Dorothy Izatt – following the breadcrumbs of light – entertaining the extraordinary

“I usually meditate before I go to sleep and say a bit of prayers and meditate. All of the sudden this light appears and then there was these three men standing there. They said, “What we’re showing you is preparing you for what we’re gonna give you.” I didn’t feel a threat like anything was frightening or anything like that. They said they had lots to show me and teach me because there’s more things in this world that we know about. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And then they left. They just disappeared.” – Dorothy Izatt, Capturing the Light, Director: Frank Longo

When you wish to contemplate the extraordinary in a world determined to push your reality into a neat and tidy box of inconsequential – take heart. Dorothy’s story is inspiring – she died recently – but her breadcrumbs are alive and well. The book is available on Amazon: Contact with Beings of Light, Peter Guttilla.

We talked about her story in one of my interviews with Terry Albright 6/24/2018. Friends with Peter, he met Dorothy and shared his own Orb images with me. The Dorothy Izatt project, filming UFOs, ETs, Orbs and Interdimensional beings is posted in Wendy’s Coffeehouse Archives.

Dorothy Mary IZATT, SEPTEMBER 24, 1922 – JANUARY 29, 2021. With her passing, others are coming forward sharing their own accounts of how her story touched them. Some have posted details worth repeating in response to her Obituary.

One of the comments:
D.A., February 19, 2021

I just watched the Frank Longo documentary, ‘CAPTURING THE LIGHT’ and in the part where Dorothy showed where she was flashing her flashlight in various directions and pulses and —

— well, the same thing happened to me in the Winter of approx. 2010 in Southern Oregon.

The sky was insanely crisp.  Not a cloud in the sky … and the endless dusting of stars and galaxies above me.  It was about 2am and I was just leaving my Mumm’s house in Phoenix, Oregon and stopped at my car, not three steps from her back door when looking up, I saw a LIGHT in the heavens moving in a South to North direction.

I thought I was looking at a satellite as in my then 52-ish years, I had seen many through the years. 

Now, on my key ring, I had one of those Dollar Store kind of Cat Lasers attached.

Seeing no anti-collision lights strobing nor red port or green starboard indicators — I took out the little red laser — pointed it at it and … barely remembering my old Boy Scout Morse Code … zapped it in with an ‘S.O.S.’ (••• — •••) and —

IT replied back in less than a second, ‘••• — •••’

“No way,” I mumbled to myself.  So — I zapped at IT again with the Morse Code for, ‘HI’ (•••• ••)

IT replied again just a second after I sent the greeting.  I got back ‘•••• ••’

That was when IT changed direction towards me.


Capturing the Light – DVD

Here are some of the Amazon reviews:

Refreshingly Credible Contact Story You’ve Likely Never Heard Of, May 14, 2019, Watching a lot of UFO programs and films can leave one feeling like so many stories are retreads for cable TV. Often using the same talking heads and interviewees. Then there’s the sub-genres of contact and abductions. That is an area of a wild wilderness of fantastical and hard to believe claims. I think even if one believes there are UFOS of extra-terrestrial origin things get quite irrational when the contact and abduction stuff is thrown into the same pot. So I was quite taken back by Dorothy’s story here. It in many ways is the opposite of made for cable UFO fare. It is refreshing and quite interesting. The films she made are remarkable as is her own persona. This is the most credible living witness to UFO phenomenon with contact that I’ve seen to date. Dorothy rings true and her films back it up. That makes this a must see by anyone who has an interest in the subject. It will change your attitude quite possibly.

AUTHENTIC ORB PROBES, May 15, 2019, This was a magnificent video, one that I will share regularly. It was convincing, so was the woman, Dorothy, who laboriously collected the footage. At 81, she was certainly a force, believable and honest. During the interview, I felt drawn to the families realization that what mom and grandma had been saying was real, surprising ending. There is one other video that is similar to this one, the *Stella Lansing video (on YouTube), just 8 minutes, but a similar story. Both are certainly worth your time.

*For reference: the Stella Lansing video on YouTube.

IMPOSSIBLE TO FAKE!!!, June 22, 2019, For all the trolling skeptics who say these can be produced by simply moving the camera in what is known as light streak photography. There are several characteristics of her shots that make these impossible to be faked in that manner. (1) These were shot on moving film. NOT still photography. Moving the camera would not produce light streaks. It would have simply filmed movement. (2) Google Light Streak Photography and compare it to hers. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING THE SAME!! There are 2 very distinct characteristics that make these IMPOSSIBLE light streak photography. (A) The streaks are not smooth in nature like normal light streak photography. The lines are wiggle. Unless she can mover her hands at unhuman speed. (B) WIDTH variations. Light streak photography comes from a light source and so the width of the streak remains consistent. Her shots the width of the streaks are changing too dramatically to have come from either a man-made or natural light source. So IF these are fakes. She would have had to have had inhuman hand movement combined with a light source that could change width in 1/24th of a second. NO WAY. I’ve been a photographer for 20 years and I instantly saw the difference in light streak photography and what she presented.


Related –

Insight and inspiration for nighttime journeys – Cosmic Spirit Tech (Blog) –

“My situation does not allow for extended time away from distraction or the interests of others.  I worked ritual when I had the opportunity but lets face it, having loving people around is a benefit of living well.  So now I mainly take my meditations, visualizations, and journeys just before falling asleep.  I have described elsewhere the journeys taken while standing up to avoid falling asleep but as you become more capable you can complete your journey before sleep or take it with you into the dream world.  Just be sure that when you get up in the morning you affirm that you are returned to normal…” Continued.


Endings, beginnings, footnotes and catalysts –

Long May You Run. Tribute Song to Neil Young’s 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse that died when its transmission blew in 1965. His car was named Mort.

“1 A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth.”ECCLESIASTES 7:1 NIV

How fitting the words when I am blogging and posting about transitions and night journeys. The prompt came from another post mentioning a hearse and synchronicity finds the dots.

Also trying to connect the audible voices calling to me over the past couple of weeks, just before I am ready to wake up/get up, I will hear a voice that sounds as vibrant as a solid flesh person. The phrases have been simple. Three so far: “You hoo”, “Hey Wendy”, and a bit more perplexing, “It’s William”.

Catching fleeting glimpses of something moving in the yard and in the corner of the bedroom. Movement in the middle of the empty air and nothing else. Both register at about 4 ft. high.

Then there was another presence just a couple of days ago. It was a vision – a white dog (GSD) lying on Max’s old dog bed on the floor beside me. That space is empty now and in a different home. But it would have been the placement of his space when he was alive – on my right side.

Earlier this week, I sensed a need to photograph a star in the sky and then had the images display blank photos in amongst what should have been a burst sequence of the star.

And today – the nightlight – that has now taken to remaining ‘off’ most of the time – is blinking. I can’t help being excited when I see that. There is a worry that – after more than two decades of flashing – it will burn out. If it does, I trust the process but I will miss that physical interaction.

Today is the Snow Moon/full moon. 2/27/21. Almanac. The interview with Astrologer Susan Miller runs this week. Wendy’s Coffeehouse Archives. I am learning to compile more elements to better track my clues and cues. Unseen assist, nudging forward momentum. Curious. And inspired.

Another synchronicity for this post. Neil Young is Canadian. Source. As is the author of another book I have been enjoying (again). Witnessing Bigfoot

Reality is open to interpretation for those willing to follow the trail of lights.   


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