Dimensions, Portals, Time shifts and Energetic overlays – Free State – restless Ghosts … Kansas History re-set . Pt. 1

We live in the midst of invisible forces whose effects alone we perceive. We move among invisible forms whose actions we very often do not perceive at all, though we may be profoundly affected by them. – Dion Fortune, Wiki About Dion Fortune.

Prairie ghosts and whispers from the timeline

Dancing through historical records. A game of Charades with ghosts. Their agenda is clear – adjust, reconcile, reflect and redirect. Even at this late date – they insist – some histories can be pre-empted prior to repeating.

The last thing I considered when invited to offer a reading at a historic battlefield was being overwhelmed by a multitude of noisy ghosts. Diverse voices vying for attention, pleading the case that history – at this time – is very near to repeating. The message: Water, water, house on fire! Allowing cooler heads to prevail can avoid the split many are forecasting.

Exhausted after visiting Black Jack battle site (Energy drain. Typical experience for me after channeling at an active site.), I took a short nap then began to sort out the (download) pieces to understand/find out why the overwhelm and urgency I sensed in the chorus.

And that, for me, is the down side of doing a video shoot – so much of the information comes after the session/shoot is done. Only afterward can I work through and process the emotions and energy overwhelm and review/translate some of the language. (Speaking only for myself and how I work with this process.) Vernacular, word usage and context can be confusing.

Example: headstone, tombstone, memorial marker, gravestone, trail stone. On this historic site – battlefield markers resemble headstones. I was informed by a ghost (one of the voices – and the crew “No one died in this battle.”) that no bodies were buried there. Conflicting information was louder and kept repeating (telepathic), coming in from another source: “700 bodies”.

That phrase was confusing but it had my attention because it didn’t seem to apply. Why was it important? How did it relate? Who was speaking to me? I had to keep searching. Turns out it was a misdirect and a redirect and the carrot that kept me digging. That element helped me find an incredible and relatively obscure highlight between Catholicism and Native Americans in Kansas in the 1800’s.

Sorry. I am getting ahead of the story. Stay with me. We’ll get there.


  • 1. A curious light today.

How could I have forgotten? 4:30 am this morning, 8.22.2022. I opened my eyes to see a very bright light – like a spotlight – shining at me from the north side of the room [house interior] near the ceiling. I quickly shut my eyes thinking Andy had turned on a light.

Curious, I opened my eyes again to see what was up but the light was gone. There was no bright light and Andy was still asleep. I decided I would tell him later thinking about how odd it was and planning to write it down. And then I forgot. Just like that. I forgot.

When Andy got up I remembered I had something I wanted to tell him. That was the trigger for the memory of seeing that bright light shining in on me. Had I not set my goal to share the experience with him the event memory would have faded. And some people wonder how anomalous encounters happen without being noticed or recorded. It is tragic how easy it is to lose those moments.

  • 2. The shadow person.

I didn’t forget the event last week. 8.17.22. Jack (our dog) apparently had a mission. He wanted Andy to leave the room. We both noticed his odd behavior and thought it was funny. He seemed very determined, whining, motioning toward the door and finally, pawing at Andy to encourage him to MOVE. He succeeded and they left the room.

A few minutes later, as I was writing something, I caught a fleeting glimpse of a black, silhouette form of a person. No features, just a shadow. Slender, tall, it seemed masculine. What prompted Jack to get Andy to leave the room?

On location – Kansas – pre civil war Battlefield

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Santayana, Big Think.

Surprise. Intense emotions create energetic residue/overlays. It might be true that the dead have seen the end of the war, the undead are known to linger in various states: re-enacting, retracing and/or renouncing their steps … and otherwise haunting the living.

At this site, the target ghost assumed a background position – turning off the camera as a greeting when I entered the house – then deferring to those who had a larger investment and actual presence in the timeline. Demanding to be heard, those voices cried out a warning to any who might listen: “Know your history. There is no wisdom in dying for someone else’s cause.”

Acknowledging a confluence

Arrival on site 8.19.22. The energy line led to the creek. Without having a map or a clue about the layout of the property, I asked if there was a creek in the direction I was given. Andy grabbed the map and that information was correct. I had a brief vision of horses and wagons and people moving along that creek as a way of remaining out of sight and obscured. And that was an actual recurring theme.

Lots of activity at the creek. Noisy. I found that to be very curious. Growing up swimming in a creek on our farm, nature sounds were not noisy.

(Noise issue answered in follow-up research. Santa Fe Trail runs alongside that area and includes crossing the creek.)

I requested help from someone (non-physical) who could help me with a backstory for the area. Given the name Jason. He said he lived on a farm across the creek and lost a son in the war/battle. I am not sure of the word and that makes a difference for context. What battle? What war?

I saw an image of a man with a beard, not too scraggly, and overalls with boots. He wore a brimmed straw hat. He showed me the bottom of his boots. The boots were the dirtiest thing about him. Crusty, dusty with holes in the soles. Very well worn. Humble. He said he farmed and traveled to sell his crops around the region. The only word I can remember now is barley.

NO certainties here. I take what I can and go forward. Specifics can be revisited later.

What he did give me that was helpful was a start date. He said he was born in 1812. That gave me a timeline and a backdrop for the multitude of voices asking to be heard.

What does that mean? It means this longitudinal puzzle has more than one historical element. What was happening in Kansas from 1812 – up and until the battle for which this site is named, 1856. Those events contributed to the Civil War outcome and the amplified energy activity on the property. (Definition: Longitudinal and Cross-sectionalLink. Both terms apply.)

My history book – and I am a Kansan – did not acknowledge all of these elements. That is what the voices want to address, History Overshadowed by bleeding headlines and far more Blood Soaked in duration and scope.

John Brown’s War

Marker for the battle, June 2, 1856, cited as one incident of “Bleeding Kansas” and a contributing factor leading up to the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865.

Wives and children of John Brown. Link.

Coincidence: Jason Brown was born January 19, 1823, in Hudson, Ohio. Jason was a humanitarian and did not greet violence with enthusiasm. He married Ellen Sherbondy in 1847 and died on December 24, 1912. He was buried in Akron, Ohio. (Not my source, rather, a hit on the name being appropriate for the period.)

Preparing to engage

Allow me to backtrack. I struggled with where to add this information. For now – it seems the best place is here. When I am invited, called, booked to visit a site I often have information and visions prior to the engagement as I am subconsciously tied once I have agreed to show up.

The shadow visitor is an example of that. Another element this time was intuitive guidance indicating Catholicism and Native Americans had a role in this space. Other than the name, I had no prior knowledge or interest in the location and did not try to research it because that won’t help me give a reading. The less I know, the more objective I can be. I can avoid to the best of my ability, inadvertently projecting information that will distort the reading.

The guides suggested I take a rosary. I am not Catholic. I did consider it but after I selected certain stones I forgot about the rosary. I do have one someone gave me as a gift. Usually, I try to respect the nudges but this one got by me. Only when I began to research the Native American connections in the timeline did the answer appear.

Lens flare – the white dot is similar to dots and lights I sometimes see without a camera.

Where the bodies are buried

1800’s Kansas

  • Santa Fe Trail – Profiteers
  • Underground Railroad – Slaves on the run
  • John Brown’s War – Bleeding Kansas
  • Civil War battles
    NOTE: Death tallies do not include women, children and animals.
  • 1869. Transcontinental Railroad enables open slaughter of the Buffalo (Native American) Smithsonian.
  • 1871. Obliterating the Buffalo – from millions to hundreds.
    The Atlantic.
  • Native Americans in Kansas – the long goodbye

Related: Battle of Black Jack – June 2, 1856, cited as one incident of “Bleeding Kansas” and a contributing factor leading up to the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865.
Free State Kansas History. Wiki
Black Jack Battlefield. Site info.

To be continued …


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