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If [Albert Einstein once said, ‘the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’. It means that storing knowledge and learning the facts and formulae is not enough, but the motive of life is to think beyond the imagination.]… Then passionate curiosity liberates the mind and engages the drive to wonder, imagine, create, elevate, Soar… TRANSCEND.

Imagine You (already) have the ability to look into the future via a reflection pool.

That reflection is better than anything previously seen. Revelation: Only upon jumping into the reflection can the potential be revealed in the present. Trust the upgrade required and know your ability is innate – even if untapped.

Embody the witness and jump to a vantage point where you can imagine all possibilities reflect the extraordinary potential seeded in the now.

The goal: recover/invent the method to achieve the vision of a reality upgraded far beyond the collective drama. Illumination. Lit from within. Infinite potential.

That Paradigm Shift is currently underway. And the glaring [Covid] reflection is here to remind us, we are the work in progress.

The world is operating differently as a result. Time out. Opportunity. Challenge. Obstacle. Diversion. Course correction. Re-set.

Q & A. What do I want for my future? I will liberate my mind and upgrade my consciousness. What talent can I enhance with proper attunement? Where is my time best applied? Look beyond the surface. Request a reveal in reflection. Engage and carry it forward.


Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities. Russell Targ/Youtube. Non-local consciousness.

Phil Borges. Psychosis or Spiritual AwakeningPhil Borges TedX UMKC

Sci-Fi Short Film

Seechers. University student, Aris Fletcher, is training to become a Seecher. A secret group, who hold ancient knowledge on how to use subconscious power.

Explore the DUST Multiverse on our App:
“SEECHERS” by Natalie Kavanagh.
Connect with the Filmmakers:

Consider Remote Viewing

“Conditioned Awareness is where we live our lives in guilt over the past and anxiety over the future and never get to experience the present.”
Russell Targ

The Reality of ESP, Amazon: “I am convinced,” Targ says, “that most people can learn to move from their ordinary mind to one not obstructed by conventional barriers of space and time. Who would not want to try that?”

Review: Sep 24, 2020, Dave  amazing. “Scientist Russell Targ discloses his years of research into ESP in the Stanford Research Institute. This book is invaluable. The book might disappear as another researcher Annie Jacobsen reports a misinterpretation of the studies at SRI.”

Third Eye Spies on Amazon Prime. Link. Preview the Trailer. YouTube.


Unseen others exist who have the ability to influence our reality. In 2009, I experienced a demonstration of their presence. I’ll call it a reality shift.

Given a telepathic prompt, I was notified that I would experience 3 days of incongruities and I would note certain elements out of place but not share details with anyone (other than my husband who also experienced this event).

Several aspects were included in the instruction but one of the most mind bending involved the strong warning, ‘do not telegraph’ anything to suggest an irregularity in the situation.

I didn’t understand how that applied until my husband and I got in the car to drive across town. As I said, my husband was with me and witness to these events.

In driving across town – through several subdivisions – of a metropolitan city, there were no colors on the vehicles. All vehicles of various makes, models, designs were black, white or shades of gray/silver. No colors on the advertisements or logos. Zero colors.

The warning was explained – even if I didn’t understand until the event unfolded. It was intended to convey that my vantage point was unique and trying to cross check anything with a person in that environment would not be in my best interest and could cause actions that would result in me getting stuck in that timeline. (I chose not to attempt to test that instruction.)

Fortunately for me, I had my husband as a witness to the events. There were multiple mind bending incidents but this is one of the easiest to remember and describe. It was a black and white world.

Life is interesting. Reality is fascinating. Whatever it is that has the upper hand in our reality – and something entirely beyond our comprehension does – it is quite able to intervene at will – not governed by our physics – and not inclined (apparently) to disclose motive or intention.

Misc. Reading on the desk

A Sorcerer’s Apprentice. John Herlosky, Amazon. Wonderful explanation of the program as he journeyed from doubt to instructor and the subsequent learning curve when he hit a mental roadblock. Relates his surprise and awe in learning remote viewing is a skill that can be learned. Details encounters in exotic dimensions available for access through Remove Viewing.

Empty Force. Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill, Amazon. Master Class energy work.

Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis. Helen Wambach PhD., Amazon. Extraordinary. Trailblazer. Incarnation emotional and physical challenges run the gamut. Common ground variation is the difference in packaging. There are three audio interviews with Helen posted on Youtube. She had some fantastic personal experiences. Fascinating. Link to the first video.

Spoonbending Mind Shift

With Grandma. Kids age 9 and 10. Link.

Ariana. Newer demos available but I found her before she turned pro. 😉 Link.

Rev. Joanna Bartlett. Link.

Classic Spoonbending/PK Party with Jack Houck. Link. The key here is group energy. I’ve done this on my own and in a group and the group amplified the effect.

“Just begin and the mind grows heated; continue, and the task will be completed.” – Goethe

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