John Foster, Daughter Kindra and UFO Family Ties

“I have no doubt that in reality the future will be vastly more surprising than anything I can imagine. Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” ~ J. B. S. Haldane, Wiki

JohnFosterUFOs – is the most extraordinarily detailed UFO/ET/Alien contact account from a long term experiencer that I have read. Only when he opted out, did the memories surface. What the big picture is on Alien Abduction and Contactee reports – we still have too little information to draw any conclusions. The stories offer intelligence gathering on what is happening to experiencers and how their lives change as a result.

Hoping to alert any and all who may yet discover they have their own contact account to reconcile, John has tried to recount and document, to the best of memory; dates, locations, witnesses and drawings of his encounters. Drawings include craft and beings he encountered.

Contactees report being told to forget the event or having their memories ‘wiped’. Some say they were told they will remember at a certain time.

When John told the beings he would not cooperate further without being informed about their ultimate intent and purpose of his involvement, there was a parting of ways. Thereafter, memories began to surface. Starting from birth [1937], John tracked four decades of ongoing contact.

John’s daughter Kindra was there the day those memories came flooding back. She describes the trauma of that moment and beyond that, piecing the links together to help her father connect with others who had similar involvement and, as it turns out — a reunion with fellow experiencers who could identify each other — through memories of being present during similar encounters.

One surprise might have been the implication Kindra was present for some of the encounters. John didn’t want to risk contaminating any memories that might surface for Kindra, so he chose only to affirm information when she introduced specific elements and details relevant to the event.

The drawing highlighted for this post includes Kindra seated at a campsite, guitar at her side, during an encounter her father experienced in Colorado. The family was there as well.

Kindra remembers the emotion of that event due to having been somewhat traumatized. She says she heard a male voice talking to her father from above and the voice sounded angry. Choosing to avoid possible interaction, she retreated to stay beside her grandfather. At the time she rationalized the origin of the ‘voice in the sky’ as from a helicopter hovering overhead.

In our interview, she shared some of the odd anomalies she recalled that cast doubt on that ‘helicopter’ scenario. Our interview is posted in the Wendy’s Coffeehouse Archives. Link.

There is also another layer to this story. John followed up with added details after Kindra and I spoke. This additional back story involves events associated with the birth of Kindra.

~ ~ ~

Kindra, Part One: August, 19 –, I was working in a uranium mine 50 miles east of Riverton, Wyoming. We lived in Riverton.

When Annie’s water broke early in the morning, we got in the car and sped toward the hospital. While on the way, I looked up beside our car and saw UFO disc-shaped craft following us. They flew at our speed just above the tree tops beside the the car. When we reached the hospital, I saw something else that was strange, something I don’t quite remember.

As Kindy was being born, one of the nurses or a hospital helper (who was Native American) came up to me and told me that I had a very beautiful and special daughter. I said, “Yes, I know. We think she is special. etc, etc. Yet she kept telling me that she was special.

Well, my work at the mine included surveying mining claims and establishing new methods for ore extraction. And while surveying we were in tall sage brush that bred multitudes of ticks. Every night those of us on the survey crew had to take 15 to 30 ticks off our bodies. And we were told to go to the hospital to get tick shots.

While there after Kindy’s birth, that same lady came up to me and repeated the comments on how special our daughter was. And I repeated the same answers. She then said that I didn’t understand, that the spirits had shown up at the campfire on the reservation the night before she was born and told the tribe about her birth. “The voice” said that Kindy would help their people at some time in the future.

I asked her what the spirits looked like and she said, “You know, it was like a disc or light hovering over the campfire, etc.” She said the voice spoke from the light or disc.

As it turned out Kindy did help their people by writing and producing a educational video for the Nebraskan tribes, a video about the oral traditions of the tribes, etc.

It’s also interesting that my folks came to the hospital a couple of days after Kindy’s birth. As we were walking up to the front door of the hospital, we saw a disc manifest and a small booth develop up against the hospital’s outside wall…and the voice spoke words that I don’t quite remember.

Kindra, Part Two: Second short story: (My flood of recollections occurred in 1986 & early 87.)  This happened in June (I believe) or early July of 1987. And you should know that the Native American lady who told me how special Kindy was at the hospital when she was born also told me that she (the lady) was a member of “The Rainbow Clan” on the reservation.

Well, after I had discovered that Leo Sprinkle was most probably the only person in the world who truly understood UFO encounters, after I had received several letters from Leo, Annie and I made arrangements to meet with him just before his 1987 Rocky Mountain Conference On UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyoming.

Laramie is in the southeast part of Wyoming…Riverton and Lander in the west-center. After we arrived to meet with him, June Parnell (Leo’s colleague) was in the conference room on campus of the University of Wyoming. She told us Leo was with another person and that she would wait with us until he was ready.

She did hypnotize me concerning my encounters and the future etc, but what was most astonishing is that a man came rushing into the room and wanted to see Leo immediately. June talked with him and convinced him to stay and wait.

As he waited he told us his story about encountering the Native Americans and UFOs in Sinks Canyon, in the Wind River Mountains, just southwest of Lander. His encounter had just happened or it occurred the previous day or two. (Lander is just a few miles south of Riverton.)

He said that he and his friend were hiking on the mountain side, south side of Sinks Canyon, when they heard music and singing. It was so loud and prominent that they walked to the edge of the mountain and looked down in the valley. They saw people walking on the road up the valley singing and dancing. It was so strange that they decided to go down and investigate.

As they approached the people, they were careful not to reveal themselves. As the people got to the turn in the road, they continued on into the forest. And when the man and his friend followed they were startled by a large ball of light that would swoop just a few feet over the people, from time to time, from east to west.

He and his friend were so puzzled they crept a little closer, and as the light began to fly over the people’s heads more frequently, the dancing got faster and the singing got louder…apparently very loud as if the people were extremely excited.

They apparently had built a campfire by that time. And as the dancing and music appeared to reach a deafening crescendo, the ball of light swooped in and hovered over the campfire that they had built, then zoomed straight upward where it disappeared into the upper atmosphere. (I can’t remember for sure, but he might have said the ball of light exploded high in the sky.)

He was so excited and puzzled about what he saw, he went up to one of the Native American women, and he asked her who they were and what it was all about. The woman told him something I don’t remember, but I do remember that she told him that they, that group of Native Americans, were “The Rainbow Clan.”

This I imagine was very similar to the night when the Native American lady and her “Rainbow Clan” received the information concerning Kindy’s birth. And it is additionally strange because Leo was the first person who I trusted who might want to hear my story. He didn’t hear it that day but was able to hear parts of it that week during his conference.

Kindy accompanied us to a couple of other conferences in later years.

~ ~ ~

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