AC: “What do they look like?” I asked.
“Like you and me. They can look like anyone they like. On this planet they look human. On another they look like the dominant species.”

AC: “Why do you call them the Shining People?” I asked.
“In their true state, they are balls of light. It is only when they assume human form that you see them. Otherwise you are blinded by them. Many people never know they have met them. They see balls of light, not realizing that they are actually living forms.” – p. 148. Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica, Sky People. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Amazon.


1. The logo of the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation shows showed a series of aircraft as well as a UFO. Source. Not so fast __ Turns out this is a bonafide Logo mystery. Link. #UFOTwitter is on the case Link. Stay tuned for the next installment.

2. In 1952, Jack Sarfatti, (UFOs, Warp Drives, Time Travel – 2022, video interview) “now a physicist and designer of a quantum signaling device or God phone that will receive messages from the future, received a phone call when he was thirteen years old that changed his life.” Source.

Apparently his mother put an end to it. “She said I was walking around glassy-eyed. Finally she picked up the phone and listened out of concern for me. She heard the cold mechanical voice. She told it to quit bothering me and stop calling. The calls stopped.”

“Years later, while Jack’s mother, Millie was reading Andrija Puharich’s book URI, she came across the account of Uri Geller’s alleged contact by a conscious computer aboard a spacecraft which mirrored Sarfatti’s experience even to the details.” Continued on the blog. Source. Link for the book, Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, redirects to Uri’s site (free). Direct link.

NOTE I have heard a similar mechanical voice. In my bedroom, early morning. The purpose was to demonstrate my automatic – primal – fear response. Totally unprepared, it worked. They [ETs, trans-dimensionals] explained that – in our nature – we are very fearful and they don’t want to frighten us. Me insisting I would not be afraid – was the trigger for the demonstration. Hearing a mechanical voice bobble my name triggered an immediate response. Chills. They were right. So they persist – working under cover.

3. Paul Smith [longest serving Controlled Remote Viewing teacher from the US Army’s Star Gate program.] 9.27.22 “Next Tuesday’s subject will be alien/extraterrestrial consciousness and how it interacts with us humans and our own native ESP and remote viewing abilities.”Coast to Coast AM.

John Foster – continued from previous post

Eternal knowledge and wisdom and the Indians and buffalo  – 9-16-22

Short Recap for transition: To make a long story short, I was asked to do a “vision quest.” This meant I had to go up on a remote hill located nearby. I was to be totally alone and to put a small circle of rope on the ground around me. I was to stand not sit on the ground within the small rope circle. I was to pray to the “Great Spirit” constantly until I somehow would mysteriously know it was over.

The Indians and the familiar strangers who were there also said that, to be an official vision quest, they had to pray for me in the sweat lodge until I returned from the remote hill.

Resuming the story:

So I did this up on the remote hill. I continuously prayed to the Father of Christ, the creator of our universe. After I had been there for a length of time, I began to hear noises in the trees and brush all around me. And I eventually saw, in a small tree, not more than 15 feet to my southeast, many small lights glowing semi-brilliantly. They were all over the small tree, in the leaves and branches, from top to bottom.

I at first thought the lights were lightning bugs. However, they glowed constantly and more brilliantly. I knew lightning bugs glowed only periodically, somewhat rhythmically. I also had already seen what I at first thought were lightning bugs at our camp down below the remote hill.

As I had been standing with a couple of gals discussing what might be happening, a few small semi-brilliant lights floated right in front of us, not more than six feet away and about four feet above the ground. At one time they were so close, I could have touched them. I at first thought they were lightning bugs, but the girls told me they were the spirits come to accompany us in some way. I then noticed the lights didn’t move like lightning bugs, and they were illuminated continuously, etc.

My suspicions that they might be lightning bugs ended when I was up on the remote hill.  It was after I stared at the lights in the tree for some time that I looked up at the sky above me.

Standing there within my small rope circle, I looked straight up above my head. And I saw a small cloud that seemed strikingly visible. It appeared to be about two to three hundred yards (or so) above me. And it was at least 75 yards (or so) long north to south and a little narrower from east to west. In the center of the cloud was an open space, at least 25 yards north to south, and fully open horizontally from east to west.

And, to my astonishment, I soon saw two semi-bright beams of light shining, it seemed from the north (from inside the north part of the cloud), through the open space, to the south (into the south part of the cloud).

Image Credit: John Foster – 1950

I, at first, thought I was seeing a strange reflection of something shining on the cloud. But I looked closely and I saw it was obviously something inside the north part of the cloud that was shining the two beams of light across the opening into the south part of the cloud. After staring at it for some time, the two beams of light began to move slowly. It seems they rotated slowly. Then, after being somewhat disoriented for a time, I saw a disc-like craft hover and move very slowly into the opening from north to south. And it just hovered there for a time. From that time on I don’t recall any other strange things happening.

Yet, I still periodically heard the sounds in the trees and brush around me, and I still saw the small semi-brilliant lights in the small tree. The sounds were distinct and somewhat loud.

I stood there for some time and finally decided that this might be the end of my vision quest. So I picked up my rope and slowly walked down the hill, where I found everyone had already gone to bed. They had closed up the sweat lodge and put out the fire. So I soon crawled into my old Dodge van and went to sleep. It seemed unusual that the others would go to sleep before my vision quest was complete.

The next morning when everyone woke up, I asked the others why they hadn’t stayed in the sweat lodge until I finished my vision quest. And they told me, because I had been up on the remote hill too long; they could no longer stay awake. They said my vision quest took much longer than most. They also added, while I was up on the remote hill, they had seen very mysterious small light clouds moving inside the small sweat lodge. And during their breaks, as they were stretching and relaxing outside, they looked up into the sky and saw large streaks of luminous color moving across the sky, similar to the Aurora Borealis. But they said it seemed closer and different in some way I don’t recall.

It then seemed obvious I had experienced a time loss during my vision quest up on the hill. I estimate it occurred between the time I saw the two beams of light moving in the open area of the cloud until I saw the metallic disc or saucer with two headlights.

This was in the very early 1990s and I was not in very good physical shape because of my bad heart. I had my first heart attacks and first surgery when I was 51 years old, in late winter of 1988. I had left Annie and somewhat wandered around our local area in the old van. I lived in the van for a time. I felt somewhat confused and disappointed because I was seeking but couldn’t quite figure out the foundational function and organization of “the project,” etc.

During this period, when I spent time with the familiar strangers, there were several unusual things that happened that I won’t cover in this article. However, I did have some very unusual encounters with animals, similar to Native American spiritual encounters. And there were places and happenings that were somewhat mysteriously connected to the historical Morman story when they originally were traveling to Salt Lake City.  (If you are not aware, the Mormons also have a strong connection to the Native Americans.)

During this period, I also saw or discovered locations and buildings that I had encountered during those 1950s time travels that had occurred some 40 years earlier.

I stayed with one of the familiar strangers on his acreage for a while. When I first saw it, I recognized the landscape and house at first glance. I even recalled seeing the inside of his house three decades earlier. It was an acreage where my aunt, uncle and their family and I visited during one of the 1950s “lost trips.” And I recalled a UFO encounter we experienced during that trip. I later got somewhat shocked to discover that this acreage lay smack dab on one of the local trails some of the Mormons had used during their original trip to Salt Lake City.

As an aside point of interest: I recall a mysterious manifestation of a craft and the voice while inside one of the buildings in Temple Square in Salt Lake City during the summer of 1951 or 1952…during one of “the lost trips.”

One of the familiar strangers was taken in or adopted by the family of Indians who were teaching the familiar strangers and me The Indian Way.  They asked him if he would like to join their clan as a spiritual leader. He said yes, so they made arrangements to put him through a particular incremental ancient ceremony that included a sweat lodge.

I was invited to attend the ceremony. But, because of my bad heart, during this entire period, I never did agree to be inside a tent-like sweat lodge. However, I agreed to be the keeper of the door and help with the fire, which normally was located just outside the door.

I arrived at the sweat lodge ceremony site in late afternoon or early evening. And, as I waited for the sun to set, so the all-night ceremony could begin, I laid on a large long log and began to rest.  I rested for a short time – until, suddenly, I heard a loud pop and felt a strong sensation in my head! I immediately saw, with what seemed to be my physical eyes, my friend familiar stranger walking across a dirt street in an old western town that seemed to be at another time in history. I saw and heard several other things happen. I eventually shook my head and soon began to see my present surroundings around the log…still at the site of that current sweat lodge ceremony. It was unmistakable, one of my first authentic mysterious visions.

So, as the sun began to set, when this friend familiar stranger participated in the ceremony to become a part (a spiritual leader) of the Indian family’s clan, I performed the part of the keeper of the door and the keeper of the outside fire just outside the door. I did this with one of the younger brothers of the Indian who was doing the initiation ceremony. It occurred in a remote area in eastern Nebraska.

The ceremony lasted all night. And just before dawn, I heard a loud clanking behind me. I looked around and saw a pop bottle rocking back and forth hitting a group of six or more pop cans. I looked at the young Indian and looked back at the bottle and cans. And, just as I fixed my eyes on them, the pop bottle lifted up off of the ground and back away six feet or more. It then very forcefully shot swiftly down into the pop cans, scattering them in every direction. We heard the clanking of every pop can as as the pop bottle hit them and as they hit the ground.

I looked back at the young Indian and asked him if he saw what I saw, and he said yes. I asked him what that was, and he said the spirits had just arrived and he didn’t know if they were good or evil. He put both of his hands on top of his head, then walked and ran swiftly toward their campsite.

This told me emphatically that what we had just seen was time-space, three-dimensionally real – not imagination or one of those real living mysterious visions.

When dawn broke, my friend familiar stranger and the Indian performing the ceremony came out of the sweat lodge. This part of the ceremony at that point was over. We told them about the pop bottle and pop cans. And they told us that, about that time this morning, two or four mysterious figures mysteriously appeared inside the sweat lodge. The mysterious figures apparently had sat down just across the inside fire pit. We conjectured that the figures might have been the Spirits Of The Four Directions.
(Remember my experience above the clouds near Max, Nebraska when the voice told me to always know where I was in relation to the four directions.)

We all returned to the campsite and I slept in my old van before I left. I met with some of the other familiar strangers that evening, then returned home to Lincoln and stayed with Annie for a while. I was working for the non-degreed engineer who owned the evacuation alarm system company. Because I was disabled, I could only work about 40 hours a month.

When Annie and I went to the hospital for me to get checked out by my cardiologist, we were surprised to met the Native American man, his wife and their young daughter in one of the hospital hallways. I asked him why he was there and he told me that a bright shining spirit had hovered over the campfire at their campsite – that same campsite where the previous sweat lodge ceremony had taken place. He said, as his daughter was looking up at the spirit, she stepped backward into the campfire. She apparently had  burned herself seriously before they could rescue her. They were seeking help from a doctor for their daughter at the hospital.

Another thing that is astonishing about this sequence of this mysterious eventful period is what happened the day I left Annie, the day previous to the night-long sweat lodge ceremony.

When I was a young man, I believe it was when Annie and I were married, my mother and I were talking about life after life. And we made an agreement that the first one of us to die would in some way give the other one a definite sign that would indicate they were still alive somewhere beyond their dead body.

The day I left Annie, the day before the all-night sweat lodge ceremony, I first decided to visit my parents graves. After I pulled my old van up beside their graves, I squatted down on the ground and began to meditate. The thought came to me that I needed to know if my mother and father were somewhere beyond the visible, still alive. And I remembered my previous agreement with my mother. So I stood up and yelled out loud, “OK mom, if you are ever going to do it, do it now!

And, as God is my witness, within a second and a half, a Turtle Dove swooped in from a nearby tree. It swooped from behind me, down around me, and landed not more than two feet from my feet! I was so startled, I didn’t know what to do. So I just stood there motionless for what seemed to be the longest time. And the Dove just sat there looking up at me, constantly cooing.

I finally made a guttural sound and moved my hand toward it. But it just sat there, looking up at me, still cooing. I was so startled, I finally yelled and waved my arms at it…until it finally casually flew away. Of course I was later disappointed when I realized I didn’t have the where-with-all to carry on a personal conversation with my then Turtle Dove mother.

Yet, this was not the end of my communication with my deceased mother.

Not too many years ago, about 2018, about 28 years later, I was sitting on our patio by our gurgling small pond. And I heard and saw a Turtle Dove across the yard, about 70 feet away. This reminded me of that time when I was at my folks’ graves in the early 1990s. I wondered if it would work again. So I again yelled out loud, “OK mom, if you can, do it again!” And, as you probably have already guessed, the Turtle Dove came swooping in right toward me, and it landed on a rock that was lining the pond just a few feet in front of me. It just sat there for the longest time, continuously cooing, staring directly at me. And I, again, stood up and scared it away.

I also tried this routine a few times a couple of years later – and the same thing happened. But it was not quite as obvious as the previous two episodes…but at those times I tried to communicate with the Dove as if it were my mother. From that time on, when I see a Turtle Dove near the patio or pond, I tell Annie, or whoever is with me, “Oh! That’s just my mom who has come again to visit.”

As above, the day after the familiar stranger experienced his first all-night sweat lodge ceremony in eastern Nebraska, I arrived at another location to meet with some of the other familiar strangers. When I arrived, only two people were there, people who I had only met casually a few days previously. It was a young woman and a young man. As our conversation progressed, the young man began telling us about his encounters with a gangly type of Et who had followed him around from time to time, from place to place. He said, at times, the Et would even appear inside his car, in the passenger seat.

As the young woman and I watched and listened, I began to see mysterious flames of fire begin to radiate out a foot or more away from his body, from his head to his toes, and possibly all around him. I thought I might be hallucinating, so I asked him to continue his story but move in front of a dark bush that was located a little to his left. I asked him this so I could see the flames better. He moved in front of the bush and I could see the colorful flames were more brilliant, and I could see them in great detail. There was no mistake. It was so obvious, I knew they were real.  About that time another person showed up. When I looked back at the young man, I saw that the flames had disappeared.  

Because I had just been at the sweat lodge ceremony campsite, from that time on, I wondered if my mysterious encounters with the unknown might be connected more profoundly in some mysterious way to the Native Americans…i.e. to “Eternal knowledge and wisdom…Indians and buffalo.” 

Significant event timeline:

1987: trip to Rose Bud reservation.
Early 90s: Trip to Bear Butte, the North Americans’ and South Americans’ “Holy of Holies“.
1987: Annie in sweat lodge



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