Interwoven threads in the fabric of Infinity – Sasquatch, the little people, the elementals, and the fairy realm

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso

How very important to allow information that might sound too fantastic to seem real, a time to percolate before casting it off to fantasy.

Beyond knowing

Meditating – deep into the zone – images flash – faces. Odd faces of little men. I see them close up. Their noses are quite unique, various oversized shapes of bulbous.

One of the faces is different. It is completely obscured by pitch black, wiry hair that obscures his features entirely. The others have leathered skin, aged, with a craggy look about them.

These images are flashing so fast. Some seem to repeat. Realizing this is some sort of contact and a transmission, I ask for a number. How many beings are there? Quick response: Five.

Who are they? Reply: Gnomes.

They guard the property? Quick response: Patrol.

Can I see them? Only if they allow, and then it is a game. They appear as dots of lights to humans.

I saw one as a small man as a child. His name was Heygo and he was riding a fox when he showed himself to me again a few years ago. Quick response: Children don’t count. No one listens to children. And again, when children see them, they are intentionally seen. It is a game. You were learning. (This inspires more questions. I want to return to that at some point.)

Why am I seeing them? You brought in new flowers. They are inspecting and appreciating them.

Previously, I have had limited interaction with fairies connected to this property. I think the recent mention of Elementals is a new attempt at dialogue.

Jack (dog) sees them (in the house) and his behavior is a clue. He often stares at a certain location and nods as if being spoken to. Other times he stares and barks out an alert.

The elementals who ‘patrol’ the yard gifted us with elderberries in exchange for caring for the trees. We use no pesticides or yard treatments in order to protect the insects and native plants. The elderberries are amazing. In two patches now, they grow taller than most. We were thrilled to find them (no doubt a collaboration with the birds).

Rocks for shallow water access.

The conversation continued.

Why is there no Human contact? Humans are dirty. No respect for boundaries or for other living beings. Humans destroy nature. Interaction has been counterproductive – thus rare.

Can we change that? Some can. Most are indifferent and interact only if the conditions are beneficial to them. This is not a relationship. This transaction is an indication of presence to convey appreciation for respecting the space. They remain focused upon nature and the land.

I was also given a bit of insight. This can be taken as a caution as well. Pay attention to your behavior and beliefs about the value of trees – and that will be observed – as everything you do in nature is observed.

Trees share an intersect between Gnomes, Elementals, the fairy realm and Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Attracted by Crystals as they are transmission devices – information and energy – crystals are living beings.]

Caution: Trees are doorways between dimensions. Sometimes – when a person vanishes – a portal was open. Best not to go through – as there is no guarantee of a return trip. Respect boundaries.

I suspected trees had another role when I saw what appeared to be hundreds of squirrels – more than I could count – running down a tree and across the road into a well. I was so shocked, I didn’t go to the well for a closer look until a day or two after. I thought something about what I was seeing was not supposed to happen – so it registered as squirrels. The squirrels didn’t make any noise and my dog ignored or didn’t see them… It made absolutely no sense. I kept walking.

I ask if there is a name for this source. Am told that is difficult – there are no vowels in his language – but an approximation is offered for the Gnome who is providing this information and has been the primary caretaker of the space.

His name is gydwlln. Pronounced: Good one.

I am of Welsh decent and – until today – had not looked into the language. There is an interesting connect with the double ll. Here it is. Source: “not present in English; a voiceless alveolar lateral fricative. A bit like what the consonant cluster “hl” would sound like.”

I find that delightful. And I am told it is an honor to be given a name. I will remember that and try to be even more respectful and appreciative as I work in the yard. It would seem that the little people are also part of my family heritage – beyond the physical – a thing I hadn’t considered but now makes so much more sense. Beyond time and form, they travel with us.

Footnote: I am told fermented fruits are most appreciated.

Dorothy Lathrop – Dreamscape


The most wonderful things happen when I am working through my information and feeling challenged on whether to post… because it is personal, meaningful and may only be relevant to me … because I see the results.

Entirely unconventional, meant for an audience who is undergoing or has awakened to similar knowing. Or simply curious about what it is like to follow a thread guided by intuition, where the trails can be quite whimsical and the guides unpredictable. Very much like Alice in Wonderland. Never boring.

This link is to another who shared her story about discovering threads in the ancestral timeline that are linked to her present.

Experiencer Story from Scenic Sasquatch. Selected passages.

  • “You carry a lot in your bloodline. Your bloodline is ancient. It goes back farther than has been calculated in years. The purification and healing you have been doing for your ancestors is not a small thing. Di’Eaya is where your bloodline began, and I will tell you more about her.
  • After all this information just came flooding in, and there was more, I went to a little rock shop in a nearby town thinking about all this and this is what I found – an image in a labradorite Stone that pretty much says it all about this.
  • A few days ago I decided to research the word for Big Foot/Sasquatch in the Cherokee language (my maternal grandmother was Cherokee but not brought up with Cherokee traditions. I don’t know much about her life because she never talked about it) and found your website. The translation was: Nun Yunu Wi – Cherokee Indian – “The Stone Man.”

Chyenne Morning Star

Please read the full post. The way the story unfolds shows just how beautifully our stories are connected and when we are willing to trust, explore and investigate fully – help is provided – answers are available. Link.


Quotes from Alice in Wonderland: Project Gutenberg

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

“‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!”

Honestly, it takes courage to be entirely willing to accept the present as a phase in the growth of universal knowing. Fall down, get up, walk, run, fly ……. Soar.

Change is constant. If we can embrace the journey – understand pitfalls are part of the software and Angels stand by with Get out of Jail Free cards … what fun it is … when Imagination takes the wheel.

A touch of Whimsy

More of Dorothy Lathrop‘s Illustrations.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Down-Adown-Derry,
by Walter De La Mare

Source – Copyright free.

Cover image is one of the trees being attended to.


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