Transdimensionals, Remote Viewing, UFOS, Copernicus, Dejavu, It’s all math

“Storytelling is just like Lego in your mind… but you can make anything you want.” – Year 4 pupil, Woolacombe School, Creative Classrooms


  • Trailblazing AI Is Discovering Its Own ‘Fundamental’ Physics And Scientists Are Baffled. Vice.
  • Something old and something new: “88 ancient footprints dating back about 12,000 years in the Utah desert.” Source.
  • “Even if it uncovers little of interest, the study’s existence suggests that something the agency once avoided talking about at all costs is on the cusp of becoming an appropriate topic of inquiry.” – NASA seeking the science behind UFO’s. Source.
  • Almost for got to add. Hal Puthoff’s Ultraterrestrials Paper Finally Released Link. And already downloaded. PDF
  • *Reminds me of UFO Initiation: Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers, Ida Kannenberg, Amazon 
  • Chief Candy Officer wanted. Link. Remote or on site. Open to anyone 5 years of age or older, and no prior experience is needed. Apply until August 31. Candy Funhouse Job Info.
  • Cat saves the day. Alerted her owner to a potential robbery “...raced into the bedroom, jumped onto the bed and began pulling the comforter off of him and clawing at his arms.” That five-alarm-fire-warning-tactic did the trick. Full story is here. I caught it when it popped up on AOL. The cat’s name: Bandit. Link.

Somewhere out there – Remote Viewed

Refers to ETs at 35 minutes, Climate change at 39 min., Massive sea rise at 41 min./USA – East Coast and Fla.

On the topic of climate change. Weather and water issues will drive migration. Academics (not RV) are forecasting movement away from costal areas and river locations. Also movement away from states with lack of water and high temperatures. What about Artificial Intelligence? That topic is addressed at 52 minutes. Energy sources: 54 min. Described a box that generates energy – source nonspecific. Ghosts: 1 hour and 6 min. Stephan Schwartz. Website.


Futures studies, or futures research, is the systematic study of possible, probable and preferable futures. Weforum.

Galileo CommissionPart III: Psychism, the Deed, and Beyond, Emmanuel Ransford. “I hope to bolster the idea that a nonmaterialist, yet scientifically sound, theory of brain consciousness is possible.” Link.

Seeing the Future: Dean Radin.
Study: Intuition Through Time: What Does the Seer See? Link.

Outcome measures: Eye data were predicted to show larger anticipatory responses before randomly selected emotional photos than before calm photos, under conditions that excluded sensory cues, statistical cues, and other conventional means of inferring the future.

 These studies, which replicate conceptual similar experiments, suggest that sometimes seers do see the future. This implies that developing comprehensive models of anticipatory behavior, from understanding the nature of intuition to the placebo effect, may require consideration of transtemporal and teleological factors. Source. IONS.

Predictions for the current decade

Forecasts and Trends. The Guardian.

Fascinating Astrology chart forecast 2021-2026. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place every 20 years, but this one is special. It is the beginning of a new 800-year cycle in the Air element, and it marks the end of a 200-year cycle in the Earth element. Source. Adrian Duncan. Bio.

UFOs and Animals

The two most recent interview segments with Experiencer John Foster are available in the podcast library. Link. One of the interesting elements in his account is the interaction with animals, detailed in Chapter 8 of To Earth from Heaven [companion book of “Eminent Discovery Volume 1 and 2].

Chapter 8, page 65. John and another witness saw several UFO’s maneuvering over a field and chasing – or herding – a group of horses. He later saw two objects above the horses who were quietly grazing and wanted to investigate but was told not to interfere. It was explained to him that the intention for their interaction with the horses was similar to their interaction with humans. They were focused on helping the horses to improve themselves.

John and the friend were told “horses were here to help humans, but they also had their own agenda – and that was to improve themselves.”

And an update related to the recent conversations. John sent a message I can share: —

Hi Wendy,

I listened to the interview and it all sounds great. There was one part though that was a little confusing.

When you asked how long the familiar strangers had been active, I misunderstood and thought you were talking about all of the mysterious UFO intelligences. I said they had been around since prehistory, etc…which they said they had been. As far as I know, the familiar strangers were only alive since they were born, the oldest of which would have been about the 1920s. This is because one or a couple of them were about 65 years old when we first met in 1987.

The mysterious intelligences have been around since the beginning of humankind. If what they told me was true, this is because they said they had helped with the creation of humans using something similar to test tubes.  Of course they possibly were eternal beings as we understand eternal. This would include the men, the three types of beings, the brotherhoods (which I presume included the beings and men, etc.), and the voice or voices, which includes Michael.

There were 8 to 12 familiar strangers on the craft when we first entered to go on the time travels. And these individuals were people with whom I had close interaction throughout my experience with the project, from 1987 throughout most of the 1990s. There were many others involved in the project during that time and I got to know some of them as well. Yet, there were many others in our area who were doing many different things that were related to spirituality and the paranormal.

These people also helped with the project as I saw it. There was a regional magazine and a new age bookstores, for instance, etc.  Also, the project in middle America involved several to many additional groups that were located at different locations ranging from Minneapolis to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The book The Keys Of Enoch indicates the  center of future paranormal/spiritual human culture will be centered in or near Kansas City. Etc.

Take care and all the best… John

Follow up for more information, including drawings of the beings and craft at John’s website. Link. John has been talking about his experience since the early 90’s. Extensive and extraordinary. John gave a presentation/tour for the Omaha UFO Study Group. Link to Tour. During the tour, he talks about being told to meditate with the use of a pyramid. (My grandmother did this).

In this presentation, John relates his many recollections of UFO encounters that occurred physically and multi dimensionally from his birth in 1937 until August of 1986 when he and the “ETs” had “a parting of the ways.”

International UFO Congress Convention – 2001 – John Foster

As mentioned in this 1992, University of Nebraska interview, most of John’s encounters included witnesses. He has a list of at least 150 people who remember him from an encounter. Also featured, Jack Kasher, Professor of Physics at the University of Nebraska: Consider This, episode 121: John Foster, Jack Kasher, a2d18446-df8f-4f2c-bf12-922fe8db52fb. University of Nebraska at Omaha Archives & Special Collections. Link.

To understand the science behind the UFOs, John references the book The Science of Extraterrestrials: UFOs Explained at Last by Eric Julien. Amazon.

About the Author: Former fighter pilot trainee, a military air traffic controller, twin-jet pilot in the commercial aviation, station manager for an international airline company and airport manager in the great Parisian airports. Holding a post-graduate degree in Economic Science on new technologies, he also has an Airport Senior Manager Certificate from the Ecole Nationale de l Aviation Civile (National School of Civil Aviation) in France. He states having had contacts with extraterrestrials and shares in this body of work his understanding of the universe.

Editorial Review: “It is huge, its like a *Copernicus revolution just like the one in every millennium in sciences. This may be the most important book ever published on UFOs. I am still suspicious of theories-that-explain-it-all, but this book blew me away and I am bluffed”. – Michel Picard, author of Les OVNIs, laboratoire du futur (UFOs, Laboratory of Future)

Amazon reader review edited: “For Julien, it boils down to applying the tried and true theory of relativity. He calls the ETs “Extra-Temporal,” meaning that they exist outside our usual perception of time, in what is called the fourth dimension, from which all that we perceive as “supernatural” flows. With this application of relativity, Julien offers an explanation for everything from alien abductions to missing time to why UFO photos are so often blurry.”

OBE e course

OBE project update. I signed up for a remote learning OBE course with William Buhlman. I’ve read a couple of his books and interviewed him (along with a couple of others about out of body experiences) but had no time to travel for anything in person and wanted to discover what else might be available through a class format – specifically, a scenario designed to ensure I will set aside homework time in my weekly routine.

Learning options shifted with Covid. In person meetings paused and those who could – quickly opened up new avenues with remote classes. There are now lots of unique opportunities that had not existed when the focus was on in person conferences and retreats involving travel and hotel expenses.

As my travel time is limited, remote classes are a great option. So far, my favorite part of this OBE course is the guided meditations, available for download through the course. Progress report: No intended OBE as of yet. However, my dreams have become more dynamic with new characters to engage. Meditation is also opening some novel windows. Nice to see variations on the theme.

Afterlife Communication

Dream Message

The Chaffin Will case – when J. Chaffin of South Carolina died in 1921 as a result of an accident, the only Will that could be found gave his entire estate to the third of his four sons, ignoring the other three and his widow. Four years later the second son dreamed that his father appeared saying, “My last Will is in my overcoat pocket.” The eldest son, living twenty miles away, had the father’s overcoat; in its lining they found a paper on which the father had written, “Look at Genesis 27 in my Dad’s old Bible.” The Bible was in the attic of the old homestead, and the appropriate page of Genesis was founded to make a pocket – inside it was a later Will, dividing the estate among the four sons and providing for the widow; it was accepted by the Court in lieu of the earlier Will.

Source: A Trinity of Wholeness by Frank C. Tribbe

Thank you to Brent Raynes – Posted in the Alternate Perceptions Group on Facebook

A longer version of that story is posted at Mental Floss. The Time a Ghost had his Day in Court. Link.

August 2022 Alternate Perceptions Magazine

August 2022 AP Magazine topics include:

Classic Mysteries
Brazil Woman’s encounter with humanoid beings
by: Albert S. Rosales

An exclusive interview with author, businessman, and “spiritual seeker” James Jensen
by: Brent Raynes

“Describes meeting an incredible Brazilian PK [psychokinesis] subject named Thomaz Green Morton of Brazil, who performed a variety of amazing feats for him and other investigators.”

Lasting Impressions

Copernicus dejavu

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”Albert Einstein

How fun to find the *Copernicus reference in the Editorial Review for the book, The Science of Extraterrestrials: UFOs Explained at Last. I was guided to the math. Also noted in the reader review: ‘The book is translated from the original French‘…

DEJAVU is French and means, literally, “already seen.” Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all. Source.

The Celestial Sphere featured in this post is one I now use for meditation. Read more about my Copernicus vision/visitation/dream. Understanding UFOs requires upgrading our math. Previous Post.


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