Oh, so brief, our visit here…make time to wonder… enjoy your play

“Our physical science, equipped to deal only with the physical, will never be able to cope with the paraphysical.” – J.B. Rhine, founder of the field of parapsychology

Art Reveal

Due credit and deviation from the conventional ‘name it and claim it’ storyline. She owns this piece of art history.

Hilma af Klint: Biography, exhibition and film due in 2023.

“She developed a vocabulary of triangles, squares, circles and spirals before Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich declared themselves the inventors of abstraction.”

Swedish mystic hailed as the true pioneer of abstract art. Link.

Kandinsky – Delicate Tension – 1923 Public Domain

“The stereotype is usually that psychic mediums are charlatans who like to take your money, and it’s all a carnival. But what I found in Lily Dale was really the opposite,” Taggart said. Photographing Lily Dale – Spiritualist enclave. Link.

Enter the Paranormal Rabbit Hole: Reddit. You have been warned. Happy trails!

When Legends come to life

Malcom shared this story on his blog – about a life changing encounter in the making of The Turtle and the Shark.

I followed up on the school website: The Samoan legend of “The Turtle and the Shark” holds that when certain villagers sing a special chant at the Samoan cliffs of Vaitogi, a turtle and a shark will appear in the ocean water below. A BYU student documentary actually captures the event on video.

“Seeing the turtle and the shark was an amazing experience,” said Jason Knapp, a half-Samoan BYU student featured in the documentary. “The feeling that I had was intense. I had tingles throughout my whole body.”

The animated documentary is posted on Vimeo.

UFOs and Humanoids, Fish, and AI

  1. UFO Researcher Preston Dennett has a new video = 12 True Cases. Encounters with Humanoids. Late in the presentation is a fun one. Kid perspective on going through the door...with the aliens, says he likes to stay in between and look at the ‘colored’ balls. Disappointed when the ETs tell him not to linger because it is dangerous.

More cases to follow up with on Preston’s YouTube Channel.

2. Something Fishy – Computer game crashed during a recent livestream of a fish playing the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Violet, giving the fish access to the console’s dashboard… You can imagine what happened next. Link.

3. Real and Unreal – there is no thin line. Deepfake AI. “My colleagues and I found that people perceived GAN faces to be even more real-looking than genuine photos of actual people’s faces. While it’s not yet clear why this is, this finding does highlight recent advances in the technology used to generate artificial images.” Link.

Dad’s last laugh – Bigfoot

Discovered in deceased father’s video collection. “On one tape there is a 9 second clip, bit strange, shows some type of dark figure moving across the road, we’ve isolated the 9 seconds of footage, the rest of the tape was blank.”

“We asked mum what she knew about this tape, she said that all she knew was that dad and a few friends saw it and caught it on tape, and that it was filmed years ago in the 1970s somewhere in California when he was in his twenties.

Vintage UFO

‘From Beyond’ – Part 1 of 4 from a a vintage UFO Documentary. Clips of UFOlogist Marc Davenport speaking on how craft warp space-time. “Time is not linear, in fact it doesn’t exist”…….“it’s an artifact of our consciousness”

Podcast – Wendy’s Coffeehouse

“Whether you believe Grey aliens exist or not, or don’t really care, you’d better sit up and take notice of what Nigel Kerner has to say in his astonishing thesis. Kerner has a keen intellect and well-honed research skills.” – Louis Proud (Nexus Magazine)

Nigel Kerner died in 2022. I interview two of Nigel’s colleagues, Danielle Silverman worked with Nigel on research. Professor John Biggerstaff joined Nigel for many of his interviews. They offer perspective on Nigel’s work. His work, and the conclusions he offers? Fascinating.

AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there” be great companies.” –Sam Altman

Website: http://nigelkerner.com/

Communing with WildlifeLive Cams – Owls

The bridge was built to cross … lead, play in the space in between, follow. Explore and know more.

“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”George Bernard Shaw


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