“Mathematical science shows what is. It is the language of unseen relations between things. But to use and apply that language, we must be able fully to appreciate, to feel, to seize the unseen, the unconscious.” Ada Lovelace quotes. – Ada Lovelace

Dream a little dream of me... The Mamas & The Papas

Precog Dreaming in Color

Dream 8.7.22 – Retail environment. Woman approaches. I had decided to help out by folding sweaters and tops and arranging them on the display table. There are multiple styles and all the same color.

She is the new regional manager. She says something complimentary. I tell her this is a great color. It’s a neutral shade that goes with everything, and they’ve done a good job of making it available in a variety of designs. She looks at knit sweater dress for herself. The color is a creamy off-white.

This is the email that arrived later that same day.
A Bone-afide Classic (advertisement link).

“Everyone’s wearing the color Bone everywhere, and we can see why! It’s a classic neutral that adds a touch of sophistication to anyone’s style, and it’s selling out fast.”
The advertisement that appeared in my email.

Why that dream? What about that information relates to the present time line? Fascinating message. Suggests an energetic response to the heat of the moment. Neutral is in fashion.

Dreaming Lucid

Since my kundalini awakening in 1994, I’ve been more aware that it’s possible to interweave waking and dreaming awareness. There can be a marvelous interaction possible between lucid dreams of being aware of being awake within dreams while sleeping—and lucid living. Source: Cynthia Sue Larson.

Time, Telepathy, Frequency, Learning

Tom Delonge interview: Zane Lowe show on Apple. Posted on Twitter, a short segment from that show.

Edited: “Time is happening all at once. Past. Present. Future. Every single moment of the day – if you try to choose something with the right intention – you will have something that veers to the left or the right, but its never going forward.”

…anticipate radical changes in what we know about how the universe works.

Lunar cycle activation

“It is at this time during a lunar cycle, that the energy in our environment comes to a crescendo. If we use it wisely, we can finally penetrate the noise & chatter of everyday life and listen to our inner wisdom.” Source: Jai Dev Singh, Kundalini Yoga Webcast sign-up.

Animal insight

I have done readings on pets but it is not a focus. My uncle asked me about one of his horses. I told him I didn’t pick up on a problem with that horse but there was another one that had an issue. I asked if he had a horse of a certain color and he responded that was the color of the other horse.

There was an odd sensation in my arm. It was like a twitch. So I went with it and held my hand out in such a way that made me flick the wrist. After doing that a few times, I realized the horse had a shoe that was loose. I told my uncle to check the shoe on the front right hoof.

He thanked me but he was more concerned about the other horse. He didn’t check the shoe. But he did call me a couple of days later to let me know the horse lost the front right shoe.

What I have learned in speaking with people about their animals is that they can’t always act on the information when it conflicts with their belief or is contrary to what they projected and/or had hoped to hear.

In another situation (anonymous), my insight was requested — with the instruction “not to see anything that would involve a trip to the vet.” (It doesn’t work that way for me.)

1. I informed the person there was fluid buildup in the stomach and hindquarters. An issue that needed attention. That person responded that the pet had been to the vet recently and everything was fine.

2. The pet told me it did not like being snuck up on. Person responded that was not an issue.

Given the lack of receptivity to my feedback, I told my husband about what else I saw and didn’t tell the person. I thought it best for the person to hear it from another source. My insight was that it was time to focus on quality of life with the pet having 3 to 6 months to live. Not a message anyone wants to hear and I could be wrong.

Good news: My info was helpful. The pet returned to the vet and was diagnosed as diabetic. Meds and pills were given by sneaking up on the pet. Thanks to the pet having addressed that issue preemptively, the trauma was mitigated by medicating the pet as it was eating a very tasty treat. (I was amazed that the pet saw this one coming.)

People and their pets have contracts. The person was a good pet parent. My insight helped provide an alert even when it appeared [to me] the information I offered was not valued. That pet died within 6 months.

The end of life care – including sneaking up on the pet, created a very close bond between the two and the extenuating life circumstances allowed for a gradual transition rather than an abrupt departure.

One in a Million

When the guides told me ‘the other’ was coming, I didn’t know what to expect. This guy showed up – full of puppy energy and enthusiasm. Age 4 or so. We didn’t miss our twice a day walks for 3 years.

He was my teacher and my guardian. He put in a bit of overtime and stayed to bark at the door for 2 weeks after he transitioned. He protected me, saved me and kept watch when I needed him in ways I never thought possible. There is so much more to this story.

Max – Adopted in 1998. Deceased June, 2007. Estimated age: 12

Time does a number on us all. It sneaks up on us with our pets. I didn’t notice at first, this is the photo that finally registered the elder statesman.

I was so amazed to see the transformation. His demeanor, the older he got, the more character could be seen in his expression. This is his loveliest smile. My prince charming. I was his project. He accomplished his mission – I felt so unworthy – realizing at long last – the effort he made and the patience he demonstrated, made me want to be a better human. I never wanted a dog. I never wanted him to leave.

Even when the out time is known in advance, losing a cherished pet companion is excruciatingly painful. The heartache is real. Max allowed me to see that, no matter what it looks like from our end, they have an assist from the other side (as do we) to do as best they can to make it a gentle segue. Max ~ Loved always.

Quantum Leap in the forecast

ETs have been on us about this for quite some time. Reality shifting ETs. Suggesting we need to UPGRADE our reality and our science of reality.

And that time has come. It would appear that our current model of the Universe has a huge kink. Scientists are trying to figure it out. So far, in reading the article, it sounds like each solution creates a whack-a-mole scenario of other problems. Vice.

Toward a science of Consciousness. “Your perception of being you is something that you know exists, but that’s also impossible for anyone else to experience, record or feel.” David Chalmers. BBC.

Reality+: Virtual Worlds and the Problems of Philosophy, David Chalmers, Amazon.

Editorial Review: As humanity enters a brave new world of artificial superintelligence and computer-generated virtual realities, how can we humble hunter-gatherers, descended from cavemen, begin to grasp our astonishing technological future? The answer lies in this book. We must think about the ultimate nature of reality. In Reality+ David Chalmers provides the roadmap to your future. – Susan Schneider, NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology, Exploration, and Scientific Innovation, and author of Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind.


… Hang on to your hopes, my friend
That’s an easy thing to say
But if your hopes should pass away
Simply pretend that you can build them again… The Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter. YouTube Official Video

Anything is possible. Free your imagination. Know more.

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