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Wendy’s Coffeehouse Art at H&R Block Center through Dec. 2011

~ You are Magic. You are Divine. With you, ALL things are possible. ~

Thank you to The Roasterie for hosting my art in September and October! Time flew – I removed that display today. The next venue is already up. Friday, we got everything up at the H&R Block Center in Downtown Kansas City.

Such a cool place. The space is bright and full of light. I chose a mix of pieces. My colorful metal frames were at The Roasterie. These works are not all framed. It’s a bit more informal. I was worried my colors might be too bold or the prints too small but the area works so well .. it gives them room to sing.

Am I gushing? Apparently. Oh well, it sure is nice to have such a great spot to share my colors. I haven’t really had an idea of where my art could go. I just know it is so much fun to create it. I could not have asked for a better way to say “Goodbye” to 2011 and “Hello” to 2012. And … Thank you – to everyone who is helping/inspiring me in bringing it out… 🙂

… I have so much more I haven’t had time to finish!! 2012 will be a great time to work on adding to the mix.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Art

11/1/11 Enhanced by Zemanta… today’s note: a sale! 😉  yeah!!

Message from The Nightlights

“At times I think and at times I am.” – Paul Valery

Shout Out to Awakened Dreamers

Get ready to rethink everything you ever thought you knew about reality. As the shift progresses, your awareness will allow you to see more that you had somehow overlooked prior to your arrival in this space and time.

Nothing is as it seems. The only real thing here is YOU. You create every single thing you engage with and you determine the measure of the encounter. And that creation thing is happening every single second of every day. Whatever you have fixated upon in your mind will turn up in some form in the world around you.

It does not seem so because the part of you doing that creation is not in this form nor on the same plane. You are multidimensional. Of the many parts, you are merely one at play in this universal field of conscious awareness.

Reality is not a line; it’s a bubble. Each and every item in the manifest plane has a bubble around it. The more you believe your bubble to be solid… the greater the potential for impact with others who believe otherwise. The ever so subtle way to avoid those types of altercations: Go with the flow. Loosen your attachments.

Listen to your heart, spirit guides and that knowing voice within and you will get out of the rut of recycled manifestations into the life stream of multi-consciousness creation with awareness before anyone realizes you are gone…

Note that it will not be an obvious nor prolonged departure. You will still exist as a shadow in this plane, almost like a place holder or a lampshade. While the butterfly soul navigates the in between state of becoming and – at every opportunity of remembering – the true spirit form of that little butterfly slips out of the cocoon and wanders out to play amongst the stars.

Conscious Ascension. You are lighting your way and you are already there – taking a byte out of time. What does this mean? At this level of awareness it becomes possible to effectively freeze yourself in place while making the metaphysical connections to step out of time and alter your life course.

Kind of changes everything as we know it. It isn’t new information, rather, it is information we chose to forget to be able to come here and grow lighter in our awareness and our being. We are now at the point of remembering our way HOME. The home we never left.

Perspective — you are the creator of your destiny. As such, the videos I have linked to this material are a game – “This game involves using the mind to overcome reaction and move into creation. Each player is moving from a limited reactive Third Dimensional body with a Fourth Dimensional drama to a Fifth-Dimensional spirit engaged in a multi-Dimensional reality.” — this is yet another creation. —

My information does not come from their material but it does give it credence.