Never mind what you left behind; keep in mind what you are yet to find.Ghana Proverb, Where the Wind Wills, D. Flower

Voices in the night

11.26.22 – 3:45 AM.

Not awake but not fully asleep. I hear muffled words and think it must be the dream. More words and this time it is clearly a conversation happening outside the house. I get up and take a walk through the house – turning on the outside lights and checking the exterior perimeter – the sky is crystal clear – stars sparkling like diamonds.

I don’t see anything. Maybe the guy next door is out on the roof, talking on his phone. Sound carries. I have more of Grandmother’s books to read but decide to go back to sleep.

  • In the dream, I am seated across from two young girls at a card table. We appear to be the same age. I ask if they have traveled out of body (because I have and it is interesting and fun). The response I am given in return says it all. Their bodies stiffen and the judgement expressed in that posture requires no words. Disapproval. The message conveyed is, NO. And we don’t talk about stuff like that. I feel the disappointment reflected in my body. Their minds are closed.

This is a reflection from childhood and the inner child. If I allow it as a literal view, at that point in my life it was hard to find people my own age who explored their own existence. Most focused on gaining attention and approval of specific peer groups, clubs, and organizations, or mimicking adults and adhering to social standards requiring specific behavior for community approval.

The perspective in the dream is a reflection of a reaction I grew accustomed to. Disapproval. I experienced disappointment at their dismissal of a practice that lead me to spiritual freedom and discovery, but that didn’t stop me. Things happened to me that suggested the consensus definition of our reality was incomplete.

Gradually, over time, I jettisoned my concern regarding external judgement by my peer group and moved on. The dream was a moment in reflection for me to chart my progress.

Reading Grandmother’s books, consulting with her Spirit, I realize the dream scenario also reflects her experiences and a piece of her emotional history. She was ahead of her time, isolated from a peer group that could validate her metaphysical views but that didn’t stop her. She was a gifted, self-taught astrologer.

Her presence is extremely strong with my Aunt and has been since she died, but she is also visiting me for a time. Reconnecting with her now, reading her notes, dreaming, co-creating. So much more to know. I continue to learn. Fascinating.

Grandmother at Uncle Don’s in Twin Lakes, Colorado.

The photo is one I took when I traveled with Grandmother to visit her brother in Colorado and one of her favorite photos.

In my teens at the time, there was a dream prior to our trip that I told her about. She had some initial concerns because it spooked her, so she talked it over with my mother. Because of that, I remember the dream. It almost made her cancel the trip.

I dreamed I was driving her car in Colorado and we went off the road into the air. It wasn’t an accident – it just left the road as we traveled around a curve on a mountain.

She decided the dream was not a prophetic dream. It wasn’t. For me – this was a chance to travel off the beaten path, exploring new horizons.


Self Refreshment

You, the dreamer, designed a key as a cue to awaken.
That key remains on task until you are ready to claim it.

Entire lifetimes pass as you evolve your knowing to
Awaken… and forget…

When you identify the key, the spell is broken and remembering begins.
It’s all in the timing.

Empowered, the potential of the key is limitless.
The key is your ‘get out of jail free’ card.

Is this the lifetime of remembering or forgetting?
You are the key.

Turkey Symbolism. Abundance.




This wonderful turkey is an occasional escapee, seen at one of the parks we visit. He escapes and the dog who lives with him follows. The owner said it is a team effort.

The dog watches the turkey. When the turkey gets out, the dog goes too. Both are quite entertaining when they make their spontaneous jail break. The turkey is a special breed, called Royal Palm.


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