Curiouser and curiouser by design – ET/UFO encounters are no accident

As promised, this post includes my email correspondence with John Foster who kindly agreed to a second interview (linked below) and provided answers to my questions.
Part 1.

“When I was two or three years old, another young boy and I were told that they (the mysterious intelligences) were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me (or us). It was a voice who spoke at different times as a common man, a tall lizard-like being, a small alligator being, from a certain place in the atmosphere, and from inside my head.” – John Foster, UFO Eminent Discovery, Volume 1: Living within and beyond the five senses

John’s background as an engineer makes him uniquely qualified to add insight into the machinery or lack of machinery manifested during a UFO/ET encounter. 

46 years of contact and interaction with UFOs and their various occupants is an incredible database to pull from. While there now seems to be greater acceptance and acknowledgement (societal permission to believe) in the UFO/ET presence, there still is scant material evidence to substantiate their existence.

Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction.

In comparing notes and stories of experiencers, some what they are trying to describe is ineffable. Our materialistic, linear focused vocabulary lacks the language needed to precisely recount multidimensional consciousness immersion.

What is so necessary in cataloging, studying and comparing contact and encounter stories provided by experiencers is the ability to identify common elements in ET, UFO, extraordinary, high strangeness, paranormal events so as not to miss any obvious cues and parallels when we discover a reality that does not honor our ‘rules’.

Some are obsessed with bagging nuts and bolts artifact evidence. Even a minimum of research into experiencer accounts suggests we might be completely off base in anticipating an ability to retrieve and store elements designated as physical nuts and bolts.

Given the UFO/ET ability to manipulate our sensory awareness, this is the stuff dreams are made of. It feels real when we are engaged in the moment – and then that stone cold evidence vanishes once the originator withdraws.

Real and unreal.

Triggered with John’s post regarding an ET/Human project: Link.

John –
Glad to see your posts! No matter how much you share – there will always be those who are just finding your information for the first time. And that is fantastic. Thank you!

– Just a couple of quick questions. Did you ever have contact with Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Brad Steiger, Brent Raynes, Nick Redfern or Timothy Beckley? There are several books and articles written by them and I wondered if any had included or attempted to include your accounts?

– What do you think about the gradual shift to considering UFO/Paranormal/Fortean events as a form of the collective/higher consciousness attempting to influence humanity to evolve and come at the UFO events – from more than just physical and/or metaphysical view and seeing the events – even if it involves beings – like us as a method of engagement to create challenges in our thinking and beliefs about our reality?

Would you be interested in doing another interview? I would like to ask about how your own beliefs might have changed – or not – since you have experienced the things you were shown and they are playing out. Or, if you are more comfortable with a written form, I would like to ask and include our conversation in a blog format. [If that is okay.] (Interview #2 is linked below.)

There is very little Q&A now with those like you who have had your extensive interaction and that is [as I see it] a huge opportunity to examine more of the gaps in our present knowing. 

There is some terrific information that suggests there are many who have completely changed direction after investigating and exploring these topics over a period of decades – not just skimming the surface of one area of the phenomenon.

My own guides have suggested we can learn more if we are able to entertain each and every one of our encounters, be they ordinary or anomalous and as a psychological exercise and review the challenges presented. Rather than trying to ascribe a definition or label [minutia = because we really can’t see the big picture from this angle] to that which we are exposed to – try to see what the point might be for the encounter.

  1. How are we changed in our beliefs?
  2. Is there a redirect?
  3. Fear vs. Freedom?
  4. Mindset changed?
  5. Do we evolve in a way that inspires greater integrity, awareness and compassion for all – regardless of what the external landscape displays?
    That seems to be our biggest hurdle. Each has the key to his own knowing. Once that becomes the basis – one is free to address reality in a way that offers more flexibility – which is what the ET, UFO, Transdimensionals, Ghosts, Angels, Little people, etc. … represent.

I am working with and exploring that. 
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  


Traveling light.


Interview #2 with John Foster – Wendy’s Coffeehouse

Up until this year: 2020 – the ‘powers-that-be’ [influential high level military, gov, scientists, etc.] kept avoiding and disavowing any knowledge of UFOs because ‘they didn’t exist’…

John knows otherwise – having experienced and remembered their presence in his life since childhood. Born in 1937. He was chosen – along with multiple others he calls the ‘familiar strangers’ – for a project.

This Q&A is an attempt to get the discussion started about that activity as well. John responds:

Hi Wendy,
Wow, that is quite an email. You have covered a lot of ideas and concepts that I too feel are important and should be pursued if a person is interested in knowing “the truth”……whatever it might end up being for each of us.

I’ll try to answer in some detail, but it will take some time. I’ll respond to this email taking it a paragraph at a time.
Until then….as always, wishing you the very best……John

Continues in a follow-up post.

*Image credit JohnFosterUFOs

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