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“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl Jung


All things Bright and Unconventional 

  • $1,000 to play cornhole. Applications are being accepted on the company’s website through April 2 and the winner is scheduled to be announced April 7. UPI.
  • Locating the transdimensionals. Scientists Have Proposed a New Particle That Is a Portal to a 5th Dimension. Vice.
  • Civilization Back-up plan. Noah’s Ark on the Moon. Popular Mechanics.
  • Nixon, Gleason and UFOs. 2010. Open Minds.
  • Joshua Tree National Park. Travel novelty. Sleep in a UFO – $211 [3.15.21] per night. Thrillist.
  • The wonder that is Giant Rock. Book a sound bath at the Integratron. “Located in Landers, California, 20 miles north of Joshua Tree National Park. Creator (and Contactee), George Van Tassel (1910-1978), claimed that the structure is based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials.”
  • Regarding the 2018 Film about Van Tassel. AirSpaceMag.
    Film Review: “CALLING ALL EARTHLINGS,…has it all: UFOs, a mystical dome in the Joshua Tree desert, psychic experiences, time travel, Howard Hughes, Nikolai Tesla, communists, eternal life, murder– oh yeah, and Nazis.” – Eric Mittleman, Boing Boing – Calling All Earthlings. Home page. Available on Amazon Prime.

I Was Abducted By Aliens – (updated 8/18/21)

Here’s a back story: Mashable. Another here: Mirror. And here: Yahoo. And Vice: As the hall emptied I shared a cigarette with abductee Mike Smith, who didn’t want to be photographed. It was from him that I got my first and final insightful statement of the day: “If I’m wrong in what I’m saying—and I might be wrong—at least I know I’m not lying.”

Program and links are from 2013 and 2014. The main site linked for AMMACH does not work. (Explanation follows.) All are worth reading. And the video fills in the blanks.

“Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contact Helpline, or A.M.M.A.C.H, the 999 for people who believe they have been victims of alien abduction.”

The film follows some of the 100 members who use the helpline, including Simon, a town councilor who believes that in addition to his earthbound wife he has a family of alien children with an alien lover. There’s also Chantelle, a housewife who’s been abducted thousands of times and wants her encounters to stop. And there’s Marie, an accountant who believes that her DNA has been altered and that she may be part alien.

Channel 4 documentary Alien Abductee is no longer available at the previously posted Youtube link. Production Company for the film. Off The Fence

Info: IMDB. Here is an audio interview. Link. THE NICK MARGERRISON PODCAST.  Interview with AMMACH co-founder Joanne Summerscales.

Another interview with Joanne: Q&A Link.

While it appears this AMMACH hotline is defunct at the original listing, [The Ammach Project was closed in December 2015, due to extensive hacking, but that legacy continues with her renewed and expanded work under the banner of The ET Newsroom, a work in progress. Source. ] support information is available through other groups.

If interested, this link belongs to a private Experiencer group on Facebook. The following link lists results from their global survey of experiencers who shared detailed accounts. Topics include UFO Sightings, OBE, Alien Abduction, Missing Time, Childhood PSI, Telepathy, Paranormal experiences: Experiencer.org.

Here’s a ET/UFO abduction related Thesis: Link.


Past Life – NDE –

  • Reincarnation/Past Life 4 Year Old remembers Twin Towers. 9/11: The child pointed to one of the towers, Riss believes it was the North Tower, and said, ‘Hey mom, I used to work there’. When Riss asked her when this was, her daughter simply responded ‘before’. Unilad.
  • “5% have had a near death experience and they say it made life worth living.” – NYPost

Reincarnation: When I was Someone Else, Interview with Stephane Allix –

Proof of Reincarnation. Interview with Stephane Allix available now in the podcast library. Wendy’s Coffeehouse Link.

When I was Someone Else: The Incredible True Story of Past Life Connection, 2021, Amazon.

Stephane Allix is a former war reporter and documentary director, founding member and President of the French Institute of Research on Extraordinary Experiences (INREES)

Stephane Allix, image credit: Natacha_Calestr

We talk about his past life journey but I was also curious about his connection to John Mack after I saw the Experiencers documentary [by Stephane Allix] about Alien Abductions listed among the titles posted on the John E Mack Institute site.

That was my first question.

Going forward from there, what happened to Stephane in the Amazon was definitely a jump start from spirit. Not one to trust his own inner guidance, the entire journey was an exercise in developing trust and discernment.

For substantiating evidence, the book includes photos, maps and historical documents. The research is impeccable. Details are cross referenced for dates and locations to track the movements of the soldiers and locate the finale resting place.

If the photo resemblance is remarkable and the documentation irrefutable, being accepted by the relatives was the deciding factor. Stephane passed that test.
There are multiple synchronicities in connecting the dots to unfold the timeline suggesting assistance from an unseen source.

Believe it or not.

The details are astonishing. When I Was Someone Else, Stephane Allix

When the past life aspect of the soul found an outlet to address a deep seeded wound, healing resulted on both timelines, allowing the aspect of soul that is the present incarnation to progress without further impediment.

Stephane is continuing to explore the topic of consciousness and extraordinary knowing. He recently disclosed the next book on his Facebook page. The title: Nos Ames Oubliees. Translation: Our Forgotten Soul. Due in June of 2021. Follow him to find out when the English version will be available.

Synchronicity – John E. Mack –

“If you ask a question strongly enough, the universe cooperates and gives you information relevant to the question.” – John E. Mack

At the same time I was researching Stephane’s information and discovered the John Mack connection with his film, this new book was announced. Impeccable timing. Ralph Blumenthal, The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack

George Knapp, “The Believer.” Terrific book. You say it’s already doing well and it hasn’t officially been out yet. Ralph Blumenthal, Yeah, it’s flying off the shelves, the metaphorical shelves anyway. Pub. date is March 15. But Amazon’s already put it on sale, some of the other bookstores, so it’s going great guns. WKRN Interview and links.

UFO – Paranormal –

  • UFOs are not a modern phenom. Dated 1882. A Mexican Astronomer reported his sighting in a French scientific publication. TheUFOChronicles.
  • The Chemistry Professors Who Documented the Paranormal. FutureandCosmos.

Animal Kind –

Massage with heart.

Animals trust us to be there for them. This dog knows where to go for help. Injured. He is seen checking into a clinic – all by himself. The Vet reportedly discovers a tumor. Link. A subsequent fundraising page was established. Link.

Parting Shot –

3.9.21 – 2am. Nighttime guest. 2 bright white lights beside my hand. Some would call them orbs. About the size of a 50 cent piece. Brilliant white flashes. Twice. Then gone. Computer crashed that morning… Normal is not part of my routine.


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