Bio – About the Nightlight

December of 1997, I had a mystical encounter (STE) so illuminating that it convinced me to redirect my life and explore working with spirit guides and guardian angels, among other things, to see what I might be missing by noticing only the physical world.

I learned to listen to my guides. Intimidated at first by the prospect of channeling, I invested three years learning with volunteers. First one-on-one, and then in a group setting. Paranormal is a normal element to all of this.

This photo was taken during the ten year anniversary of my paranormal adventure with the nightlight.

The yard light produced a warm, yellow glow, illuminating without an assist.

It stayed on for a week or so, as some lights have done in my presence.

Reminder: anything is possible.
Magic appreciates an audience.
Ten year anniversary,
of my paranormal adventure
with the nightlight.

The yard light cast a warm glow
for a week or so
without being turned on.

Reminder: Anything is possible.
Magic appreciates an audience.

The guides have prompted and encouraged me to make intentional changes and given me incredible experiences – OBE and Shamanic visions. For me, it is very much a lifestyle and a way of being rather than an exercise or experiment. And it is probably much more common than presently acknowledged.

I gained appreciation for shamanism, the ability to sense/intuit new things and feel my way into an expanded state of awareness.

Wonderful teachings from a variety of spiritual resources affirm that All is connected. We are energy. We do not die. We shift form and continue on.

Talking to Nightlights, is about how a nightlight enhanced my perception and continues to challenge conventional norms, and has the potential to change anyone with whom it makes contact.

Increasingly, with exposure to events that defy our superficial, materialistic, linear view of reality, the challenge is to discover what is missing from our “known” and expand our database of potentials for those we can identify who are sharing this moment with us, aside from that which we can see with our physical eyes.

Others are here as well. They do not show up until we open our hearts.  And when they do, they force us to question all that we think we know. We are living in wonderland!

Review from the editor who helped my book into being –

March 10, 2007

Talking to Nightlights
Dear Editorial Board,

Thank you for the opportunity to review the work that has been done on this manuscript.

The book has been improved enormously and it is, for the most part, a straightforward, clearly written account of the author’s unusual spiritual experiences. The book actually improves as it goes along and the final chapters are the best. Once it is ready for publication, it should be given an Editor’s Choice status.

An interesting parallel to the nightlight as a source of spiritual revelation can be found in the American poet James Merrill’s trilogy The Changing Light at Sandover, a poetic record of a decades-long series of messages received via the Ouija board by Merrill and his partner, David Jackson. And Yeats’s wife did automatic writing—it was the basis for Yeats’s book A Vision.

I’m just mentioning these to note that esoteric communication is a widespread phenomenon and the experiences recounted in the book are not as unusual as the author believes, even if the nightlight is.

That Editor gave me a wonderful boost to go forward wherever that path takes me. We each connect to source and spirit in our own unique way.

For me, the light is with me at every step. My visual is designed as a learning curve. It would seem to be just a nightlight blinking. You can see for yourself, it blinks. YouTube

Enigma. Nightlights.

Appearances are not what they seem.

There is no end to learning.