History echoes in the land, the cries of the fallen – Paranormal – Ghosts among us

“It was taught in every school, aye in the Sunday schools. The little children played at war. The toddling children on the street. Do you suppose this world has ever been the same since? How long, your Honor, will it take for the world to get back the humane emotions that were slowly growing before the war? How long will it take the calloused hearts of men before the scars of hatred and cruelty shall be removed?” – Clarence Darrow, Source.

Attorney for the Damned: Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom, Amazon: Darrow confronts issues that remain relevant over half a century after his death: First Amendment rights, capital punishment, and the separation of church and state. With an insightful forward by Justice William O. Douglas, this volume serves as a powerful reminder of Darrow’s relevance today.

Official Trailer Free State Horror Stories Season 3

The video series dedicated to Kansas ghost stories continues with BLACK JACK BATTLEFIELD

A preview.

This trailer is my first view of this project. After visiting the site, the atmosphere is easily recalled. I have no idea how what of anything I said will play out – like you – I am a viewer.

Also available is a previous [unofficial] intro for the series. It offers a few (tiny) additional details on the Battle of Black Jack backstory. Link.

What I can repeat without worrying about it being a spoiler of some sort – is that anyone who is sensitive/intuitive will find it easy to read this space. Impressions are heavy and intense. Loud.

For me, the vibe is active – and a bit overwhelming – (headache) the more time I stay in that area. Not a space to enjoy a quiet night of camping under the stars. Too many voices seeking representation, advocacy, acknowledgement.

Injustice? Yes, on multiple levels. Some are recorded but many more are obscured, due to unfamiliarity with the language and the culture. Lacking affiliation and representation, those stories took longer to recover and even longer to find an outlet that would allow them to be heard. By no means did that ensure inclusion in a “history” book.

It may be that the moment for making atonement on the physical plane for the indignities suffered in that era has passed – but those still caught up in the resulting extra-dimensional drama are making a plea. If there is a primary message, it is that there is still time to learn from past missteps and disengage the repeating cycle.

Far more details about those times are available now than in previous decades. Stories have been added, sometimes changing the overall perspective. Teaching a one-sided account of History is a sure-fire guarantee mistakes will become ingrained and trauma perpetuated.

[Short term gain for a select few on the physical plane – long term spirit plane boondoggle the select few unwittingly sign up for. Interesting and complicated. Reality has many planes = Multi-dimensional.]

Another thing that may be helpful to consider, conflict of great magnitude (loss of life) links all who took part in the pre and subsequent events. Each and every individual is linked in subconscious thought and conscious action. Entanglement via a common thread.

The fact of the matter – heavy/intense emotions are a tag/chord. They bind one and all in the collective consciousness field. Consciousness upgrade is the challenge. Beliefs, values, mindset. Evolving/growing beyond subjugation of others, bloody confrontation and physical conflict is the challenge at hand. Until then, the cycle repeats on the manifest and the spirit plane.

  • Case in point, Civil War Ghosts:The fighting at Gettysburg was so intense that Americans are still finding remains of the dead: The latest was found in 1996. The Confederacy lost 39% of its manpower due to the sheer volume of soldiers wounded there and was never again able to threaten the North.”
  • Ghosts caught on camera?Tourist Greg Yuelling and his family were visiting Gettysburg and decided they would take a drive one night. Yuelling recorded the video on his phone as he and his uncle drove through the historic site.Source.

Follow the Free State Horror Stories series on youtube or here: Link. October is the viewing party reveal. BlackJackBattlefield.org

Recap of my visit. Reading this site was about more than the Civil War connection. It also linked the Santa Fe Trail and Native American (Indigenous tribes) resettlement. Part 1 Link. Part 2 and Part 3.


1. Contemplating a move, asking for signs. I said it would be nice to have one of the trees I love planted in the new space. In the yard, there are now two starts of that unique tree. (Thanks to the fairies. It has been amazing to experience their influence.)

2. We have had no problem with mail delivery to this point, and yet, in recent weeks, we have been getting mail for others that is not even close to our address. Yes, it could be the result of very normal circumstances. My counter – the timing is fortuitous.

3. I was cleaning and rearranging one room, thinking about what might be different with a move when I realized one of the stuffed animals had launched itself off the top of the bookcase.

My back was turned and there was no noise. One moment he was in his perch – the next – he was on the floor.

Apparently, leaping was required for me to take note.

Mr. green monkey in stealth mode, keeping hidden his ability to launch himself from great heights and land upon the floor without so much as a ‘thump’ … did he fly? Uninjured, he is back in his spot.

Leap of faith?


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