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“Free yourself from the consensus reality boondoggle and the truly extraordinary becomes visible. You will then understand why there is no telling, only knowing. In knowing, One is complete. In questioning, one forgets. In being, One becomes.”

Anything is possible. Determine your focus.

Paranormal, Unexplained, Glitches in the Matrix are included in various posts.

Altered States ... where the sands of time exhibit fantastic scenery, yet remain beyond viewing.
Before consensus view collapses…

These sites are like opening a fresh bag of potato chips. You end up eating more of the bag than you intended.

In search of new ideas to explore and view reality – something in these threads usually opens a new window.

The following story is edited for length. Typos and original language intact. Includes one related comment and link to full story.

First time anyone but my girlfriend of 4 years has heard this story. Unexplained.

Read abbreviated edit here or link to full story and comments.

“I will change names of any people involved but the places and road names will be factual… I’ve never shared this other than with her until now because although I have belief in paranormal events to a certain extent,(aliens,ghosts, certain legendary creatures etc) I’m not the type that just believes every story to be true or want people to think I’ve lost my mind.

It was early summer 2010 (I only remember because my 21st birthday had just passed and was finally legal to hit the bars) it was a friday night and I was up having a drink at a bar that my cousin David was the bartender at. It was a small town bar that outside of an event like a band or other entertainment was there it usually stayed pretty quiet.. it was very early in the evening and I had just gotten out of work for the night working at a mcdonalds in another small town less than 10 miles from the small town I lived in.

I’m sitting up looking at the red light waiting for it to change (which always seemed to take absolutely forever coming from this direction) when I noticed something in the sky that from my vantage point was partially hidden directly behind the red light. It was a very bright white light that seemed to be pointing straight down almost like it was a helicopter using a spotlight to identify something but much much brighter at the point of origin.

I heard absolutely nothing after rolling my windows down and knew this could not possibly be a helicopter or I’d absolutely be able to hear it.. Wanting a better view I pulled into the parking lot of an ice cream shop that sat directly across the road from the school I was nearby and got out of my car to try and figure out what this thing was. When I got out of the car I stared up into the sky and immediately found it again.

It couldnt of been a plane because it didnt have the right shape. It was more oval than anything (most stories you hear like this say its circular) but it was definitely an oval shape. I almost thought perhaps it was a blimp given the shape. But it seemed far too large to be a blimp even by the measurements of some everyone knows about like the Goodyear blimp… plus it had no decals or identifying Mark’s. Either silver or grayish..

After what felt to me about 30 seconds or so of looking at this thing my eyes started to burn… not burn in the sense of extreme burning or anything like that. But almost like that feeling of when a bug flies into your eyes and causes them to water up..

I close my eyes and begin to rub them. My eyes are closed at this point so obviously all I see is black..”
~ ~ ~
Related Comment: The way you describe the light shining downward like the searchlight of a helicopter is exactly what I experienced about four years ago. It was around 5:15 am and I was outside in dumpster area at work. I looked up and saw that bright triangular shape light. I thought it was a helicopter but there was no sound and it was hovering high above the gas station area. I turned to toss the trash in the dumpster. When I looked up again (which was only mere seconds), the light was gone and there was no helicopter or any flying object in sight. Strangest thing I had ever seen but I shrugged it off as I had to go inside and relieve my coworker.

Cat Teleporting  Glitch in the MatrixLink to story and comments.

“This morn, before I went to work, I made our bed and the top cover was smooth. 12 hours later, I returned home and went into the bedroom and found top cover rumpled like the cat had been on it. Even found a few grains of cat litter on our bench at foot of bed.

Now, my wife and daughter are several hours away and have the cat with them. I took a picture and sent to my wife and made a joke about cat must be teleporting because the bed was smooth.

My wife informed me, in all seriousness, that the cat was missing for a couple of hours, then just showed up again. She has always been an inside cat and they checked everywhere. Even looked outside in the snow and saw no tiny paw prints. They just could not find her.I find this very weird and my wife concurs. Seems too much to be a coincidence and there is no other cat in house, we have just the one. Something glitched?”
~ ~ ~
Related comment: Cats have a tenancy to do that. I think I posted about one of my cats being in two places at once a few months ago.

Personal experience: Glitch in the Matrix – Cat Doppelganger 
“Walking past the living room to another room when I noticed my calico cat Chloe posed in such a way that I wanted to take her picture ‘because she looked so photogenic in her green collar with a pink heart’ until a I did a double take after passing and on the way to the camera and remembered – she doesn’t wear a collar. REFUSED to keep one on.


In the less-than-a-minute it took me to retrace my steps for a second glance, I realized she could not have been in the position I saw her. The back frame of the chair would not support her so she would have been levitating to have been in that position., about 4 ft. above floor level. I didn’t register her as levitating. She appeared to be sitting and directly facing me.

When I returned (a few seconds later), she was in the chair seat and not facing in my direction.

Having had other anomalous encounters, I have logged it a screen memory to protect me from what I might have seen. And yet, the collar was an intentional hint. Was I paying attention?

Chloe levitating in a non-existent collar was a harmless image. And a unique method of taking my pulse. What did I not see? “

Reality Glitch in the Matrix Philip K. Dick was unable to resolve kept him occupied for the rest of his life and resulted in Exegesis (Amazon). Forever impacted after encountering the pink light.

Referring to a blog post authored by Kyle Arnold:

“Dick wrote that one aspect of his divine madness was “paranoia turned inside out.” Where he had formerly perceived malign conspiracies, Dick now often saw divine conspiracies. As the end of his life approached, Philip K. Dick increasingly considered that the universe might be on our side.” – Continue reading on the Oxford University Press Blog.

Related novel: VALIS (Amazon).  

Matrix Glitches are clues and cues to a greater than is known reality. We are in and alongside it. And your story?

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