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“The Mámas’ (Kogi) predictions are not ‘fixed,’ except in one critical sense.
They say that if the Elder Brothers are no more, and Younger Brother
does not change (which includes looking after the Elder Brothers, and
listening to them), the world will end: The Mother said to the Younger
Brother long ago, ‘One day, you will look after the Older Brother. One
day’ (Ereira, 1992, p. 214). The Mámas are not yet sure if this will ever
– Sepie, A.J., 2019, Listening to the Elders: Earth Consciousness and Ecology, in J. Hunter (ed.) Greening the Paranormal: Exploring the Ecology of Extraordinary Experience. White Crow Books, United Kingdom, pp. 59-70.” by Amba J. Sepie. Source.

Paranormal interlude

We visited the cabin at the lake over the weekend, my chance to step away from the overwhelm of work and ground myself. Previously, the paranormal energy there has been low key. It started this time as soon as we arrived.

I was unpacking sacks of food, set something down on the counter and walked away. When I returned, I noticed the cupboard door ajar. It had been closed. Knowing the answer, I asked Andy anyway, if he got something from the cupboard? No. Still unpacking stuff.

Later that evening, Jack started barking from the bedroom. I was with Cassie in the living room and I hoped he would stop before he got her started. No luck. After a few more barks, she joined him. I went into the bedroom and asked Andy why Jack was barking. He said they heard me in the kitchen opening and shutting the cupboards.

I had not been in the kitchen. I didn’t hear what they heard and Cassie didn’t bark until after she heard Jack bark a few times.

The next night was the kicker. In the living room again, I’m reading. Cassie is roaming, looking for a spot, a space to park for the night. This cabin experience is still new to her. Andy and Jack are in the bedroom with the door closed.

Watching a movie, I dozed and woke up to see the film was frozen – paused – but somehow running in slow mo. Awake now, it resumed, and when the film ended, I started reading.

Now for the extra weird. Done reading, I turn off the light and something happens that is totally unexpected. The room is pitch black. As in VERY, VERY, BLACK. And dense, like a thick liquid. Black. Nothing like this has ever happened to me in this space. The room has skylights and a nightlight that usually provide some sort of ambient – and visible – light. This time – it was so incredibly dark I felt uneasy. Queasy uncomfortable. It was an unexplainable sensation – full – like there was something in the darkness. What is this about?

So — I put a pillow over my head, laid down on the couch and thought about it for a few minutes. I’ve turned the lights off before and not had that sensation of discomfort. Then, I begin to think about how weird it might be if Cassie came close and put her nose on me. It might scare her if I jumped. I decided it would be better if I turned on a light.

Removing the pillow, I noticed a light was now on and thought it must have been the nightlight that had turned off (because that is normal for me – a game we play) and made it so dark. (Trying to apply logic to it.) I got up to check on Cassie and discovered the light wasn’t coming from the nightlight – even though it had to have been off for the room to be so dark.

What was on? The ceiling light. Glowing a soft orange. That light is on a dimmer. It clicks when it is completely off. Andy had turned it off earlier. He was asleep in the room with Jack. Their door was closed. The glowing orange light was now on with Cassie directly below, completely unfazed.

I decided the ‘entity’ agreed with me – intended no harm and turned the light on for us. Another odd thing about this event. I was so queasy that I thought I might throw up. The energy was that intense. Validation – we are never alone. Some beings have the ability to enter into our dimension or pull us into theirs.

Directly above Cassie – in her spot at the front door – the light came on.

Playing catch up – a repeating cycle

Back at home, I catch up on the blogs and podcasts – feeling like things are happening faster than I can track at the moment. Several books are waiting for my attention along with other content I am working to incorporate into my projects. Forced breaks are needed or my eyes do funky things.

Early Monday morning, a dot connects with the warning about a cycle repeating given during my visit to the Black Jack site. Incredibly prescient that message — the one that said — even at this late hour, there is still time to stop the cycle — to prevent history from repeating. I interpret that to mean the extermination of Indigenous tribes.

  • Repeating cycle. 8.29.22. News headline on the passing of the “Man of the Hole” in South America. Gone, the last member of his tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. Source. Confirmed at this site: Survival International.

    Fiona Watson, Survival’s Research and Advocacy Director, visited the territory in 2004 with a government monitoring team, and wrote an account of the visit.

    She said today: “No outsider knew this man’s name, or even very much about his tribe – and with his death the genocide of his people is complete. For this was indeed a genocide – the deliberate wiping out of an entire people by cattle ranchers hungry for land and wealth.Link.

I have been trying to describe my way of reading a space and connecting to the land without knowing how to really put it into words. I suggested an overlay of layers – like a tree – each has different pieces of information. Today’s headline features tree ring science. What a surprise! Scientists were able to determine the origin of a boat by determining a match between the rings of the trees used to build the boat and an archive of North American tree rings. Synchronicity. Link.

Like a shamanic echo, an email link arrives offering a preview segment for Greening the Paranormal, Jack Hunter, Amazon. I referenced that article at the top of the post. Summary [edited]: “In the spirit of creative exploration this book suggests that approaches emerging from the study of (and engagement with) the super-natural may ultimately help us to re-connect with the natural, and in so doing develop innovative approaches to confronting the eco-crisis.”

Aluna. 2018 – The environment. A cry for help and a warning.

More about the Kogi Mámas from the website:

~~~ The Kogi are descendants of the Tairona and are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec.

They are an indigenous people who consider themselves to be the guardians of the earth and are worried by our attempts to destroy it.

The mountain – in Colombia – is their home, it is quite literally a microcosmos, a mirror of the planet on which every ecological zone is represented. The impact of the modern world is affecting their environment and from their vantage point on the mountain they can see how this is damaging the rest of the planet. Site. ~~~

Message from the Heart of the World. 2019. The Kogi – still hoping their message will resonate with like minded hearts.

Restoring balance.

2021. Reforestation update. Video Link. They were at 10,000 and the goal was 40,000 trees in March of 2022. Follow their progress. Link.

Ahead of the curve

Once again I revisited then set aside Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science (1957-1969), noting what it must have been like – as a researcher, scientist looking for clues, genuinely seeking answers – diligently offering up your UFO research – only to be met with obfuscation and disinformation. Papers unacknowledged and unreturned. Hoodwinked. Validation took decades. The plus. Being alive to experience the payoff. UFOs are real – always have been real. Denial is the unreality. What they are? That is still a question. Wired Interview.

In Forbidden Science, Vallee references Carl Jung: “I had learned that the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble. They must be so, for they express the necessary polarity inherent in every self-regulating system. They can never be solved, but only outgrown.”

Call back – time overlay

And then there’s the book I took to read at the lake, Twidders, Exploration of the time-lost continuum and travel“, Anita Holmes. Amazon.

Acronym: time/warp/displacement with a pinch of “slip” thrown in. Among the triggers listed for such an event: Locations drenched in emotional violence (Civil War battlegrounds, etc.). One need have no prior knowledge or interest in the spot prior to the experience.

Holmes documents an incredible encounter at a Native American/US Army battlefield site. Reno-Benteen (Ridge) Battlefield. Page 114 – Encounter with a 1800’s soldier at the Battle of the Little Big Horn (June, 1876) site. Custer’s Last Stand.

The experiencer and his family encountered a man who spoke in depth about the battle with details someone might only have known if they were there. (And the records indicate there were no survivors.)

He said the air was electric, a “spirit-filled” place. The experience reminded him of an old Twilight Zone episode with a similar theme. Unforgettable for the entire family.

I requested and received a response from Experiencer John Foster about his recollections of being called to listen to the ‘ETs’ with a phrase “Native Americans and Buffalo.” I am curious to know the purpose for using those words as a programming cue…

I plan to share that in an upcoming post. Our most recent conversation is posted in 3 parts: Link. John’s experience demonstrates their ability to influence our consciousness and remain completely undetectable – facilitating interaction on their terms or not at all. Clandestine and ongoing.

Military response to that? We’ve finally reached the point they are being acknowledged as a presence. Where we go from here is more likely to be up to “them” – not us. Certainly keeps the interest level hot.

Lesson at the cabin – the response to dark energy

I am still pondering the moment of being overwhelmed when encountering a very, very, very dark space in the cabin at the lake. The space is familiar. My discomfort was surprising. The result was positive. But the nature of that interaction made me feel physically queasy. Very close to throwing up.

Andy told me later he experiences a bit of nausea when he went into the back bedroom. But he had already been dealing with intense leg pain and dismissed it. So it wasn’t just the space I was in. What is the message?

Opting for Animal Cards – Rabbit came forward. Fear. This was a test to determine the auto-pilot gut response. Dark is nothing to fear. Again, I have more work to do. This is about the incompatibility I sensed in the vibration. My uncertainty of the intent.

Apprehension. Resistance, discomfort, unknown, fight or flight. That is why I paused and put the pillow over my face (eyes). It was a time out to assess my gut level discomfort. To counter that – Increasing the vibration to illuminate, broadcast, direct and reflect light. Elevate.

Ask for help from a higher power. I need to incorporate that as my first gut response.

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