Outrageous forces, John Foster UFOs, “The Native American Way” and Michel Desmarquet’s trip to another Planet

“Contact with intelligent life in the universe is a world event like no other. It is the next great step in the development and evolution of the human family. It is unstoppable. It is inevitable. It is happening now. And there are people around the world who know this is true – that extraterrestrial life is a reality and that we are not alone in the universe, or even within our own world.” – Marshall Vian Summers, Site. More information, Source.

2 Contactees face life changing encounters – offer challenging truths – ETs Among Us

As a contactee/experiencer, John Foster is a beacon. He presents intelligent information and insight regarding active and ongoing clandestine UFO entity intervention in human society.

He speaks from conscious memory – offering detailed descriptions and drawings – about the presence of ET/UFO (Inter, Trans or Extra/Dimensional) beings who have the ability to actively influence individuals as they go about their daily lives. My interviews with John are posted here. Link.

Some may be aware of the ET presence. However, it appears, given the testimony of experiencers who have witnessed large crowds frozen during the moment of an encounter/sighting and completely oblivious to the event, most are not.

As to the agenda of the UFO intelligences who influenced John, that information remains incomplete.

What is fascinating is how part of his information dovetails into an account by another experiencer, Michel Desmarquet – who, at same time John experienced his flood of recollections, describes being taken to another planet and introduced to beings who claim to have been influencing humans using abilities very similar to what John experienced first hand: Appearing in human form, speaking from inside mist or a cloud, interacting in dreams, disembodied voices.

Desmarquet is deceased. I interviewed Samuel Chong about the book, *Thiaoouba Prophecy, in which Michel Desmarquet describes an ET Big Brother civilization (and they also happen to be very tall beings) overseeing planet Earth. Interview Link. (*Originally published as Abduction to the 9th Planet. Reviews are positive.)

Samuel traveled to Vietnam to meet with Michel. He translated the book into Chinese and has plans to offer additional information he learned from Michel that was not included in the book.

This is a fascinating story to hear. Watch and listen. In his own words – Michel Desmarquet describes his experience. [1997]

In addition, both John Foster and Michel Desmarquet note the Book of Enoch as a resource to add substance to their accounts of long term ET influence on human history. The book is available in Public Domain: Link. Also reference the Book of the Secrets of Enoch. Link. Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch. Link.

Q&A – additional insight from the Thiaoouba Prophecy on Samuel Chong’s website. Link.

Brief Pause for CLARIFICATION:

1. John Foster/Engineer, timeline: flood of UFO/ET/Alien experiencer memories 1986-1987. Duration: 46 years.

2. Michel Desmarquet/Landscaper, timeline: Alien encounter/space travel event 1987. Duration: 9 days.

They began talking about their experiences in the late 80s – early 90s. Neither was a Sci-Fi fan/reader. Entertainment media at the time? Try 2001: A Space Odyssey (film: 1968), Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars, TRON, Back to the Future. Science Fiction at that time was no equal for all they describe. We’ve advanced some – in theory. Wiki. But our actual “science” requires a few more leaps.

John Foster and the prompt – “Native Americans”

Following up. I had another question for John and asked him to please address the continued reference/phrase in his encounters with the ET Intelligences that seemed to act as a programming prompt. I wanted to know what he could remember, if anything, about the usage of the phrase, “Native Americans and buffalo.”

= John’s reply =

The message: “Everyone, gather around for eternal knowledge and wisdom, and (something to do with) the Indians and buffalo.

Everyone, get in (….?) and sit down for eternal knowledge wisdom, and (something to do with) the Indians and buffalo…” Etc.

This was repeated by “the voice” many times, in various ways, from the time I was two or three years old until my last encounter that took place at Maloney Lake just south of North Platte, Nebraska…in August of 1986 when I was 48 years old. It was a rich male voice speaking in perfect English. And it is interesting that it sometimes sounded like a barker at a circus.

(I believe stating my age here and there is important because the so-called UFO entities followed me clandestinely most of my life. They seemed to be my guardians at times. Because I know this has happened to many others, I believe we can learn more about the entities by noting what specifically or roughly happens to many people at certain ages…in an obvious manner…or clandestinely or both..)

I discovered during my “flood of recollections” these similar phrases were espoused many, many times. Many times the voice spoke in a completely formal manner as if he were not speaking to anyone in particular.

When I discovered the phrases were used when the small booth-like object showed up, throughout the entire 46 years of my encounters, I began to call the routine “The Saucer-Booth Routine.” I used the word saucer because, during some encounters, the mysterious intelligences demonstrated how they, using the windowed saucer, could materialize and deposit the booth on the ground out of the bottom of the saucer. This somewhat makes sense if you consider at one time the voice explained and visually demonstrated how “they” *could create and change the form of the crafts and objects by manipulating the atomic and molecular structures of matter.* I figure some of that matter had to be haze and fog.

*Also mentioned in the Thiaoouba Prophecy. Masters of Molecular Manifestation Interview with Samuel Chong. Link. Referenced at 1 hour.*

One of the booths John Foster describes. Link.

The phrases were espoused before and after the booths were deposited on the ground…and many times while we were sitting inside the small booths on the benches. The phrases also were used inside the large booth at times, as well as some of the other objects and craft at different times.

During the period of my flood of recollections, from 1986 to the early 90s, the wisdom/Indian phrases never really made sense. But it finally did make some sense in the early 1990s when I attended a talk by one of the characters who was described in Ruth Montgomery’s book Aliens Among Us.

I was sitting by a Native American woman telling a few people about my encounters. And I mentioned the saucer booth routine. It was then the Indian woman told me that sort of routine involving the booth was occurring and had occurred on the Indian reservations. She said it normally happened when young male boys were reaching about the age of 13. It seemed to be connected to a mysterious spiritual ceremony for boys when they were passing from childhood into adulthood.

When I talked to the speaker about it, he warned me that it all sounded satanic, etc. He thought the little I told him about my UFO encounters also sounded satanic. This was a normal reaction I received when I tried to talk to many other people about my encounters throughout the years. Many of them were fundamentally religious.

It’s interesting that my sister, her friend and I experienced the Bethany Grade School Encounter when I was 13. And her friend and I received some information about the Indians after we experienced our separate conditioning sessions inside the tent-like or elliptical-shaped object… when I found myself floating a foot or so above the ground. Receiving information about the Indians at this time, I suspect, was to broaden my knowledge about the nature of life.

That is, I received a broad rough knowledge about the Indians at that time, through a mysterious clandestine encounter. I suspect the UFO entities knew this would lead me to seek out knowledge related to Indians in my later years, through the subconscious faculties of my mind.

And, as you will see, I did contact the Indians in my later years. I began to develop a subconscious haunting attraction during the Bethany Grade School encounter and other encounters to seek out the Native American Way. (John’s drawing of ‘small men’ on the playground.) It was subconscious because I was forced to forget it and other similar encounters as or shortly after they ended.

Remember the experience somewhere in western Nebraska when my relatives and I were levitated up into the large object. The voice explained to my relatives that I would help my fellow humans in the future.

Many things happened during that encounter, but one very interesting sequence involved a program that seemed to be broadcast on a typical TV set sitting on a table. I was the only one who was allowed to watch it.

The program, with a male audio announcer and video film, demonstrated how the white man was ruining nature by building suburban houses too close together. The program then switched to a video of historical Indians hunting buffalo on the plains. The solution to the problem was obvious: Don’t build houses too close together! And it was vaguely suggested through ESP that the communication of the Indians with the Great Spirit was a good way to live.

(Link to John explaining he believed these events he experienced happened in real time.)

Also, when I attended my first Rocky Mountain Conference On UFO Investigation in 1987 – in Laramie, Wyoming – a fellow who was studying for his doctoral degree was extremely interested in my drawings and story. He was getting his PhD in historic symbols and legends. I was new at the UFO game and was leery about talking with anyone in detail because I thought they might think I was crazy. I thought I might be considered insane or imaginative and it would ruin my ability to make a living. So I tried to avoid him.

Yet, he cornered me in the cafeteria one day and I cautiously sat down and talked with him. He had seen my drawings and he was very interested in my drawings of the small booth and the small lizard-like being. He also overheard me talking with other contactees.

As we talked in the cafeteria he finally told me that my drawings were very similar to some drawings the Indians he had studied had drawn. He said the Indians had told him that the small booth and the small lizard-like beings were part of their legends involving the sky people.”  

The Indian’s small booth and their sky people, he had concluded, were connected to what we now know are UFOs. My connection with the small booth and the small lizard-like beings convinced him that the Indian legends were true and accurate…and that my memories most likely were true and accurate.

~~ He made me swear not to reveal his name. If I repeated the story using his name, he said, it might interfere with him receiving his PhD. This is because UFOs were taboo in the educational arena at that time. I have never repeated his name, but I certainly would like to talk with him again. Actually, I don’t remember his name.  I discovered later he was a part of a spiritual movement across the USA and a part of the new age movement…which I found was related in many ways to the Native American Way. ~ Please connect if this references you and/or you know about this interaction with John Foster. ~~

Well, in August of 1986, during my last encounter, the voice told me that, if I chose to recall my encounters, I would not experience another encounter. Even though I was told this, I have since experienced close UFO sightings. And some of these sightings were related to the Native Americans…The Native American Way.

After I experienced my flood of recollections in 1986 and 1987, I met the Familiar strangers. I discovered (a part of my “eminent discovery”) that some of them were helping the Native Americans by donating food and clothing. And eventually an Indian Sioux family began to hold sweat lodge ceremonies on a multiple acre patch of land that was located nearby.  

They were very friendly and their group of Indians included Indians that were not a part of their family. They were there, they said, to teach the white man the Native American Way. So some of the familiar strangers and I participated in some of their ceremonies.

To make a long story short, I was asked to do a “vision quest.”

This meant I had to go up on a remote hill located nearby alone, put a small circle of rope on the ground around me, and stand not sit on the ground. I was to pray constantly until I somehow would mysteriously know it was over. The Indians and the familiar strangers who were there said that, to be an official vision quest, they would pray for me in the sweat lodge until I returned from the remote hill.

— John’s story is continued in the next post.

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Series: Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion, Volume: 20

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Chapter 5 Aliens among Native Americans? In this chapter, the question of aliens and UFOs among Native Americans are explored in three ways: Aliens or Anakim populating the Appalachian mountain regions; Star People or Sky People in the stories and sacred rites of particular North American cultures; and the archaeological record found in pictoglyphs, petroglyphs, and massive mounds and earthworks.

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Marshall Vian Summers – Spiritual Messenger

Samuel Chong says, “Perhaps the most important theme of Michel Desmarquet’s book speaks to the purpose of life – “man exists physically for the sole purpose of developing spiritually.” – That statement echoes the teachings of Marshall Vian Summers.

In the fall of 1981, at the age of 32, Marshall Vian Summers had a direct encounter with the Angelic Assembly that watches over the world. Source. Journeys of the Messenger: countries visited. Link.

Travel to another planet – another dimension – an alternate reality?

Sci-Fi Science – “far out” is getting closer. Rotating black holes as portals for hyperspace travel. Link.

Alternate/Parallel Universes – Do they exist? Link. Can we travel there? Science chuckles… and debates. Link.

Public Domain. Source – Wiki Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1968.

Revisit the classic film – 2001: A Space Odyssey. Director Stanley Kubrick. IMDb “He likened the film to a painting and a piece of music, something to experience “at an inner level of consciousness”. Source: BBC.

Take that as a hint.



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