Ready and not, Change happens – Precog Anomaly, Atlantis, UFOs, Comics, etc.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”Lao Tzu

Spirit Guides stir the pot

This morning, as I sometimes do, I asked what might be helpful for me to know.

I am not usually thrown a wild curve like this – but – this is a curve. The vision is quick – I see the face of a man wearing a ghillie suit.

There is no doubt about the attire because I hear that phrase as I see the image. At first, I thought he was wearing dark glasses, then I realized the eyes had black makeup. Then it was gone. The accompanying insight was that our tech is advancing too fast and there will be counter measures to disrupt that timeline.

Interesting coincidence? Precog? – 2 hours later, I experienced a technical difficulty. That tech snafu disrupted the daily routine for the entire corporation.

[Update: Later in the day I learned more about the outage. Link.]

Add a root canal and my day was complete!

Bird site alternative

Update: Post is now live and open to subscribers.

This link is to my information and it will invite you to create a post/join. That will allow you to see more content. So far, it’s a nice space with less drama/trauma and no ads. Beta had 300,000 working out the kinks. 600,000 were added from the wait list. And more continue to join – expanding the content with each new addition.

Outstanding – Story of Atlantis you’ve never heard

Visions of Atlantis: Reclaiming our Lost Ancient Legacy, Amazon (affiliate link) – Author, Michael Le Flem. Check out the podcast. Michael Le Flem interview. Link.

Editorial Review: “Michael’s passion for Atlantis is infectious. This is a very sensible and grounded introduction to the reality of that prehistoric world.” – Sean Stone, author of New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism

A History teacher, Michael does a deep dive, connecting conventional aspects with esoteric material to masterfully fills the gaps from previous accounts. Adding channeled information offers a unique framework for inclusion of previously unconnected races as benefiting from the Atlanteans [and possibly earlier civilizations] lost to our history.

Personally, I was so captivated by the inclusion of Frederick Oliver‘s channeled content that I am now reading his (monster) work.

Reader Review: Jana E Dixon, 5.0 out of 5 stars Phenomenal Herculean Exegesis on the Enigma of Atlantis

“I am just starting Michael Le Flem’s epic book on Atlantis and I must write a review right off the bat. I am so excited to have Michael’s full spectrum eyes to peer into the murky waters of history. I study the post orthodox science of planetary and hominid history and have tomes of notes on the subject…but not not before “Visions of Atlantis” did I feel I could piece it all together. Michael is a meticulous, consummate (non dry) academician. This book is mystical visionary dreamtime poetry, a history and foreign language lesson, and a road into the cosmic catastrophe and even solar cycle impact on planetary history and human chronicles. This has never been done before and it will help synthesize everyone else’s work on the subject and reignite the archetypal imagination. This book is a university course in itself. I congratulate the author on this epic achievement.”

Robert Schoch: Our Civilization is a RestartYouTube. This researcher also challenges the conventional timeline of Earth History and offers a perspective that dates the presence of earlier civilizations at 12,000 BCE. The culprit for their demise? Solar Outburst. 

Here, there, and everywhere – the ET enigma

  • UFO – Group of ufologists have strange encounter in Argentina, by: Albert S. Rosales

“Those present looked in the direction she was pointing and saw approaching from the coast, at very slow speed, a small very luminous greenish object, which had apparently emerged from the water. The bright green light then stopped to hover about 40m from the ground under a large tree.” This story takes an incredible turn. Alternate Perceptions Magazine

  • ETs and Us

The Observer Magazine on Substack. Pascagoula highlight:

“But under deep hypnosis once, I discovered something that still gives me chills,” Hickson says. “There were people on that spaceship—living beings in another compartment. They never came in there where we were. And I’m telling you, they looked almost like us.” (emphasis added)

Experiencer stories are worth sharing to compare common elements of high strangeness.

  • This Disney nugget was ahead of the curve, addressing UFOs and Alien Abductions. Followed by d-e-c-a-d-e-s of denial … A refresh. And here we are
    … still treading obfuscation on the … contact/abduction aspect.

This film is a gem. Lots of interesting information to glean from the available events of the day. Hindsight validates the existence of an ensuing disinformation campaign. Fact, fantasy, fiction. The web remains tangled. Experiencers are key to unraveling the threads.

“the weird cousin of true crime”

Heads up. This substack project evolved into a cool comic. Content is “Based on the original accounts because the original accounts are so much weirder, so much more interesting. They contradict themselves in 10 places and all that, but they feel closer to something real and mysterious.” – James Tynion IV

Issue #1 (out of 5) of Blue Book goes on sale from Dark Horse Comics Wednesday, Feb. 22. Each installment ends with an additional one-shot housed under the umbrella of “True Weird Presents…” Forbes.


  • The push is on to provide cultivated meat. Imagine – a world without kill pens and slaughter houses. Huge change – meat product minus antibiotics – what about the farmers? What happens to the animals now raised for consumption? The Guardian.
  • Explanation for that cool spiral in the sky over Hawaii. Gizmodo.
  • This firecracker is a supernova. Space.
  • 8 NDEs. His insight?  “For me, it’s like being a kid at Disneyland. Someone says: “You’ve got two days. Enjoy all the rides, do whatever you want, but while you’re here just try to look after everyone else and contribute something good to the park.” Newsweek.
  • Writers blogging their book journey together: Nexus: A Neo Novel
  • “From a connection with the centre of their being, the Nexus, each person struggles to expand on an area where they need to grow. Most importantly, as experiences awaken empathy they realize they are not alone in their suffering.Blog
  • The latest Missing 411 offers details in the show description on an upcoming Alaska Bigfoot Cruise, Sept 4- Sept 11, 2023. Link.

Thank you for the reminder of how easy it can be to make a positive impact in the lives of those who cohabit this beautiful planet with us.


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