Embrace Extraordinary – Experiencer details account of UFOs, Aliens, Time Distortion, ETs: Breadcrumbs to the Cosmos – John Foster UFOs

John E. Mack, who “evaluated hundreds of experiencers, says this group of people should be treated with respect; he considers them akin to shamans or religious mystics. Except that the alien-abduction phenomenon, he explained in an interview, is “like an outreach program from the cosmos.” Source.


Touching the Extraordinary – a Legacy

Experiencer John Foster’s detailed memories of his UFO/ET encounters and interactions span decades and reveal just how extensive and clandestine this anomalous presence in our society can be. While some are allowed to retain memories of the events, others are clearly prohibited to ensure select projects proceed in the manner they are intended. 

To continue to deny and ignore this agitating presence is to be complicit in perpetuating a false narrative. Experiencers like John provide compelling evidence that Humans are being surreptitiously influenced by an unknown agent… 

In drawing attention and offering examples of how this enigma has inserted itself in his personal life, John exposes the hidden influence, the manner in which the others might present themselves and blend in to everyday events and activities without interference. He illustrates how easy it can be to manipulate the reality of those who are afraid to do the personal work of asking questions and investing more time on endeavors that broaden conscious awareness.

Whatever their ultimate role, we are challenged to become more self-aware. We are challenged to admit this influence is above anything known to our science. 

It’s time to acknowledge and express our latent PSI abilities to know more and see more.

Thank you, John for all that you have endured and your continued efforts to bring this phenomena to light. JohnFosterUFOs.com


The Future is calling

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”  – Nikola Tesla

Email from John Foster

This is the email John is sending out to his mailing list. I am also sharing it here.

To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement.”  “…this 75-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.”   “…It was truly the start of an adrenaline rush that would propel me through several years of UFO research and interviews with some 3,000 ‘experiencers’ all over the country. None would be so intriguing, so absolutely riveting, bizarre, far-out, instructive, challenging and representative of the entire UFO phenomenon as John Foster’s incredible story, though.” – Bob Teets – best selling author, investigative journalist, researcher, editor, publisher – former representative of the Human Potential Foundation. Bob has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery Volume 2.
John’s Drawing collection is extensive

4 e-books and 4 Paperback books available

Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book  –  A brief introduction to John’s story is followed by over 170 freehand illustrations with short comments. The illustrations represent John’s point of view as he and other people experienced the encounters. – “Eclectic and penetrating personal examination of a very complex phenomenon. The exceptional illustrations really helped add another dimension of strangeness to the high strangeness within.” – Gerald J. Gaura

Paperback, 6″ x 9″, $6.95, Amazon.com.
ebook, $3.95, Amazon.com.


Eminent Discovery Volume 1 – How it all began – “Discovery” and the more simple encounters – an astonishing extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes many illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record.” – Prologue, Foreword, Psychological Opinion, Introduction, Overview, and Chapters 1 through 8, plus Author’s History.

Paperback, 6″ x 9″, $8.95, Amazon.com
ebook, $4.95, Amazon.com

Comments about Eminent Discovery “The ridicule factor is alive and well in both UFOlogy and the skeptics point of view. But nowhere will you find such extraordinary experiences written from the perspective of a reasonable person who is so careful to think on both sides.” Steve Snodgrass, mental health practitioner, in-depth UFO researcher


Eminent Discovery Volume 2 – More Complex encounters – an extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened -Includes Summaries and Conclusions and more illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record” – Prologue, Chapters 9 through 14, Appendix A Contributions From Others, and Appendix B Statements From Witnesses, Epilogue, plus Author’s History.

Paperback, 6″ x 9″, $8.95, Amazon.com
ebook, $4.95, Amazon.com


To Earth From Heaven – Descriptions of additional encounters and a somewhat extensive discussion about what it all means and might mean.  

Comments by Steve Snodgrass, mental  health practitioner, UFO investigator: –  “John rationalizes and speculates more thoroughly about what it all means…and what it might mean. John touches base with some of his complex experiences, and then journeys into philosophical inquiry to imagine how in the world what he experiences can make sense. This is not a book of instruction. It is a book of questions, of inquiry, and hypothesis to describe things most people would rather sit back and avoid. In other words, you can take the “red pill” and remain content in the reality you’ve constructed and have been conditioned to see. Or you can buy this book and take the “blue pill” and see a universe much more like the matrix than you are afraid to admit. Have courage. John Foster has plenty of it.” 

Picture Book, 6″ x 9″, $8.95, Amazon.com
ebook, $4.95, Amazon.com


Books are available on Amazon.com and in bookstores and libraries around the world. John’s UFO websitehttps://johnfosterufos.com/

Multiple witnesses

Note from John:

(John will be 85 in October, 2022. His books and website likely will not be available after his death.)

Thank you for visiting……….John

Truth exists alongside and within us and has been here all along.

According to John E. Mack, “Experiencers are authentic – not mentally ill. His theory: Some powerful intelligence is trying to intervene in human affairs. All of which, not surprisingly, has drawn rebukes within the academic community.” Source.

John Foster’s story is one such example of the accuracy of John E. Mack’s assessment.

Interview with Randall Nickerson coming

Ariel Phenomenon explores an African extraterrestrial encounter witnessed by over sixty schoolchildren in 1994. As a Harvard professor, a BBC war reporter, and past students investigate, they struggle to answer the question: “What happens when you experience something so extraordinary that nobody believes you?”

Watch this extraordinary film. Link: Film and Trailer.

Review: Linda Cook

“This is one of the most incredible documentaries you’ll ever see, and one of the most astounding true stories you’ll ever hear.

I have a fondness for documentaries. They teach us, they move us, and they change our worldview. “Ariel Phenomenon” does all of these simultaneously. Even skeptics will have a hard time scoffing at the idea that these children saw … something … that wasn’t part of the everyday world.

Director Randall Nickerson’s film will hook you from the get-to and stay with you long after the credits roll.” Link.


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