The Mustard Seed Way and The Soul of Marc Broussard

When I am in transition, I ask for guidance and insight to be presented in a manner that I am able to receive.  I have been given several messages recently, one in the form of song, always a wonderful bonus. And the other, from Katrina Mayer, a connection I found when I joined Zaadz. From the book, The Mustard Seed Way:

“Two souls come together
We know there is work to be done
But first we need to establish trust
A foundation must be built
Before we expose our wounds
Or express our vulnerabilities
Remember, your partner is not your crutch
Or someone to lift you every time you are down
Your partner is there to love you
And walk beside you along the journey
Your relationship is a holy ground
Not a dumping ground
So, treat it with tenderness and respect
Listen attentively
Look adoringly
Touch tenderly
Smile genuinely
Laugh loudly
Enjoy greatly
Praise often
When the work of your soul becomes apparent
You will both come from a better place
A place of comfort, strength, trust and peace
And then, only then, can the real work begin.”

These are the partners we endure lifetimes hoping to find. But each lifetime, we face the challenge of awakening from the bonds of cookie cutter, conformist, lock step, societal relationship cloning to reconnect with the soul mate we agreed – prior to incarnation – to move heaven and earth to meet. (Dr. Brian Weiss)

It might require lifetimes of failing to make that connection but – when we get lucky and bump into them somewhere along the path – the pain and longing of the misses of those lifetimes can be eclipsed in less than a glance. 

We may be required to work on other aspects of soul and not able to connect with our soul mate in a particular lifetime. If so, we can work up to becoming awake enough to find them upon arrival the next time.  

And the music? Marc BroussardLet the Music Get Down in Your Soul. Then check out HomeSoul full. Broussard has a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and positive energy.  “I wanted songs that had a positive spirit,” he explains, “because there’s too much negativity in this world. Years ago I made a promise to myself and to my family that I would always make music that comes from a positive and honest space.” You can hear it in his new release S.O.S.: Save Our Soul.


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