“Which ticket will you buy?” – John E. Mack, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens and John Foster UFOs

UFO, ET wake-up call. Humanity is under their influence – and has been for decades/centuries. The true purpose and origin is unknown but, rather than harming us, it would seem they are invested in preventing us from eradicating ourselves – or – if not us – the planet we inhabit.

~ ~ ~

“Writing as if she were receiving information from another troubled and perplexed source or voice that was speaking to her, Jerry described the beauty of the Brazilian rain forest, but followed this with the concern that “it was dying a very slow death . . . Why was this most beautiful place being destroyed?” she continued.

“You started to investigate further and you discovered that it was not the place that was dying. It was the inhabitants of the place that were killing it. You then were very concerned about this and continued exploring the rest of the earth and its inhabitants. The very same thing happened everywhere you went. You then decided something must be done. But what? How? . . .

Does humankind have that much hatred for his future that he would destroy it?” she wondered.” Source: John E. Mack, *Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens

~ ~ ~

Beyond believing – this is knowing. UFOs are real. The purpose, some have been told, is to influence humanity. I spoke with John Foster earlier this year (2/2020 John Foster Interview Link) and wanted to reconnect because I had more questions and had continued to correspond with John after our first session.

Our second interview aired 10/18/20 on KCMO Talk Radio 710AM. That show is now available in the archives. Wendy’s Coffeehouse Link.

We don’t have time to cover in the interview all that is addressed in our email correspondence, so John has agreed to let me include that content here. I start with the blog he posted that triggered the exchange and will share our conversation in subsequent posts.

Questions? Please ask.

Even decades since John first started remembering experiences (the process began in 1986) of the previous 40 plus years of interactions (since birth, 1937), he still has questions.

After reading John’s books and talking with him, what surprises me most is that so many are willing to completely avoid or deride the topic rather than admit there are those among us who have experienced events so foreign to our understanding of “reality” that we are forced to admit our understanding of “reality” is incomplete.

John Foster has consolidated scenes from his various encounters in this image.
See his website for background and book information. JohnFosterUFOs

While it was difficult for John to reconcile life experiences unfathomable by current mainstream society, he had the benefit of knowing and also remembering others who had been present with him for many of the encounters. Eventually, connecting with some of the “familiar strangers” helped to provide reassurance and validation that his experiences were fact and not fiction.

John has provided multiple drawings and detailed descriptions of his interactions with the ETs/Aliens/Other. His information illustrates just how varied each experience of reality can be.

Few experiencers have the ability to offer detailed drawings, diagrams, dates and locations of encounters spanning decades. John’s engineering background gave him an edge and helped to provide a visual context for his experience.

If the others among us choose to remain hidden as they have done and no doubt intentionally continue to do as we expand our awareness, then we can at the very least allow for that existence.

I confess I am biased in favor of this because I have had my own experience with time shifts and invisible others to validate my belief.

It would seem their purpose is to remain in the background to be able to continue whatever activities are in process without disrupting the entire population.

Something remarkable is happening. Refusal to allow for the possibility of learning about it by denying the existence or rejecting those who have had direct contact and can offer eye-witness testimony is a tremendous missed opportunity to increase our knowing.

It might be that now – with all of the disruption and chaos on a grand scale – is a good time to also turn the light on the ET/UFO presence and see who else is in the room with us.

My correspondence with John begins with this email regarding an update posted on his blog: https://johnfosterufos.com/2020/09/28/the-connection-of-ufos-to-our-human-culture/

In this post he references the joint ET/Human project:

“The project” and the particular people involved also seem similar to what I was told while hovering in that up-side-down tub type UFO over Dubois during the time travel. Just as they had settled in that area to mix modern culture with the wholesomeness of the wilderness, we who are to participate in “the project” possibly are being clandestinely influenced by the brotherhood to integrate, more directly, spiritual development into our modern middle American culture, so that our culture will become more wholesome…i.e, spiritually wholesome.

In the next post, I will continue with our email correspondence. To be continued…

*John E. Mack spoke with John Foster. Conversation is included in the book Abduction, on Amazon. Do yourself a favor and read the comments too.


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