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As a scientist I must be mindful of the past; all too often it has happened that matters of great value to science were overlooked because the new phenomenon did not fit the accepted scientific outlook of the time.J. Allen Hynek


    ~”Could a rethink of time – with space and time as part of one entity make quantum time travel possible?” – Source.

    ~And stuff keeps getting older. Turns out the oldest human-made structure – new discovery – in the Americas is older than the Egyptian pyramids. One of the mounds in Louisiana, built by Indigenous people is 11,000 years old. Another is 7,500 years old. The oldest Egyptian pyramid was constructed about 4,700 years ago.” Source. Upending a whole lot of, now outdated, historical records. But those records were already a bit murky. Smithsonian. Props to Graham Hancock for calling this one. America Before.

    ~Amazing Invention. AI monitor for Cat Poo. Link. She details the project with video on her blog. Link.

    ~8K Titanic Footage. Source.

    ~The stories. When they saw ghosts. Link.

    ~Indigenous Peoples’ Response to the Current Health Crisis: A journey through ancient cultures during the pandemic that shook the world. YouTube. Traditional and conventional health practitioners, indigenous spiritual guides and wisdom keepers of the Kamentsá, Misak and Arhuaco peoples share their visions and experiences from the frontlines of the crisis. “The pandemic has helped us claim our identity.” – Mama Ascensión Velasco. Website to follow their stories. Link.

    ~In Australia, some Indigenous Elders responded differently. This link explains the reason for that position. 12.14.21. Prominent Aboriginal leader Uncle Max Harrison died in a Sydney Covid ward, two weeks after speaking at an anti-vaccination mandate rally. Link. A presentation from 2012 includes teachings from his grandfather and 5 uncles. Link.

    ~”The people most capable of guiding us through the transition from exploitation to regeneration are the experts who have preserved the lineage of living respectfully with the Earth.” – 7 Things I Learned by Collaborating with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers Source.

    ~Finding Balance. Restoring spiritual core. Shadow and Light (Shamanism in Ireland Documentary). Link.

    ~Extraordinary. Scientists are using machine learning to eavesdrop on naked mole rats, fruit bats, crows and whales – and to communicate back. Dr. Alison Barker: “Machine-learning kind of transformed my research.” Source.

    Interactive UFOs

    I began talking with Jiulio Consiglio about spirituality and his paranormal experiences before he started having this amazing interactions with UFOs.

    A great example is the triangle UFO encounter mentioned in the interview and posted on his Instagram page.

    “This is the triangle that has been interacting with me and my neighbors for the past 2 years, and this is one of its energetic forms. I was alone during this recording.”

    UFOs interacting with Jiulio

    It is fascinating to watch this evolve. Often with his neighbors who also witness the activity, neighbor James was going to take a picture of a star – that wasn’t a star. By the time he got his phone the ‘star’ vanished. The interaction seems to be primarily engaging and responding to Jiulio.

    The twitter link is to our interview – (podcast).

    Seeing is believing. Jiulio’s most recent book is Cosmic Contact: Spiritual Insights into Triangular UFOs, Extraterrestrial Communication & Encounter PreparationAmazon.

    Beyond strange

    1. Encounters with the Unknown: True Accounts of Modern Paranormal Experiences, Colin Parsons
    2. Time Storms: Amazing Evidence for Time Warps, Space Rifts, and Time Travel, Jenny Randles

    Mysteries and Miracles of Arizona, Jack Kutz, Amazon. Good Reads Review: “Then there was Old One Toe, another fabled lone wolf of the 1920s. During the early part of his predatory career, this big lobo lost three of his toes in a trap. After that unpleasant experience, he developed an uncanny knack for detecting even the most carefully hidden traps. Upon discovering one, he would use the claw of his single toe to scratch a line in the dirt pointing directly at it. He seemed to be saying, ‘Just how dumb do you think I am?'” (From chapter 8, “The Last of the Mystic Lone Wolves”) Source.

    Remote Viewing

    Flashback – 1999. Ingo Swann Interview w/Jeff Rense, entitled “Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon” – Conversation about Telepathy, the moon, the Apollo missions to the moon, extraterrestrials and remote viewing and his book, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. (Get the book, updated with new material. Amazon.) Jeff Rense Radio Program audio archives. YouTube.

    And there’s the “far out” – out there …

    “In response to a FOIA request, the Navy confirmed that 24 videos are associated with 19 UFO reports, spanning June thru Dec 2019,” writes Marik von Rennenkampff. “Despite public commitments to transparency, officials refuse to release any of the footage.” – Source.


    When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum jump.J. Allen Hynek


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