A Year to Remember – Mind in the Moment – Refresh, Renew, Remember … Recycled, Reborn … Timeless.

*Imagine a point in time. What now?

If you have been paying attention

and following your own internal navigator –

get ready for some big changes.

We are going full speed ahead –

no time to rethink or reconsider.

Open your eyes and take it all in.

The moment we signed on for is unfolding. 

Old belief systems will be shattered and new truths birthed.

Exciting times, alive with challenge, revelation, and surprise.

Trust – you are prepared. 

Toss the game face. Revel in wonder.

Reveal your Authentic Self and Play Ball!

*Imagine a point in time. What now?
As you will see in the comments, this was my post for the new year in 2008.
Clearly, now is relative. My answer remains the same.

7 thoughts on “A Year to Remember – Mind in the Moment – Refresh, Renew, Remember … Recycled, Reborn … Timeless.

  1. This post is so true…it definitely feels as if the move I am currently undergoing to a place I have never even visited is the move I have been waiting for. I am not sure what awaits me, life at the moment is moving so quickly, with the only sure thing left being trust…and sometimes…not much of that.

    I’ve got to revel in the Wonder of this whole thing much more. Thank you.


  2. Hey Marion –

    …it takes an awesome courage to allow faith to lead. Breathe …and Smile… : )

    Hello SE – Happy 2008!

    I hear that…!!

    My visual for the silence in the midst of acceleration… Time sequence scenes from “The Matrix”… it is withdrawing and yet having the ability to reenter at the perfect moment, combined with a heightened awareness of All-That-Is, no matter what the manifest state. Both empty and full: Divine Harmony.


  3. What you say bears ambiguity and that too to the extent of obscurity.
    Final Truth can not be attained by words or arguments, but in the laboratory of deeper glimpses and intution of pure mind.
    If intellect would have been enough for understanding the Reality then Greak philosophers, who made intellect their leader, could have recognized God more than all other people. But the fact remains that these people were most ignorant about the Essence and Attributes of God. If any person describes his dream in the way these philosophers have tried to explain the creation of universe, then he will be labelled as a person of perverted taste.
    No doubt, people can be bluffed with the tricks of words, but it needs love and seeking to reallize the realities of life.


  4. Hello Nazeer -Thank you for sharing your insight. I am glad you started a blog too.

    My frame of reference for truth….

    Truth is fluid. Indeed, it cannot be spoken.
    Truth is “realized.”

    Logic and Reason obfuscate truth.
    Science fractures, compartmentalizes, and disects truth.
    Love magnifies truth; but what a lovely distortion.
    Truth, at best, can be alluded to.

    Each must seek truth on his own, when he is ready, and – as one might say – fully cooked. ; ) Or it will slip by him – again.


  5. Hello wendy-Thank you for your response to my comment on your writing.
    I don’t know how far you have realized the TRUTH but I find your words carry a meaning. So please keep on your writing. A thoughtless mind is like a baloon wanders aimlessly and falls down.
    KAHLIL GIBRAN said: If a door is closed on you, there is always a window beneath the surface of the wall, but God has left it to you to do the scratching.
    I feel you are at it!
    Your writing has its own distinction.
    When realities are tried to be discovered from books, and ULTIMTE TRUTH is sought in words, man lands in a frustrating state. When words fall short , how can books salvage us?
    Yes, I have started my blog too. I shall feel delighted if you give your comments/views on it.


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