Inspired by the wonderful world of non-conformity

“The Western scientific community, and actually all of us, are in a difficult spot, because in order to maintain our current mode of being, we must ignore a tremendous amount of information.” – Cleve Backster, Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells, Amazon.  


  • Bears, Bigfoot, and blackberries: Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp is like ‘no other place in the world. Roadtrippers Magazine has a new look. Link.
  • Legend of a Bigfoot attack. 1829. Okefenokee Swamp. Details: Link. Clue #1: Men of the swamp said by the Creek Indians to be of gigantic stature and both cruel and warlike. Clue #2: Discovery of gigantic footprints: The length of the foot was eighteen, and the breadth nine inches.
  • ‘The myth of the [Hawaiian] honu is extensive, some stories tell of the honu as a guardian spirits that choose the shape of the sea turtle. Not just a symbol of good luck but also, when necessary, would represent a guardian to protect one of the enemies.’ Link.
  • Via UAP Media. A high-resolution image appearing to show a UFO has been released more than 50 years after it was taken from the sky over Costa Rica. Link.
    Note: Negative sent to Michael Strickland Photography photo laboratory in Liberal, Kansas, where a Tango Drum Scanner was used to produce a very high-quality scan of 1.7GB in size.
    “Historic images like this one from Costa Rica still have stories to tell, and new insights are sometimes just around the corner. If we can socially democratize and crowdsource our search for answers – we will arrive closer to the truth than if we simply wait for further confirmation from our governments.” Jeremy Corbell.

PSI gained more credit and the CIA came calling

Consider UFOs and transmedium ability to penetrate mountains, water, etc. Discussion includes Cleve Baxter, Ingo Swann, ESP, PSI, the real deal. Brilliant mind. Dr. Hal Putoff.

Connected plants

1997 Interview with Cleve Backster. Known for his work with plants. Also noted in this article: “He’s found, for example, that white cells taken from a person’s mouth and placed in a test tube still respond electrochemically to the donor’s emotional states, even when the donor is out of the room, out of the building, or out of the state.The Sun Magazine.

Cleve Backster: “I have given up trying to fight other scientists on this. But I know that, if they perform my experiment, even if it fails they will still see things that will change their consciousness. They will never be quite the same.”

Additional Background on Cleve Backster. Link. His papers are archived in the University of West Georgia Special Collections. Link.

**Now in the Podcast Archives

Healing with Plants

Lisa Estabrook interview Link. She shares her beautiful Soulflower Oracle. Plant Divination. Check out her site for a sample reading: Link.

My sample: Columbine. Abundance.

“It is my belief that by each one of us stepping up and accepting responsibility for our own healing journeys, we will not only heal this planet but we will also co-create the kind of world that I know exists in all of our hearts.” Lisa Estabrook, creator of Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle, 44-Card Deck and Guidebook, Amazon.

Tree FM – Random forest sounds from around the world. Link.


Heightened recall, enhanced memories, psychic messages from the radio. “Is hearing what people would say before they spoke a new normal for me?”

Psychic Gary Wimmer. 2 part interview. The NDE that changed his life. The precog flash cards and finding lost objects. Link Part one.

“The number one resource you have, everybody has, is your connection to infinite mind.” – Gary Wimmer, Author, A Second in Eternity: The true story about a ‘near-death, out-of-body’ experience and a voyage beyond space and time and into the Infinite .

Psychic Gary Wimmer walked away from being hit by a car [NDE] with nothing more than a scratch. The prior PSI overwhelm he struggled with had calmed down. The memory of all that he saw during the NDE changed his life.

Testimonial for Gary appears in the Amazon book reviews. A client booked a session after reading his book: “It was one of the very best readings I have ever had.”

There are no lesser beings – Consciousness is wired for all life

More relevant by the hour. The Secret Life of Plants. Wiki. This would apparently be the sticking point with it comes to replicating the experiments: Cleve Backster says he must get away from the lab so that his consciousness will not affect the results of the experiment.

The Secret Life of Plants documentary is posted (at this time) on YouTube. In the comments: “My favorite part is [@42:00] when the Japanese woman is teaching her cactus to say the alphabet.” Book available on Amazon.

Review: “Once in a while you find a book that stuns you. This is such a book. It’s scope leaves you breathless.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

The Gaia Theory: “The Earth is alive and behaves in a purposive fashion with a type of consciousness in order to pursue an environment optimal for life.” Website.

“The planet is going to have the last word concerning the damage humans are inflicting upon it. It’s only going to take so much abuse, and then it may well burp and snort a little, and destroy a good bit of the population. I don’t think it would be a stretch to take the hypothesis one step further and attribute such a defense strategy to a kind of planetary intelligence.” – Cleve Backster

When Ordinary is not in the cards

About the cover photo: Phlox divaricata Blue Moon, Wild Sweet William, Woodland Phlox. Meaning: Phlox flowers symbolize harmony, compatibility, unity, partnership, agreement, and united hearts and souls. In the Victorian language of flowers, a gift of phlox flowers would have indicated a marriage proposal, and wearing fragrant phlox would have demonstrated a wish for sweet dreams. Link.

Native Americans used it as a medicinal plant. Link.

My incentive to keep posting… today.

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