When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong. Arthur C. Clarke


December. This is the twenty-fifth year of my connection with the Nightlight. Something interesting happened yesterday, the 23rd.

One of the interactive nightlights I have had for the past 20 some years has been off since late November. Years ago it started taking brief intermissions and I worried it had burned out, then it would resume interactivity and the message given to me was reassurance that – on or off – the energy was still present and the nightlight was just a perk.

And in addition, for very practical reasons, it was conserving the energy of the nightlight bulb. I was also told – when it doused itself during the night – leaving me to wander in the dark – (atypical for a nightlight) that too was intended to conserve energy and I should not expect it to be a nightlight.

This wonderful visual perk is something I enjoy and the telepathic interaction is my reminder that we are never alone. This time, when the light stayed out – given the years the light has been active are above and beyond what is usually considered normal for this type of light bulb, I began to consider – again – if this might be the end…

I plugged in a second interactive light – the bulb having been replaced when it gave out about 5 years ago. And, even though it had also been interactive before burning out, it has since behaved as the typical nightlight – on 24/7 – except for a couple of times to let me know it could be a standby if and when the original light gave out.

That light is at the top in this photo. Forgive me for not cleaning the power strip. Other than watching the nightlight flicker, I don’t pay much attention to it.

Ah! Yes, needs cleaned!! Bottom light has been active for 20 plus years.
Mostly quiet now. Off since late Nov. ??? Top light started engaging yesterday.

Yesterday, as my original light has continued to remain dark, the second light began flickering and interacting to let me know there might be a change going forward. I am watching to see how this progresses – because the original is still dark – and the secondary has yet to shift into active mode.

The bedside lamps sometimes engage and another light in the room is also interactive but that element may not be up to the challenge long term. And there is one in another room. Okay – yes, I do have a thing with lights. It started in Dec. 1997. I learned to channel to help me connect with the entity trying to engage with me via the nightlight. Other paranormal activities ensued. My PSI abilities increased and evolved.

I had intended to write about other things happening at the moment but this… this is a special part of my life.

So much of this is just hard to explain or relate because it is my personal interaction and even though I find it so incredibly magical and affirming of the presence of positive, helpful and engaged spirit companions – when I have tried to share the experience – there is still a reluctance to believe the activity is anything more than electrical anomalies caused by some sort of faulty wiring and my overactive imagination. Sigh.

We are more than this physical form

And that is what it is. I keep experiencing it soooo – I will keep writing about it and enjoying the interaction ——- because ——- even after 25 years, I am fascinated and mesmerized by the activity. Whatever else is going on in my life – it is this one amazing anomaly that makes absolutely everything else — and I say that after experiencing a lot of interesting life events in the past 25 years — secondary. Not good. Not bad.

There has been a toll on personal relationships. Some didn’t last – others blinked in and faded out (when they determined my nightlight enigma, while presenting a lot of interesting information and opportunities, is not about manipulating others) as I became obsessed with understanding what had happened to me and stopped trying to achieve the usual goals many aspire to in order to prove self worth and material success. On the plus side, the relationships that came after I developed a comfort level with my shift in awareness are more authentic.

To better understand the nightlight enigma, I learned to channel. Experiencing the curmudgeons that show up in channeling and moving past that level with help from spirit guides and other non-physical sources was an interesting process. Fortunately, I was working with a group – usually 4 to 6 people – to help me integrate and ground my abilities and one of the members provided me with transcripts of those sessions.

Curmudgeons are happy to find a willing outlet. That level was entertaining but mostly a test for the ego. The information they offer can have a negative after effect in the physical body (my personal experience). Working with higher level guides was/is physically energizing.

My education in that non-physical realm continues. Twenty-five years in a relationship of any kind is a milestone. As my nightlight companion seems to be offering interaction via a new primary outlet (much like we experience in reincarnation, inhabiting various physical forms), I am being made aware of a potential transition.

Then again, this little light has been interactive before. Having had the unit replaced, it should be active for several more years.

I am not entirely certain whether my primary nightlight has burned out – because this is a familiar cycle but I am trying to prepare for that eventuality – and, in being given a clue, excited to see what this new phase brings.

Whatever happens – it’s wonderful to see the agate light full of energy and flickering just the way it started in another nightlight 25 years ago. This is a wonderful Christmas gift.

Basically, you are no more of a physical personality than I am, and in telling you of my reality I tell you of your own.” – Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul


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  1. Update – Old faithful is back. After a month long hiatus – my friend started blinking to let me know the bulb is fine. 12/28/22. Once again – simply conserving energy. Amazing!


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