Connecting with the ineffable Source. Psychic Arthur Ford on Meditation“To one long accustomed to the humdrum orientation of the materialistic world, it may not at first “feel right.” But gradually, from the mists there emerges some individual, personalized variation of the greatest story ever told by man and through him – a cosmic serial story, forever adding new installments.” Unknown But Known: My Adventure into the Meditative DimensionAmazon.

Surfing the mindscape

Rats have rhythm. And they dance. The Guardian.

More human by the day. Teaching AI to sleep. Vice.

Wormhole caught on film? On July 14 at 4 a.m. an elliptical hole appeared in the cloud cover above and expanded to one-quarter of a mile. Meanwhile, the instruments recorded a huge spike in radiation at 43.37 MeV. (The average was 2 MeV). Inside the egg-shaped hole, 53 white UAPs glowed, each between 35 to 50 feet wide. Then the hole closed with such abnormal swiftness, Knuth calculated that clouds would be moving 750 mph. Rawstory.

Preparing for what comes next. After ET discovery. A research hub to ponder the eventuality. Vice. So – when the discovery is made that there is indeed life ‘out there’ what next. “…we need to go beyond thinking about the impact on humanity. We need to coordinate our expert knowledge not only for assessing the evidence but also for considering the human social response, as our understanding progresses and what we know and what we don’t know is communicated.”  Source. SETI.

Alternate Perceptions Magazine. Those TARDIS type UFOs. Mary concluded, “Like the Tardis, I think this craft may have been a portal which stretched dimensions, allowing an external dimension to be embedded within our normal 3-dimensional reality.” Link.

  • ~ Prepare to be blown away by the Ingo Swann material in this publication by Daz Smith.

    “Well, what do you think about all this Bob? Likely to get us drug off to an insane asylum. Imagine having conversations with ETs on the Moon!” Ingo Swann speaking to Bob Durant, Page 35.

    Eight Martinis – Issue 18 – Penetration – Beyond Limitations: This issue features reprints of seminal articles by Ingo Swann from 1992 and 1993. These are on the topics of Remote Viewing and ET’s UAP’s. Link.

    “It also includes a background article by Daz Smith which supplies research to a project that until now has remained unpublished. This includes a full Remote Viewing transcript with Ingo Swann as the Remote Viewer as he goes back to the Moon in 1999, over twenty years after his previous explorations for the ‘Penetration’ Book – and what he now finds there.”
  • ~ Current, ongoing and archived UFO news. Subscribe to UFOB. YouTube.

    About: “The UFOB platform serves 40K people on Social Media. We are convinced that a non-human Intelligence is here. This channel is not monetized. All Emails will be answered. We are based in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands.UFO Playlists. Link.
  • ~ Preparing for Contact, Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, an updated version from the one I have. “An inside look at the ET contact experience is given, including what the human consciousness experiences during contact and how our perceptions of reality change as we meet with beings from other worlds.Amazon.

    [In the book I have, this information is referenced on page 6.] This is one of 7 major ideas suggested for those who are interested in Preparing for Contact, A Metamorphosis of Consciousness, Amazon (my version)

    5. Confront your fears: “We are talking about fears that your unconscious mind is living with. Your conscious mind/ego protects you from knowing about these fears.”

Grandmother’s books

I have some of my Grandmother’s books in my library. A couple of days ago, my Aunt offered to give me several more. Treasured for more than their content, her books are filled with notes, scribbled along the margins. Important passages are underlined. This book is an unexpected gem.

Synchronicity. This information was a total surprise. Intending to mention her books and share some information, I opened to a random page about auras and took a picture. It was upside down. I repositioned the photo, then I read it. And read it again. I managed to open to the exact paragraph that talks about a humanoid ET encounter.

Master Guide to Psychism, Harriet A. Boswell, Amazon.

Inter-Dimensional Beings

Advice I appreciated and have continued to expand on: When gaining access to awareness of greater reality it is good to know all that can be seen has been present prior to any upgrade in awareness. My challenge is to become comfortable traveling between the known and the unknown to allow that which resonates (regardless of my initial interpretation) or interacts has purpose and/or a message. Response determines the direction and the rate of progress.

Visuals are overrated. The ETs – Transdimensionals I was working with at the time (accompanied by my guides) offered a suggestion but, in retrospect, I did not understand how it applied. They told me I needed to lose my fear. I assured them I had overcome many frightening encounters (some life threatening) and could keep my cool if that were required.

Testing 1.2.3. At 3 am, the unseen entity visited my bedroom. The simple act of hearing it say my name was terrifying. I can’t explain it. There was something undefinable about the resonance – frequency – vibration of the sound. It created immediate discord. Flabbergasted. I could no more have anticipated that response because I had previously sensed a non-threatening presence. I requested they let me see them. They said they did not want to frighten me as my fear response could be an issue.

So – with this example – triggering an auto-pilot fear response, they provided a demonstration to help me understand the barrier. That sound was amazing. Why it was so frightening was due to something that sounded incredibly foreign and mechanical in tone. There was no time to think. The automatic physical repulsion resulting from the sound sent an immediate shock wave through my body. From feet to head. I froze.

Something about that instant wave of shock was also interesting because of the way the jolt traveled. It started at my feet and traveled through my body to my head. Curious.

And therein lies the conflict. In the moment that jolt hit, my intuitive senses were disrupted. I couldn’t stop what the sound had triggered. Incredibly frustrating because they had proved how very right they were. Fear they referred to isn’t at the level of conscious awareness. It is the fight or flight – auto-pilot protection mechanism designed to keep us safe.

The transdimensionals/ETs are suggesting the need to evolve beyond our innate survival programming to adapt to a higher plane of awareness in order to prepare for contact with others who are so foreign to our frequency they trigger security alarms with their presence.

Not to imply my experience is standard, it is simply an example of how I have learned to navigate the unseen – ever-presence and the challenges that have been laid out for me. Each has very unique talents and hurdles to access when navigating the path.

They (the beings) were amused. I could hear it in our telepathic interaction, “We told you, you need to work on your fear.” In my experience, their overall demeanor is gentle and patient, allowing our need for a learning curve to master our dragons – real and imagined.

That experience taught me we can be totally oblivious to the presence of all that fails to register in our visual range and defies our methods of photography. They can be (if they allow for it) intuitively sensed and they speak to us telepathically. We are challenged to expand and improve our telepathic and PSI abilities. While some are able to tap into this awareness effortlessly, others can advance with practice.

Consciousness continues to evolve. We can and are learning to see and sense more than we have been taught about our PSI abilities and will, in time, develop the acceptance required to relate to unfathomable others with whom we are currently stuck in fight or flight mode.

“As long as the formless and breathtaking freedom of the beyond remain frightening to us, we will continue to dream a hologram for ourselves that is comfortably solid and well defined.” Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe, Amazon.

Hidden in plain view - half in and half out of our reality. Interdimensional Sasquatch. "I am here. You don't see me." [PSI, telepathic prompt to take the picture here.]

Interdimensional Sasquatch

Board Camp Crystal Mine, Mena, Arkansas

Opening the mind and the senses to allow for greater awareness takes practice … beyond what the eyes can see, multiple (countless) beings have been walking alongside us all along. Indigenous elders have spoken of this. We continue to grow and know more.

Check your fear in the OBE state, what might first appear somewhat unsettling has been there all along. Resolve to lose fear and walk on. When possible, ask for a guide to walk with you.

“Learn to see, and then you’ll know that there is no end to the new worlds of our vision.” Carlos Castaneda


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