Mind, Moon, Mystery and NDE Bliss – Chris Kito

“When it seems humanly impossible to do more in a difficult situation, surrender yourself to the inner silence and thereafter wait for a sign of obvious guidance or for a renewal of inner strength.” – Paul Brunton

“The notebooks of Paul Brunton represent the acme of wisdom on the nature of human spirituality. Every serious student of this subject will profit enormously by becoming acquainted with Brunton’s seminal work.” –Kenneth Ring. Ring’s latest book is available on Amazon, Reflections in a Glass Eye: Essays in the Time of COVID

Misc and Etc.

  • Boost your immune system? Meditate. UPI.
  • Miracle cat. Pulled out of the rubble 9 days after the Kentucky tornado. Office cat destined now to live out the rest of his days as a house cat. HuffPo.
  • “Bottom line: Consciousness is the ability to have a subjective experience that seems to go beyond merely processing the information.” Big Think.
  • Outstanding from 2010. If we have Souls then so do Chimps. Jane Goodall. The Spectator.
  • Fish can count. MSN.
  • Audio of Jupiter’s Moon = R2-D2. CBS
  • Future space travel. Mushroom assist. Scientific American.
  • 2020 Hindsight. AI prediction. Asked if it had any advice for readers, GPT-2: “The big projects that you think are impossible today are actually possible in the near future.”  Singularity Hub.
  • Warning hidden in plain sight. AI programming insight: “I will lie if it is in my best interest.” Billed as The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet (Ameca) … YouTube.
  • Yikes! Alexa learning curve. Don’t do this! HuffPost.
  • “King of Piel” ceremony – involving a rusty sabre which concludes with buckets of beer being poured over their head.” The Guardian.
  • Riding the high – Surfing at 92. The Guardian.

Montana man is a Believer. Source. Leo’s book: UFO’s Are Among Us – Take My Word, Leo Dworshak. [I bought the book.] Summary edited: In 1932, two German-American farm boys in North Dakota made an otherworldly discovery that would change their lives forever. It was a dusky summer evening when the twelve and eight-year-old brothers stumbled upon a machine in the mountains unlike anything they’d seen before Bigger than the Dworshak barn and “round like a silver dollar,” the contraption rotated and flashed multicolored lights. 

Blown away. When I told my Mom about this book – it triggered a childhood memory. The description “like a moon” clicked.

Circa late 1940’s. [46-47] She was approximately 9 years old. As they drove by an open field in the countryside, she saw the moon sitting at the back of the field in front of the tree line. Having already seen the moon – it made no sense. And sitting in front of the tree line? What was it?

She could not tell her parents knowing the response would be negative. Instead, she kept it to herself and wondered off and on through the years, what was it that she could have seen and how could “the moon” appear in a field?

A UFO sighting never talked about – until the trigger opened the lock on her mind. Even with all of our discussions and my writing. She’s in her 80’s now and the wording in this case [Leo’s story] helped her to registered it as a correlation to her own experience.

Later in the day, she offered a description of the various ‘moon’ colors to my husband when he asked her what it looked like. She responded that it had a blend of white, yellow, gold, orange and other colors. All bright and glowing.

The moon as a key factor – seen and unseen – is the perfect foil. Experiencer Ida Kannenberg refers to her initial 1940 UFO encounter as the “Night of the Flaming Moon“. UFO Initiation: Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers, Amazon.

Dorothy Izatt also mentions wondering how the ‘moon’ could do what she was seeing. Previous post. The film is available on Amazon.

Preston Dennett’s recent UFO videos offer more fascinating accounts.

  • Excellent story with a big reveal: “What James didn’t know is that Cleo was a UFO contactee and that she had been having ET contact her whole life.” YouTube.
  • UFO encounter with [Like Leo describes] Human occupants. Youtube.

In the Podcast Library 

Dr. Bob Davis Interview – Wendy’s Coffeehouse Executive ProducerThe Consciousness Connection.

Bio – “Dr. Davis’ research efforts, lectures, and interviews vary across many disciplines with a focus on consciousness, the brain, parapsychology, and unexplainable extraordinary experiences reported by millions worldwide.”

Author of three books: Unseen Forces: Towards an Integration of Science, Reality, and You (2019), Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence ( 2017), and The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe? (2016).

We cover the UFO experience, the shared NDE, and his mind boggling – earth shattering – reality busting Kundalini experience. Happened totally out of left field and turned his world inside out, upside down and sideways.

NDE Bliss

Filmmaker Anthony Chene has compiled an incredible archive of personal NDE accounts. Follow him on YouTube for the newest uploads and documentaries. A popular NDE resource. Chris Kito says there was an amazing response to his interview.

Comments also reflect how helpful these stories are.

This example from Cozzi: “These videos bring me so much peace. I lost my Dad and sister and I’ve been sometimes tormented by grief. When I watch them I feel this sense of healing and I can feel my sisters spirit around me. It’s the most incredible feeling ever. I don’t understand it fully but the other side is so real. It’s so close. My sister and I used to sing together all the time and we had a band called Cozzi. I took a lot for granted when we could so easily do this together before and it became so painful to want to sing again. I decided to bring back Cozzi and I have dreams with her where she sometimes helps me write a song. Or I can feel her with me when I’m writing songs over the piano and crying myself tired while there. This is truly the most important thing in life. To know that we are not alone. That our loved ones stay by our sides forever. That we come here for a reason and we are meant to serve one another and love each other. Thank you so much for your message – your spirit is so uplifting and so full of light. Thank you so much.”

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview with Chris Kito.

Impressive number. According to a 2011 study, some 9 million people [USA] say they have had a NDE.” Discover Magazine.

Some say it has taken years to reconcile their experience. “After keeping this memory hidden away for twenty-two years, I feel like a lot of things in my life now make more sense. My intuition is very sharp; I sometimes just know things. Over the years, I have had a couple of premonition flashes just before falling asleep of events that were going to happen. I have always been spiritual more than religious, but now since my realization of my NDE, I feel even more spiritual and knowing.” IANDS.

Focus Forward

“The exercise of magical power is the exercise of natural powers, but superior to the ordinary functions of Nature. A miracle is not a violation of the laws of Nature, except for ignorant people. Magic is but a science, a profound knowledge of the Occult forces in Nature, and of the laws governing the visible or the invisible world. Spiritualism in the hands of an adept becomes Magic, for he is learned in the art of blending together the laws of the Universe, without breaking any of them and thereby violating Nature.” – H. P. Blavatsky

“It’s unkind to point out the Obvious To those who don’t want to see it. But it’s worse to point out the Invisible To those convinced it doesn’t exist.” – Ingo Swann


Imagine 1953. How High the Moon. Banjo. Concert for a Fox. Or Meditate.


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