Believe and you will see. And sometimes – when you are able to trust – you will be rewarded with an introduction and a tour!

I have had earlier opportunities to check out the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and opted against it. Since I believe in and experience ghosts on a regular basis, I really didn’t want or need to engage more on my vacation.

Ghosts and spirit energies are real for me, so I try not to intentionally go where I have not been invited.

This time, for whatever reason, I had an invite; my guides suggested a visit.

As such, it was up to me to make it happen, not knowing exactly what to expect or why I had to see the Stanley Hotel.

It may be that, with the constant presence of my nightlight energy, I don’t question or doubt the existence of other awarenesses and life forms. Ghosts are a lot like people. They each have a certain role they are playing or duty they have agreed perform.

Some appreciate a bit of interest and polite acknowledgement but for the most part, they don’t want to hang out to shoot the breeze…or jump through a circus of hoops to prove they exist. They exist without proof or any obligation to provide such.

When and if a ghost needs my help, they find me and that works perfectly well for me. Why the Stanley and why this time? Turns out it was the presence of a new (very much alive and breathing) tour guide who had just enough time and experience on the job to corroborate all of my impressions – impressions that started bubbling in full force from the minute we drove onto the property.

My guides told me – “We have a surprise for you.” Ever the jovial companions, I have learned any reluctance or trepidation on my part only serves to amuse them even more, so I just go and see what they’ve arranged to help with my ongoing lessons in enlightenment.

I obliged them with a trip to the Stanley Hotel to meet a spirit they referred to as “The Singing Ghost.” The music began the minute I entered the grounds The guides were laughing and kept asking, “Can you hear us singing.”

I walked – without knowing – directly to the music room, paused to admire the piano in the lobby area outside and felt drawn to the souvenir shop where I found someone I could question who answered a lot of my questions and then directed me to (as it turns out) the person I was actually sent there to see.

[The first telepathic interaction was given when my companion asked where we might find a restroom – and directions were offered.]

When I told that person I had a tremendous connection with someone who was incredibly musical and I heard and felt as if the ghost was humming, we were off. Our story is still unfolding.

Mountains in the background. I love the view.

For me, even though I have been doing this kind of thing overtly for over a decade, it is still embarrassing to ask the kind of questions I have to ask to corroborate my ghost impressions – but I can’t get any information if I don’t – so I just allow that I will find the right person and provide amusement for those who don’t get it.

On this trip – I found the ghost, the right person, and a reason to go back. Once again, my guides managed to make the road to “enlightenment” fun.

Oh, and for an added incentive to do my homework, I woke up with a huge knot in my back the day of the trip. It made absolutely no sense. (However, I did suspect a connection.) The guides referred to it as the “monkey on your back.” As soon as I made my engagement at the Stanley, the monkey went away.

The purpose of the trip:

My guides sent me to a place where I had no prior knowledge or sense of familiarity to connect my dots and remember what I “know” is always with me; I had to affirm me in yet another way.

No matter how amazing and wonderful my encounters and abilities, I am still exploring, discovering and accepting who I am and what I do.

Never a dull moment in this world of light.

From another acquaintance, I have a ghost photo. Might be Mr. Stanley. There is a very clear image of a face in the fog – only visible when she reviewed her photos. Link has that photo.

I really should update these posts And include the song lyrics.

5 thoughts on “Musical Ghost at the Stanley Hotel

  1. Well, this is very interesting. I had no idea you were in Colorado. I myself stayed in this hotel many years ago for a writers’ converence (late 1980’s). Didn’t hear any ghost, or about any ghosts, though!

    Margot the Marrakesh Mystic

    Liked by 1 person

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