“When your worldview is shattered, how do things have the same value?” – Randall Nickerson, Experiencer, Director, Ariel Phenomenon.

My answer. Things don’t have the same value but you are living in a world where few can understand how you could possibly believe what happened to you is real and that’s okay. What happened makes life fascinating. Questions about reality increase/expand exponentially. Just wow!

Lights out at a familiar space

Closing now after multiple decades, I’ve been a long time fan of World’s Window. The final 60 percent off sale, including fixtures, kicked off. As to be expected, much of the store had been cleared out.

Shelving units were too large but I did find a small display bookshelf to refinish and this surprise. The store is not a bookstore. Even so, a little book was waiting for me. A vintage rescue.

Note the name on the cover. Vintage recovery – courtesy of Attic Journals. Link

Known Locations of UFO Bases

This excerpt is from the Q&A Transcript of a Hal Puthoff Lecture. Hal is referring to Pat Price in the Remote Viewing Program.

  • And so, you got a guy with that kind of ability, and one day he comes in and says, “Well, I found four UFO bases on the planet. I’ll give you their locations.” Well, I didn’t really want to report that, but I had to. And so, it turns out one of my contract monitors…one of the locations was in Australia, near Mount Zeil.
  • And so, I told my contract monitor, “I got this crazy list of places” and so on. He says, “Well, I know the station keeper in Australia. I’ll call him out there. I won’t tell him why I’m calling but I’ll just see what I can find out.”
  • So he called him up and said, “You know, I’m interested in that area around Mount Zeil.”  And the guy immediately says, “Oh you mean where the UFOs are always flying around?” 

The entire lecture is worth your time. Link.
Related information: Pat Price: Bio, Hal Puthoff. Research Gate.

Experience changes everything

Outstanding Interview with Randall Nickerson ticks all the boxes. Ariel Phenomenon.

Timing for this exchange is appx 1:14 into the interview. Now in their 30’s the kids had different responses to the encounter. The impact left a deep impression. Positive and negative. Interpretations of the event were complicated.

The takeaway for me is the response to the interviewer’s question: In talking to the kids or others you have interviewed, did the experience change the trajectory of their lives? Paraphrased. Randall said he heard this phrase echoed from the parents of many of the kids: the experience taught them anything is possible.

My interview with Randall Nickerson is in the archives. I believed in this project from the beginning and followed him from start to finish. It took him 15 years to deliver the finished film. Podcast.

Ariel Phenomenon a beautiful film about alien contact with school children in Africa”. – Dan Aykroyd. Watch the Film.

Their story speaks for all who experience the unexplained, wondrous, and unfathomable – “What happens when you experience something so extraordinary that no one believes you?”

Gem Show Anomaly

In the past decade I discovered I have a funky reaction to an auditorium full of rocks. Prior to that my encounters had been singular or in a small quantity. Not only that, certain rocks are more influential. So when I go to a rock show – I have to do a few things to counter the overwhelm – before and after.

Andy has had a life long interaction and knew what to do the first time I went and was buzzing for hours afterward. There is always a unique energy that calls – and it may not be obvious at the start but I will get help choosing or avoiding certain stones and jewelry. This time, a specific crystal was suggested and when I tried to select another – the redirect was immediate.

After we left and removed our labels – we noticed mine had acquired a hitchhiker. I had not removed or touched it at any time and neither of us remember a booth or table that had been selling the eyes. Somehow, I got one anyway.

The eye found me…

When I was young, I often worried about being watched and wondered who and why. I knew we had others around us that we couldn’t see but I couldn’t prove it and life went on.

My nightlights are a great inspiration but they are not the only support system. I have other helpers who step in and demonstrate their presence.

This was a fun surprise. Andy saw it first and assured me there had been no ‘eyes’ at any of our booth stops. Quite entertaining to find an eye – a novel demonstration – and a physical bit of evidence to affirm my thoughts and my view that someone is always watching.

This is just a reminder and encouragement for me to keep listening. Help is given – when requested and when necessary. I have never been and will never be alone.

The last time I was gifted with a crystal ball – I saw a little old lady inside who tried to hide from me and took it as a sign it wasn’t one for me to work with at that time. This time, away from the Gem Show, I took a closer look and saw a humanoid being who seemed to be waiting for me to connect. Epson salt bath. Forward we go.


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