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 It is one of the worst feelings when challenged – to sink to a place where there is no light and no way of knowing which way is up. 

Follow the bubbles and you will find your way out. It starts with just a little smile and then the energy shifts. The smile becomes a chuckle and the chuckle gives way to an outburst. Joy is the light in the dark.

Animals have a way of sensing a need for that energy shift and then stepping in to offer an assist without being told. Watching the dog chase and catch her tail, and take pure delight in the feat for the umpteenth time, is a reminder that life’s light beckons.

She looks to see if I am watching. I nod and smile, giving her my warm approval. I feel an inexplicable sense of relief and release. Something inside is now glowing.

The bubbles are all around us, we have but to rise to the occasion to claim them.