St. Valentine’s Day heart works – a love note – from somewhere out of time

Guardian Angels, when required, take whatever form is needed to do the job. From dimensions outside of clock time, their influence can be meted out via unbound form. Spanning incarnations and centuries. Infinite beyond fathom – the reach – and love – of Guardian Angels.

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Shifting … sorting … real and unreal

There have been several time anomalies over the past few days.

In the alarm mode, my phone has been switching the activation setting back and forth from swipe to button. Andy woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday when he heard his phone ring. Not the actual phone – but the same sound – in his ear. He mentioned it then next morning.

Friday night, it was my turn. I had the same experience. A single ring from my phone woke me up at about 3am. Loud, in my ear. I got up to find my phone because I forgot I had set it down near the back door.

Later that morning. At 8a, as I was working, the light beside my computer started surging. (The nightlights do this.)

In sync with the light, Jack barked in the other room. The light continued to surge so I looked to see what might need my attention. This is the book I had on my second computer screen as the light surged. (I work with multiple screens.)

Something is happening. I am not sure if I can track it down. I checked the headlines and my email, then the phone. I found a message from my aunt saying I missed a video call at 7:30a. Not her time to be up and not a normal message for her to send me. I texted her to say I would connect later. At 8:30a – the light burned out – in sync with Jack entering the room.

My aunt later informed me her phone woke her up out of a sound sleep – oddly vibrating on the bedside table. She thought I called her. But the call originated on her end.

Speed bump

We made plans to connect on Saturday. During that time, I experienced something reminiscent of an encounter with black pearls at a gem show in 2009. An intense energy drain – in a certain crowded location – and intense heart pain. Having been through that before and learning more about gem stones and my physical reaction to various stones, I knew how to adjust.

It took a little over 24 hours to clear. This little anomaly might have helped. Sunday morning, Feb. 12, I got a wayward text. It was a reminder from our veterinarian for an appointment on Feb. 14 for a dog named Max. My dog named Max died in 2007. He had never been to that vet. Here is the text.

Max has an appointment Tues Feb 14 at 7:45 am

Max was my guardian angel. Before he came to live with me, my guides gave me a prompt. They said ‘the other is coming’…

Max was the companion I never knew I needed. In 1998. I was thrilled with my newly discovered nightlight connection. But there was another part of me that had yet to heal from an unrecognized residual trauma. Only after Max arrived did I realize his presence allowed me to sleep through the night without startling. I had gradually normalized a PTSD response from a break-in that happened in 1988. Max helped me to feel safe enough to let that go.

This is Max with his very best friends, Magic the golden and Chloe the cat – who considered herself to be a dog and adored both of them. She is nestled alongside Magic’s leg.

Subtle Influence

Also relevant is an item I flagged and researched during this time: Picnic at Hanging Rock. Based upon the original movie. I bookmarked the updated series and we watched it Sunday.

Excerpted from The True Story Behind Picnic at Hanging Rock: “A biography of the author, some years later, revealed that the first draft of the book originally included a final chapter that explained the disappearances.”

“It is acknowledged that the crack in the rock is a time warp, and that the missing girls are in another dimension.” Source.

Not so fast …

Update – yet another secret to reveal

As it turns out, that might not be the real ‘secret’

The posthumous reveal, 2016: The Secret of Hanging Rock includes 3 commentaries. Two are a mundane and tidy fit, in line with conventional mindset.

Curious about the Indigenous perspective, the third commenter was my inspiration for buying that small booklet. What a fantastic surprise! I was thrilled to find he suggests an entirely different [totally unconventional] interpretation to explain the mysterious events and account for those who remain missing.

The commenter is Mudrooroo, Colin Johnson. Deceased, 2019. Obit. “He was the premier Indigenous poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, and academic of the generation that created Aboriginal literature and an Aboriginal rights movement in Australia.” Continued. Link.

His take and substantiation for it is entirely unique. Given my extensive study of UFO experiencers and related paranormal content – it is a perfect fit for my library. Incidentally, it was the very last interpretation I expected to find. But I am so happy to see it because – with his commentary – the explanation exists as entirely plausible while remaining surreptitiously cloaked for those who would discount the story and the author if that element had been introduced.

Time is … and … or … not

The time quirk makes this content real for me. In the novel, when they visited the Hanging Rock site, watches stopped at noon. During filming of the original movie, the production crew also had trouble with their watches stopping or failing to keep time. I am fascinated, due to personal experience, by the time enigma and the paranormal time anomalies.

All of that made me want to know more about the author. I followed the link included in the previous source. Having visited Hanging Rock, Joan Lindsay received the material for her book in nightly dreams. Source.

The celebratory date featured in Picnic at Hanging Rock: St. Valentine’s Day. The author’s favorite holiday. The text for Max arrived as we were watching the series and discovering the Valentine’s Day connection.


None of this curious time detour was planned. It seems to have a pattern, a sequence and a theme. At this point I am doing my best to recover all of the elements – dots, tees, and connected eyes, contemplating how the threads have created a pattern suggesting time is extra-dimensional and far more complex than we are able to deconstruct.

Parts are missing or beyond seeing. The orchestra is being conducted from a plane unknown to exist in our realm. (Like that purposefully omitted final chapter.)

In this video interview with Joan Lindsay, YouTube, she says people have asked her to reveal the secret of what happened to the girls. She says the tale is meant to remain unresolved and the point of the story is that an event happened that became like the ripple from a stone thrown into the water. It goes on and continues to affect people and generations.

Adding a wrinkle to the ripple. That was her standard response to keep the hounds at bay. Joan did write an ending. It was deleted. She allowed the story to remain unresolved for a time. The ending, previously written and deleted, was published after her death. Chapter 18. The Secret of Hanging Rock. Link.

The story continues to captivate fans of all ages. Witness the ripple.

Incidentally, from the interview, Joan said she didn’t put much stock in trying to judge time by a person’s age. She wasn’t fond of clocks and watches didn’t work on her. She expressed it as her special gift. She could stop people’s watches simply by sitting beside them.

No missing this paranormal anomaly. There was a spectacular clock incident at the premier of the film in 1975. The clock at the theater stopped at 12 o’clock.

I’ll offer my description of time with an image I have been given. Time is a carrot with a hole in it.

Who sent the valentine text? It was Joan’s favorite holiday. A valentine in appreciation for me liking her work? Or just for fun. We are surrounded by such awesome mysteries. My aunt didn’t send the text message. And my Max is not the Max referenced by the vet text. Someone is having fun. Me too!


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