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Wendy’s Coffeehouse Art at H&R Block Center through Dec. 2011

~ You are Magic. You are Divine. With you, ALL things are possible. ~

Thank you to The Roasterie for hosting my art in September and October! Time flew – I removed that display today. The next venue is already up. Friday, we got everything up at the H&R Block Center in Downtown Kansas City.

Such a cool place. The space is bright and full of light. I chose a mix of pieces. My colorful metal frames were at The Roasterie. These works are not all framed. It’s a bit more informal. I was worried my colors might be too bold or the prints too small but the area works so well .. it gives them room to sing.

Am I gushing? Apparently. Oh well, it sure is nice to have such a great spot to share my colors. I haven’t really had an idea of where my art could go. I just know it is so much fun to create it. I could not have asked for a better way to say “Goodbye” to 2011 and “Hello” to 2012. And … Thank you – to everyone who is helping/inspiring me in bringing it out… ūüôā

… I have so much more I haven’t had time to finish!! 2012 will be a great time to work on adding to the mix.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Art

11/1/11 Enhanced by Zemanta… today’s note: a sale! ūüėȬ† yeah!!

Selling INspired

Take the Attitude of the Student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new. РOg Mandino

When pressed for time, it’s nice to have small snippets of inspiration. Some authors are good at keeping information bite sized.¬†More than an author, Og Mandino¬†was a salesman with a tremendous gift. He¬†knew how to create great things in small packages.

His books have sold over 50 million copies… No secret there…the information is timeless…and even more important…easy to digest.

Some of his wisdom … even the greatest message in the world has to be SOLD.

The book that changed his life: Success Through Positive Mental Attitude  

A couple of web sites to check out for more Og info:

“Do it Now!”

A Launch and a Smile

Rehearsals give you the illusion you are prepared for the real thing. The only thing that prepares you for the real thing is letting go of the fear that you can’t do whatever it is that you are doing.¬†

¬†They say any landing you can walk away from is a good one.”
Alan Shepard


No matter where you are on the path…. you are still becoming.

The Power of One

It is most delightful when it comes to¬†Magic and Miracles –

neither committee nor consensus determines what will manifest.

Magic and Miracles are fueled most sufficiently

by the belief of One. 

Hindsight is a Myth

Action shifts awareness and energy.

Looking back and saying it might have been better to go a certain direction overlooks the constant presence of variables.

Each¬†action shifts all¬†in the scene. There is no guarantee a different action would have produced…no matter what the odds…the response you desired.

Much¬†like throwing the dice one more time — after you decide to hold to avoid losing with the next throw — just to see if it would have been a good cast and assuming that¬†outcome¬†would have been the case. No. The energy shifted the minute you became unattached to the obstacle/outcome. The next roll was clean.

Work with the present. Obstacles are here to allow you to practice focus on attaining your desired outcome without fear, attaining the outcome from a state of safely holding onto who you are rather than what you already have, in addition to having a non-attachment to the obstacle.

And because neither position is real, the battle is within you.

Past, present, and future — are all housed in¬†a fully aware Now.¬†

Circle of Life


To reject a life path for lack of assurance of a happy ending

is to miss the point.

The ending is not a stopping point; regardless of the path we take,

it (the point) is to immerse oneself totally and completely

in the process of unfolding

and arrive where we began,

ready to go again.

Between Empty and Overflowing

At any given time and at every point along the way – the only thing we have to master is connection.

Flying Lessons

Wisdom of birds. No lectures, threats, abuse,¬†or coercion. ‚Äď


Young are taught through modeling, enticement, and encouragement

to act upon what they already know.

Shifting Gears – Evolving

Thought has been constantly evolving and we can’t say when that system began.” ¬†David Bohm –

I am considering consolidating my focus to the Blogspot site. There, I share/feature more information on the other abilities I use and how that impacts my daily life.¬† I am a bit torn because I don’t want to shut down an avenue that works…even in a limited fashion.¬†But – it will go where my energy flows…as I do.

Today, both sites feature¬†Nic Askew. He’s¬†created a wonderful program of insight and inspiration. He showcases¬†a wide range of topics and subjects through¬†individuals who are¬†caught up in the¬†maya.

Authentic, real, and inspiring, each is connected to spirit in his own way… As such, Nic provides a visual tapestry of the rainbow of spirit manifest for all to see.¬† A Sample.¬†

(The interpretation of the wording on that part¬†is not what I envisioned. I meant to say – those who have found a way to fully embrace the illusion/maya¬†and work it in a very unique and inspiring way… Language frustrates me … sometimes¬†there are no words to convey the exact meaning.¬†I hope it translates to say I value the subjects/individuals he has chosen to present and the eye he has for¬†capturing their illuminating essence.)¬†