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Life – the Magical, Mystery Tour

If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are? – T. S. Eliot

Life begins in Mystery and ends in Wonder. Answers are not the end – rather stepping stones – from one plane of belief to the next. I cannot explain my nightlight. It happens and I am in awe. I suspect there might be less awe if there were an explanation.

Then again, I am not sure there is any explanation I will accept, no matter how great the mind. After all, Stephen Hawking stuck by one explanation for 30 years until struck with a severe health crisis (when many thought he might be ready to check out), from which he recovered and reemerged with a shift in his logic that offered a new explanation to go around the first.

What creates this activity with my nightlight? How can it happen day in and day out with no will on my part? What is it? Where does it come from? How am I connected with it? Where did it go before here? Why is it here? Who is it? What is the purpose? I have my own answers for all these questions. It may take another 30 years for me to determine whether I am right… Maybe it isn’t about being right. 

What I do know? It is my puzzle. Therefore, I am up to the challenge.

We are here to explore. If there were no magic or mystery, there would be nothing to show up for…and no way for us to appear…out of the ether into a physical form.

Here we are, contemplating illumination from the vantage point of the lampshade. Answers depend upon where one directs his focus, the objects being illuminated or the source.

Seems the only answers we have been able to discern are those that leave us stuck splattered like a bug on the window of infinity. Maybe we are trying too hard. Can we decrease the speed enough to stop when our nose is merely pressed against the pane? Are we trying to morph time, gravity, or light?

Certainly, the view is awesome – until you hit that darn glass…


Musical Ghost at the Stanley Hotel

Believe and you will see.

I have had earlier opportunities to check out the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and opted against it. Since I believe in and experience ghosts on a regular basis, I really didn’t want or need to engage more on my vacation.

Ghosts and spirit energies are real for me, so I try not to intentionally go where I have not been invited. This time, for whatever reason, I had an invite; my guides suggested a visit.

As such, it was up to me to make it happen, not knowing exactly what to expect or why I had to see the Stanley Hotel.

It may be that, with the constant presence of my nightlight energy, I don’t question or doubt the existence of other awarenesses and life forms. Ghosts are a lot like people. They each have a certain role they are playing or duty they have agreed perform.

Some appreciate a bit of interest and polite acknowledgement but for the most part, they don’t want to hang out to shoot the breeze…or jump through a circus of hoops to prove they exist. They exist without proof or any obligation to provide such.

When and if a ghost needs my help, they find me and that works perfectly well for me. Why the Stanley and why this time? Turns out it was the presence of a new (very much alive and breathing) tour guide who had just enough time and experience on the job to corroborate all of my impressions – impressions that started bubbling in full force from the minute we drove onto the property.

My guides told me – “We have a surprise for you.” Ever the jovial companions, I have learned any reluctance or trepidation on my part only serves to amuse them even more, so I just go and see what they’ve arranged to help with my ongoing lessons in enlightenment.

I obliged them with a trip to the Stanley Hotel to meet a spirit they referred to as “The Singing Ghost.” The music began the minute I entered the grounds (The guides were laughing and kept asking, “Can you hear us singing.”). I walked – without knowing – directly to the music room, paused to admire the piano in the lobby area outside and felt drawn to the souvenir shop where I found someone I could question who answered a lot of my questions and then directed me to (as it turns out) the person I was actually sent there to see.

When I told that person I had a tremendous connection with someone who was incredibly musical and I heard and felt as if the ghost was humming, we were off. Our story is still unfolding.

For me, even though I have been doing this kind of thing overtly for over a decade, it is still embarrassing to ask the kind of questions I have to ask to corroborate my ghost impressions – but I can’t get any information if I don’t – so I just allow that I will find the right person and provide amusement for those who don’t get it.

On this trip – I found the ghost, the right person, and a reason to go back. Once again, my guides managed to make the road to “enlightenment” fun.

Oh, and for an added incentive to do my homework, I woke up with a huge knot in my back the day of the trip. It made absolutely no sense. (However, I did suspect a connection.) The guides referred to it as the “monkey on your back.” As soon as I made my engagement at the Stanley, the monkey went away.

The purpose of the trip:

My guides sent me to a place where I had no prior knowledge or sense of familiarity to connect my dots and remember what I “know” is always with me; I had to affirm me in yet another way.

No matter how amazing and wonderful my encounters and abilities, I am still exploring, discovering and accepting who I am and what I do.

Never a dull moment in this world of light.

I also took my nightlight on this trip. More on that later…