Copernicus’ hands on the day he died, so that he could take farewell of his opus vitae. He supposedly woke from a stroke-induced coma, looked at his book, and died peacefully. Source. Link.

A Rare Astrological Event

When I finally have time to open the newsletter – I realize that same spherical item is pictured alongside Moonrabbit. It is the design from the dream/vision, the Celestial Orb, Sphere. This is another description: Link. The content of the newsletter is focused on the date of July 28, 2022.

Here is the intro to that post: A rare astrological event

On July 28, 2022 we will experience a Leo New Moon. New Moons are wonderful times to set intentions and begin short projects, depending on what part of your chart they activate.

This new moon, although it happens in the creative, fun-loving, sunny sign of Leo is all that, and much more complex. It leads us right into a very usual and infrequent alignment. On August 1st the planet Mars will conjunct Uranus and the Moon’s north node, all in the sign of Taurus.

The last time this happened was 1855. Continued at this Facebook link.

Mind Candy

When you read a book – you are sharing the consciousness of that author. Books are impactful and can leave a residue to effect change. And that is why some are so afraid of books. They influence creative minds to think differently, challenging the status quo of whatever community feels threatened.

Books are tools to influence beliefs. Stories, treasures, inspiration, catalysts. Addictive. Paradigm shifting.

Hidden in Plain View

Challenging the status quo can be dangerous.

A piece of history. Discovered in London. Credit: The Royal Society

Written in 1613. Hiding in plain sight. The original letter – long thought lost – in which Galileo Galilei first set down his arguments against the church’s doctrine that the Sun orbits the Earth. Source. Nature.

Galileo’s championing of Copernican heliocentrism (Earth rotating daily and revolving around the sun) was met with opposition from within the Catholic Church and from some astronomers. The matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, which concluded that heliocentrism was foolish, absurd, and heretical since it contradicted Holy Scripture.[10][11][12] Source. Wiki.

Galileo’s position and why the church was opposed: Galileo wrote the 1613 letter to Benedetto Castelli, a mathematician at the University of Pisa in Italy. In it, Galileo set out for the first time his arguments that scientific research should be free from theological doctrine (see ‘The Galileo affair’). Source. Nature.

Moving on from that. Why the visions and prods from ancient mathematicians? What is triggering this increased activity in the heavenly spheres?

Whereas we are in an entirely new earth cycle, there are historical parallels. The dream/vision scenario is pointing to the revolutionary changes that gave ‘birth’ to an entirely different world view. Not without a fight and severe pushback.

There is one unique trigger at this point in time causing cataclysmic psychological and societal upheaval, disruption, imbalance: 6.24.22 – Roe vs. Wade was scuttled.

This mirror/reflection of history indicates a time of regressive and backward momentum in the current and near future. The cycle is repeating. Roe is a signpost, not the focus. The focus is the resultant action that indicates the disposition of the high court has shifted to impart a legislative agenda that instills the ideals of the church.

Turmoil is in the cards as is Enlightenment. As always, the way forward is through. History is fluid.

Crop Circles

When a simple walk in the field changes everything. Filmmaker Chris Carter experienced energy he can’t explain. “It’s obvious in nature and in all life that something greater than what we understand is operating. And I believe that that energy is benevolent, loving, and supportive of all life.” Nat Geo.

Monique Klinkenbergh “sold her art publishing business and committed her life to her new passion.” Link. View the most recent designs. Link.


“Therefore, when I considered this carefully, the contempt which I had to fear because of the novelty and apparent absurdity of my view, nearly induced me to abandon utterly the work I had begun.” Nicolaus Copernicus

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