Reader Reviews of Talking to Nightlights

From readers who have shared their experiences and thoughts.

The links are to the updated e-book versions – Reviews are for the class I taught and the previous edition.

One – 10/07 – A  Student’s review of a Manifesting Class and the book Talking to Nightlights:

– I recently completed Wendy’s class on “The Law of Attraction.”  I purchased her book, “Talking to Nightlights” on the first evening.  Both were life changing experiences for me.

In class, Wendy empowered me to reveal within myself blocks or self imposed issues that I long ago thought I had resolved.  I have been searching and reading for years all the while trying to manifest various goals for myself and always met with the same result —- failure —- at least from my misguided perception.

This awakening and guidance that Wendy has empowered me with has given me a kinder view of my past experiences that resulted in the form of these blocks. It has given me a complete and deeper approach for applying the Law of Attraction.  Wendy’s personal approach to each individuals journey was the key to this class.  This was not a textbook or fast flick fit for all curriculum.  A student in her class receives the personal one on one that escalates the journey of application of this awesome Law.

I love “Talking to Nightlights.”  I marveled at her courage to share her experience and journey with the energies.  Now — as I was reading this — her journey while wonderful was not necessarily a story that I felt resonated with me.  Just Wendy’s personal story that I enjoyed reading–nothing more. I was so detached  from it within my own mind that I didn’t acknowledge my own light experiences around me during this time frame.  I live in a 80 some odd year old house and when we started experiencing light bulbs burning out in days, I chalked it up to electrical issues.

Like Wendy’s story the energy will get very creative and specific when they are trying to get your attention. Despite this fact, I never connected with the book when the lights that would burn out were the light that shined on my door in my garden, my room, my daughter’s room, and the girly bathroom that we shared.

My poor husband has recently returned to installing the old light bulbs as the fluorescent bulbs are to expensive for all of the activity. There is no consistency with these lights–they work sometimes and they don’t at other times when you switch them on.  They will suddenly turn off when they have been working for hours. It was not until a friend of mine who overheard our family struggles with the lights suggested to me that it may have everything to do with the energies.

Okay—-so I’m not the brightest light in the bunch—eventually I get it. And so the fun begins…………

Mary Roseman

Thank you Mary! Such great results in a short amount of time. We are amazing in our ability to heal ourselves!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another Reader’s Review of Talking to Nightlights:

– The night I received Wendy Garrett’s book, “Talking To Nightlights” was somewhat interesting. I had just watched the movie, “The Illuminaries” so I was already in an altered state of love-consciousness. Wendy’s book stayed on a table nearby while I checked emails first. The overhead lights kept flicking on and off in an annoying way, I thought the lights were about to burn out. You can imagine my surprise when I started reading the book!

Her book was fascinating to me because it will leave you with a secure feeling that there is a divine being that watches and protects us. This is a book that you will reread many times and get a clearer message the second time around. My favorite lesson from the light was, “Your society is fractured due to your fondness for labels. It gives people reasons to distance themselves before knowing anything about another person.”

Good job Wendy!

Ok, I realize this is long but I meant every word. I’m glad you have come into my life. Good luck with your book!! and everything else.


Thank you, Sandy! What an amazing adventure this is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A reader Review from Amazon: I highly recommend this book! It is excellent. Our paranormal group liked it so much some of our team members have bought a copy for themselves. A great read!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a huge surprise to see this first review and such a great compliment. I have not asked anyone to offer a review. Thank you!

Updated – 2022

Still talking …

Talking to Nightlights 2 – revised to include more of the paranormal experiences: Spirit Guides, Mediumship, Out of Body experiences, Shamanic Visions, Prophecy, and Channeling. Available in paperback or e-book. Other encounters: Sasquatch, Fairies, ET, Reincarnation, Time Shifts, and Ghosts. Those will have to wait till the next book

*About the cover image on this page. This event happened while I was tracking the progress of updating my house. I took before and after photos. While making my way through the house, I was telepathically instructed to turn around and take a picture. I did.

I did not see anything physical in that space at the time. Lens flare, anomaly, unexplained. The telepathic prompt is my clue that whatever allowed me to capture the image intended to provide a result for the camera to display.

The orange orb is also similar in size and color to what I have seen (physically) when I asked for a visual of my guides. I don’t see the spark at the center – so this is a lovely representation.

The orange orb is a presence/being.

The Nightlight … and something more

The nightlight.

It started in December 1997. Interactive, blinking, flickering (and staying totally off when it should remain on) the activity is also an indication of the presence and a desire to be acknowledged. More than seeing, experiencing is believing.

My experience with the nightlight Energy changed my life. So small – and so mind-opening.

Space. Energy. Light.

Bioelectric. Consciousness.

Full of potential.