Self Reflection -subconscious awareness – visionary dreaming – subliminal echoes in flow state – bending reality – channeling

“If one holds negative thoughts/beliefs inside oneself, stating that one is unworthy or unfortunate, each of these internal-making-actions will impact the environments and the environments will respond accordingly—which means that you get back what you are putting out.” Estate of Ingo Swann @EstateIngoSwann

The ‘magic’ of Self Reflection

Overnight Insight. My previous middle-of-night conversation with the Guides is ingeniously referenced as a call back in today’s Ingo Swann Estate tweet.

The Guides take advantage of my lucid moments between early morning waking and sleeping and urge me to write things down to remember and not chance it getting lost or overshadowed by subsequent dream scenarios.

G. “Humans are reflectors = that’s right = mimics = copycats. It is a natural ability, pervasive and subtle, but it can be directed and that is why it is important to monitor your thoughts. As each is engrossed in mind play, thoughts are broadcast and those who are also caught up in mind play will respond. You call it telepathy and it is to some degree but more of a constant fluid flow of consciousness and what can be helpful is to direct the thoughts so as to create a productive and life enhancing experience.

G. “What do you wish to manifest or see more of?

Me. “I want to see more Miracles.”

G. “Then attune your mind to those who have been able to achieve or seem to have produced miracles. Focus on seeing and achieving and experiencing miracles and surround yourself – immerse is a better word in that energy and those thoughts and you will reflect, resonate, experience miracles. That is manifesting. Aloha!

Miracle made to order

Today’s Miracle surfaced quickly in the news feed: Missing hiker rescued after she was spotted by passenger on a train. Source:

“It’s incredible she survived,” DeAnne Gallegos, a spokesperson for the San Juan County OEM, said of the hiker. “She had no food, very little water, no other survival gear. She only had shorts and a tank top and survived in 20-something degree weather.”


Continuing this thread with an example of current events being processed in the dream time. Compare with the current event: Link.

The Dream is non-sequential because I am aware of varying scenes happening at the same time:

I am both participant and observer. There has been a presentation and I noticed the woman who was recording left with her recorder as soon as it was done. Now the group with the police officer is conducting their own promotion part and pontificating and such.

I am walking in an area around the pool because I am so frustrated with the actions of the officer. I am wearing my black jeans and a shirt and no bra but that is not obvious. I could have said to him that I was treated nicer when I was thinner. And that may also play into it.

I am standing at the back of a seated group for a significant presentation. It is a small room. The men in suits who might also be politicians have been speaking. I don’t know what they are saying. One man in uniform was a policeman. He moved toward me to a cabinet midway through the room that is [now] my apartment. He says something like, “You know what I don’t like?” and then pushed the African or Indigenous rain stick on the floor. I tell him it belongs to my husband.

He is a musician. He likes instruments. This is odd to hear myself saying this because he is not a working musician, but he does enjoy music. I ask, “Is it about the instrument or the people who made it?”  I tell him I am disappointed because police in the past have helped me when I was attacked. His smile is like a smirk. Then say I can see you don’t give a shit about that. What you have done is destruction of property. Your actions are disappointing. I can write about everyone here but you. None of the men said anything or made any effort to apologize for the bulling actions of the officer.

Scene change. I see an attractive woman who has short reddish blond hair. Standing beside her, waist deep in the water – the reporter/woman who left the room in a hurry. She is dry and going to put her head underwater (I also seem to know her as a child) at the pool. She is explaining to me that she wants to go underwater to see if the image of the butterfly the officer gave her can be reproduced. I don’t think that is possible because he may have simply given her a pleasant image as a distraction. She has put the computer along the shore and someone else also left their computer by the edge. They will be dry there.

I return, hovering over the group of men, seeing them surprised and frustrated. They discovered the empty space where the woman had been recording them. The woman left (and went to the pool) when she determined the important interaction with the public was over. She was in a hurry. That meant none of their (propaganda) pontificating, patting themselves on the back and posturing was recorded. I find it amusing to see there is payback for the officer’s actions. Ironically, his fabrication to her caused that disruption for his group. 

Marking time

Guides. Insight – Precog – in progress now. Precursor to increases in geomagnetic activity and other external resonating indicators of civil unrest.

Journal 3.28.22 – My guides are offering an overview of the current timeline. These insights are metaphorical and literal. I sometimes don’t see the correlation until months or even years have passed.

“And now is the time for all good men – something (intended to be vague) is happening overseas – and it will change the dynamic of the universe – as such there are other dimensions that will factor in and what you consider to be reality will be completely unrecognizable in the very near future. What has been will be considered nostalgia and belong to another time but that is hard to describe as what happens is each is locked into his own personal vision of what was and what is. The new paradigm offers a different view of the whole with less diversity. And that is how it works. Let it play out and you will understand why that is so.

Less land and more water. Those who are on the front lines are swept into the sea. The tide has turned and that which is considered an outlaw or illegal is not enforceable. No one will live near the shoreline as it is too unstable. There is a major eruption that changes everything. The timing is designed to shift what is happening now and create an even playing field. Lots to contemplate.”

Nostalgia wasn’t that long ago – “On the Edge” is a 52-minute documentary that features former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Jane Goodall, Ted Turner, Lester Brown, Oren Lyons, Huston Smith, and Carl Sagan who met in San Francisco for the first State of the World Forum in 1995. 

About: Douglas Gillies, attorney and facilitator, is the author of 101 Cool Ways to Die and Prophet—the Hatmaker’s Son. The Life of Robert Muller. His award-winning documentary “On the Edge” addresses the state of the world. Website.


Guides. My nightlights help me to see a new way of being empowered in the world.       

Energy Healing Vision: I see a combination of blue light blending into the white/yellow/gold light. There is a joining and that is creativity. Healing or light calling back to center – destruction to create. Joining and then dispersing.

Detachment, allowing – trust. All is one and that is healing. Allowing that which is needed to be introduced and then accepted. No words – simply energy recognizing the deficit and adding the element needed for wholeness. Allow all is well and so it is. Aloha! Regenerative restoration for health.


Guides. They tell me to keep my thoughts pure and positive because there is going to be a divergence and that which is light will call all those light beings together and those who lack light will remain uncollected.

No worries. This is beyond fathoming because humans do not think this way but energy is transformative and in the process of upgrading. Like a reboot or a defrag and it is just that simple and amazing to behold but you will live through this astonishing moment.

Tell the grandkids… all who are arriving in the light. The world was once a hostile place – and that has been reconciled as the greater good is welcoming this system into the fold and that which is no longer reflective has been antiquated and, in some fashion, repurposed. There will be signs as this process ensues. Look to the light. All is well.

I was given an unfamiliar word I believed to be a location. It sounded like the name of a character in a show I watched called Deep Space 9. I am told this is a warning about an upcoming Catastrophic event. I spelled it in the way it sounded to me: ‘Keerson – Kir-sawn‘ and tried to find a reference in the news. None existed until a few days later.

10.22.22 Headlines began referencing military actions related to Kherson. CNBC. How will this play out? The 10.29.22 BBC update. Link.

The clock is ticking, as it has for previous civilizations who are so far removed from us in the timeline that we can only speculate at what life might have been like, the beauty of their landscape and what visitors from the stars revealed.

One of the most profound visionary encounters of my life involved a being who appeared to me, standing on a threshold at the entry to a doorway. He was so amazing I can hardly describe how beautiful I thought him to be.

We stood inches apart, eye to eye. His eyes looked Human but his face was covered in fine, tiny, iridescent feathers. He was a different being. The detail was exquisite. No words between us. We just stood there staring at each other. Or maybe it was more me staring at him. I sensed he was allowing me to see him.

I could step through the doorway to follow him but it was my feeling that I might not be able to return if I did that. So I stood there staring at him and we smiled at each other. I didn’t see his teeth. It wasn’t that kind of smile. I was mesmerized, having never encountered anything like him.

Too much time has passed. I don’t remember how it ended. I remember the longing for a second encounter. The presence was real and the contact so powerful I felt I had been given a chance to see a being few know about. It showed me the existence of others beyond our ability to explain or to reconcile.

The image of the Birdman is my favorite – A reminder of the Bird Tribes.

The only thing that might be related is being told I was a starseed and subsequently, or within that same timeframe, reading Ken Carey’s material, including Return of the Bird Tribes, Amazon. If you are not familiar with his writing, this interview is a good resource. Link.

We are not alone in our Universe. Wherever they originate, others can and do visit.

North American Indigenous Prophecies

North American Indian Prophecies
, by Lee Brown (1986). Talked delivered at the 1986 Continental Indigenous Council, Tanana Valley Fairgrounds, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Excerpt: You know, one time the scientist came to the Hopis and they said, “We want to take a piece of the stone tablets.” They said “We want to take the stone tablets to a scientific laboratory to determine how old they are.” The Hopis said, “We know how old they are”. Well, the scientists said, “We want to confirm it.” Well, the Hopis let them take a little piece, and they did that by the carbon dating method.

They found these tablets were at least 10,000 years old, maybe 50,000. So when I say, “Thousands of years ago, there were Native people that spoke of these things,” that’s exactly what I mean. They told their children and thousands of years ago, their children grew up and told their children, and then their children grew up and told their children. And they spoke about the people that will live in this time.

And now it is us. We are the ones they spoke of long ago. They say to be alive, to come into creation and to live upon the earth at this time is a great honor.

In the cycle of time, from the beginning to the end, this time we are in now will change the purification of all things. They say this is the hardest time to live, but it is also the greatest honor to be alive to live and see this. (Published in BAHA’I INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE, No. 324 /15 September 1994). Source.

Hopi Prophecy. Emergence to the 5th World.

Excerpt: The prophecy also warns that there will be three divisions among the Hopi The first division was in 1906 between the Traditionalists and the Modernists. The Traditionalists were forced to leave Oraibi and move to Hotevilla. The second division took place in the wake of the spectacular appearance of UFOs in August, 1970. Source.

Shadow dance

I believe life is designed to be a wonder filled mystery. We experience it from every angle through multiple lifetimes. Answers are relative and unique to the individual. Unknowns are the spice in the program. None are exempt from the core challenge of learning how to love. It can be is easy as remembering. Miracles happen.

And the Sun is smiling. Link.

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