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Interview with Stephan Schwartz on his Novel ‘Awakening’, Remote Viewing, ET and PSI

“In my lifelong skepticism regarding remote viewing and anomalous perception, I yield to no one. And yet this extraordinary book… has blasted the skepticism out of my skull.” –Nathaniel Branden, PhD Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

Commenting on Opening to the Infinite by Stephan Schwartz.

Our interview on Wendy’s Coffeehouse.


Stephan’s novel is a fun read and ties several current themes together. What if some rogue element of the US government did have the ability to capture and confine an alien in a secret location? Who would have access to that facility? What information might the alien offer?

Awakening: A Novel of Aliens and Consciousness. Foreword by Uri Geller.  28 reviews on Amazon. 4.9 out of 5 stars. Read the book. 

In an interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, Stephan addresses a project he ran from 1978 through 1996, asking workshop and conference attendees to envision life in the year 2050.

[Results consistently described situations that turned out to be true, but were hard for him to accept at the time – including the disappearance of the Soviet Union. He suggests that, in our future, virtual reality will become an accepted substitute for air travel.]

Link to that interview on YouTube.

More information and additional links: Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog.



John Alexander, April 29, 2018 – Reality Denied … Extraordinary experiences – pushing limits, defying knowns

In ‘Reality Denied’, John Alexander doReality Denied John Alexandercuments and details “Firsthand experiences with things that can’t happen but did”…

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview Archives

We talk about his experience with Fire-walking. The instructor was Tony Robbins. 

Notable background experience includes Silva Mind Control, Akido, researching interspecies communication and teaching psychokinesis. A world traveler, he has met healers and shamans in Peru, Tibet, Nepal (and elsewhere) and studied with Curanderos in South America. That is a very abbreviated list.

More info: website. Bio. – “Dr. Alexander ‘calls it as he sees it’ and has little use for conspiracy theorists, true believers who take in everything without questioning, or scoffers who refuse to accept facts no matter how persuasive. For nine years he served as a councilor for the Society for Scientific Exploration is a past president of the International Association for Near Death Studies, and a founding board member of the International Remote Viewer’s Association.”

Additional info and links on the related blog post = Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog…

*John’s wife Victoria – also present for some of the Shamanic and paranormal encounters – has her own unique perspective to share. That interview is May 13.

Terry Albright, April 1, 2018 – UFOs, Bigfoot, Secret Clearance, Contacting ETs through Frequency alignment. Part One.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse KCMO Talk Radio 710 – archives are migrating from Audioboom to SoundCloud – this is one of the show links.

4/1 – Terry Albright – guest presenter for KS MUFON. Lots to talk about with Terry.

1/On his search for Bigfoot.

2/Dorothy Izatt, Contact With Beings of Light. Using an ordinary 8 mm movie camera, she has filmed hundreds of sequences of unexplained, yet authenticated, pictures of UFO’s, ETs, and anomalies. Another case similar to Dorothy’s is Stella Lansing.

3/Terry is currently working with producer of “Aliens on the Moon” on a new and as yet untitled UFO documentary. – What about that “secret clearance” required by the job that allowed him to visit secret facilities around the country.

  • Terry recruited Dr. Alan Hynek into the “Close Encounters” film project and did some special effects for this movie as well as “Harry and the Hendersons.”

Continued on Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog

In the Audioboom archives – for now –

Elaine Clayton, February 25, 2018 – Stream Drawing, Intuitive Art – Making Marks

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview with Elaine Clayton – playing with doodles.

P1060507 (2)

People of all ages and artistic abilities can learn to reconnect with their creative selves.  Excellent examples and illustrations (we mention few in the interview), Making Marks opens the door to self-discovery. Elaine Clayton also has two new books on Angels and Fairies — Here’s a review of Making Marks from the Fairfield-Sun. Her Art Bio is here.

“Drawing is a powerful act that can tap into a deep-seated, intuitive process involved with creativity and the emotional life. Elaine Clayton’s “Making Marks” facilitates intuition, releasing the mind to discover new ideas, creative inspiration and unexpected solutions.”—Dr. Raymond Moody, MD, PhD

Board Camp Crystal Mine Paranormal, March 11, 2018 – Grappling with unexplained, Orville and Cheryl Murphy are offering tours to let visitors experience it for themselves. And dig for crystals.

Interview archived on Audioboom Board Camp Crystal Mine

Video of levitating rocks at the Board Camp Crystal Mine is captivating. MUFON investigated. That show, with Chase Kloetzke, aired on The Travel Channel – Expedition Unknown. (2017)

The mine was discovered in 2008 and certified by the federal and state governments to be opened to the public in 2012. Mystery remains unsolved. Other researchers are checking in. Not for public release just yet.

Worth a road trip.

Continued on Wendy’s Coffeehouse Blog ..

Filmmaker Brad Abrahams, February 11, 2018 – Love and Saucers. David Huggins illuminates his ET story with pictures: Aliens in Art.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview with Brad Abrahams

Brad Abrahams Filmmaker

From Wendy’s Coffeehouse Blog

Experiencer David Huggins pulls no punches when relating the reality he lives or in painting the images caught in his memory.

Love and Saucers details David’s extraordinary revelations about the various Aliens he has encountered and their (continued) presence in his life…from childhood.

UFO Believers:  1 – 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment survey, part of their promotional campaign for the blu-ray release of the movie Phoenix Forgotten. Of more than 1700 Americans surveyed, nearly half believe in UFOs. 20 percent believe Alien Abduction: Huff Post

David has no doubt his experiences are real. The trauma associated with keeping the story to himself and having no way to integrate or make sense of it dissolved when the Aliens suggested he paint what he remembered.

Love and Saucers

Terry McKenzie, January 28, 2018 – Ghosts don’t play dead. Living in one of Weston, Missouri’s most haunted homes.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse interview with Terry McKenzie

Terry McKenzie says he first began to wonder when he heard heavy footsteps in the room above him while he was alone in the house. A bigger impression involved witnesses who were gathered in the basement. Very clearly, the sound of a man laughing could be heard coming from the stairway. Two of the witnesses were spooked enough to gather their things and vacate the house ASAP.

Thirteen years later, Terry says some friends might joke and deny that the house is haunted but he and his wife don’t have the luxury of disbelief. Experience makes all the difference. And the Ghosts seem to be friendly or at least not too scary.

Continued on Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog

Lynn Andrews w/ Robert Taylor, December 17, 2017 – Shamanism, Sacred Vision Oracle Cards

Interview with Lynn and Robert on Wendy’s Coffeehouse

The cards are beautiful. When I use them, they are helpful in narrowing the focus and purpose for the read. Answers are direct and on target in as few as one or two cards. 

P1040544 oracle

In the companion book, Lynn provides the interpretations for the meaning of the card and Robert addresses the nature of the visual he created. Images and energy merge to combine the two talents in a wonderful fashion. This deck is a catalyst for change and active engagement, an energizer to get the ball rolling on whatever issue is ready to be examined.

I didn’t anticipate the topic of cattle mutilations in Hawaii. Lynn had been there for a recent retreat and said they were getting reports there.

I wish we had more time so I could have followed up but it might have derailed the interview because I had both Lynn and Robert for the show. Read the full post at Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog.


Kathleen Jones Odom – October 29, 2017, Sasquatch Speaks and Letters from the Big Man

Wendy’s Coffeehouse interview with Kathleen Jones Odom


Letters From the Big Man (full film on YouTube) is a magical film. Quietly moving. What in the world are we overlooking? What are we creating? Can Sasquatch exist here? Can we?

Messages from Sasquatch: “We will keep your people grounded while they reach for expansion.” We are inside of you, not outside, as your people have felt for so long.”

Kathleen and Director Christopher Munch collaborate on the Webcast, Speaking of Sasquatch. Episode 8 about a woman who has connected and communicated with Sasquatch since childhood. She refers to hearing tones that signaled contact.

Sasquatch and Us/YouTube. Several perspectives on our relationship with Sasquatch.

Kathleen channels a response from Sasquatch here – Facebook post.

Letters From the Big Man – Wonderful Review from Roger Ebert

…continued on the blog … Wendy’s Coffeehouse, 9/20/17, is her

Annie Kagan – September 10, 2017, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – Annie’s bad boy brother offers a glimpse of his new “reality” in the hereafter…

Afterlife of Billie Fingers CoverArchived on Audioboom/interview with Annie Kagan

To be a pearl maker, your oyster needs a good strong shell to protect you from a hundred million irritants in your environment.

Your shell helps you tell one grain of sand from the other. You know which one can become a pearl and which one isn’t worth the irritation.

Annie Kagan, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death

Annie Kagan’s brother Billy has a new POV about life in the hereafter. Annie started taking notes from the first moment he checked back in.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog link