Writer’s Prompt. Intention, Dreams and Premonitions

“We have met the Martians and they are us.” Brad Steiger, Legacy of the Sky People, Amazon.

“Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality.” Alexis Carrel, Man the Unknown, Amazon (read the comments)

What purpose does it serve when your perception of reality is so radically different it seems the world around you is in a coma? How can it be that many are so blind to the joy, wonder and beauty of our Earth to not realize it falls to us to preserve it?

How can they miss the Magical beings walking alongside? Could be those beings choose to remain unseen.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” – Eden Phillpotts

Maybe they are waiting for us to Evolve and giving some a preview … to speed the process.


#1 – After the Storm
In this dream the elements are familiar. I have been here before and have memories of a house in this space but seem to have taken a trip and arrived at a hotel or vacation home. Furnishings are spare, a bed and chairs.

The walls of the space are white, without decoration. Floor to ceiling windows open to a terrace with a view of water. The difference from previous dream visits to this space is that for the first time I have a date stamp for the time.

The year is 2436. I am unclear as to why that matters but am given to understand this is a glimpse of the future of the Earth. To know that we have not blown up the planet, I am immediately relieved.

A woman who arrived prior to me will share the room. I ask if she wants to go to the beach. To my surprise, she opens the glass door to the terrace, walks out and tells me we are at the beach. I realize this room is ground level. She continues on a pebbled gravel path toward the water.

This place has no sand. The ‘beach’ consists of large boulders and rocks but you can swim in the dark water and the shoreline is protected from crashing waves. I see the sun peeking through a break in the white clouds on the far horizon but clouds directly overhead are quite dark and roiling but there is beauty in that…and power.

As I begin to have more awareness about this place I feel sorrow. Something is missing. While there is a sense of luxury and comfort and the elements present are pristine there is also a profound sense of loss.

It is then that I make the connection. There are no animals here or any indication of natural elements. Plants, flowers, trees, insects and animals. Earth is still here – but the environment we knew in the 20th Century no longer exists. I wake up.

#2 – High Tide
Although I don’t see her, the awareness is that I am sitting at the beach with my Mom. Suddenly, I realize the tide is rising and everything on the shore is at risk.

I tell her to grab what she can if it is important and leave the rest.

It is also clear this sandy beach is a steep grade. With the loss of solid footing and the fast rising tide there will be no time to lose. One of my cats is walking the shoreline and trying to hole up on a retaining wall but that will soon be underwater. My focus is only on getting the cat to safety. Once inside with the cat I notice a lump in the rug. The other cat has taken cover and is out of harm’s way.


#3 – In December of 2018. I posted the guidance I had been given and written in my journal and dropped the use of a word I thought was too incendiary at that time. I did not want to project a negative outcome.

Even without that word, the bulk of the transmission suggested a storm on the horizon: “As we have said, there will be massive change and extraordinary intervention/innovation – what that looks like as it happens is a huge divestment from business as usual.Link to Post.

The word was specific – and one of the cues I get when I am given a word outside of my customary vocabulary – to know the source is beyond my personal insight.

I felt it was ominous but could not fathom at that time what it referred to. I was [psychic communication/telepathy] told we would experience a culling. That event is currently underway.

After the first of this year 2021, there was a second bit of information on duration: 5 years. I take nothing of these types of cues for granted – simply note the information and view it similar to a weather forecast. It can change for no apparent reason. But the current indications suggest we are in for a bumpy ride – longer than has been anticipated.

Conscious Intent

At any given time – each and every one has the power to influence the manifest plane/reality. That is the magic Humans are born with. The challenge is to unpack it before the unintended scenario plays out. And that’s why some scenarios are changed and others fail to appear.

Consciousness is a soup constantly cooking. Unique to the experiencer. And collective. Whatever has the most weight and focus – lands on our doorstep. We materialize it with our thought and our focus. We can only translate the interaction to the level of that which has come before. Expanding the database of experience and language is essential to upgrade our understanding and interpretation of events.

Worry, insecurity and fear cloud the scene. At this time, as Humans are evolving, the challenge is that much of our thoughts and focus are unconscious but can indeed be empowered when one learns to be more present in awareness and eliminate the nonsensical stew.


William Tiller Science on Intention. At one time I joined an experimental program that gave permission for others to focus on me with the intent of influencing an increase in my focus on spiritual purpose.

I experienced an unexpected downside and dropped out. What happened during that 3 month adventure was an expanded awareness of others and an intrusion of thoughts. To clarify, it was not harmful. It simply felt crowded.

It helped that I had a vision of one person who sat in the center chair of a semi-circle. Twelve others came out of separate rooms and walked down a hall to join this person and then directed their thought energy at me.

I had to shut it out because it was too loud. While it wasn’t harmful, that energy felt disruptive and distracting. I am glad for that opportunity because it was interesting and educational and provided feedback that my intuition is guiding me to events and exercises that support my goal to focus on those activities that help to enhance and expand my spiritual awareness.


Brains might sync as people interact. “When we cooperate on certain tasks, our brainwaves might synchronize. This finding could upend the current understanding of consciousness.” – Discover.

Intention Experiment. After participating in peace Intention Experiments, the participants’ lives become more peaceful and loving; in healing experiments, they themselves get healed. – Lynne McTaggart.

Mind Over Matter. The work at the PEAR lab has consistently shown that “normal” volunteers – not people who purport to have any psychic powers – can indeed influence the behavior of micro-electronic equipment with their minds, with their consciousness. – Wired.

Intro to the PEAR Lab. – During its 28-year history, the lab worked to study and understand the anomalous impact that the mind seemed to have on physical devices, including electronic random event generators (REGs). Research was also conducted into remote perception, the ability of a person to perceive information that should be inaccessible through the standard senses. – Psyleron.

PEAR Lab and the Non-local Mind and Why They Matter. Researchgate.

PSI Insight

My belief – after decades of this type of interaction, is experiences that on some level are categorized as intuition, premonition and/or clairvoyance can also be considered a call to action. In this instance, I have been given a (spirit guide – paranormal – psychic – anomalous) writer’s prompt to add this information to the mix – even though I am still hesitant to put all this stuff ‘out there’.

While considering the various elements of this post and trying to figure out how best to organize and indicate specific [and personal] factoring elements or to write about something else entirely, I heard a sound.

That sound was not on the physical plane. It was a very clear prompt to connect the dots. The sound was a phone ringing. It could easily have been my cell phone.

But the sound was muffled – as if the phone were underwater.


Rabbit Hole

Apparently I am worthy of a reveal. Today’s bonus is delivered in a timely Facebook Post 8.2.21: First image I see today and it looks very familiar, like the image in my coffee cup. Wandjina.

Facebook post requesting information about the image.

Response from David Hamilton: “17,000 year old Kimberley mob drawings of 6th dimensional beings that came to earth. The red haze around the head depicts telepathy. Hence no mouths drawn.

In the comments was a reference to a YouTube channel for interesting content on the Wandjina/Majeena: Ryan Musgrave Evans. “As an experiencer of them, I personally KNOW it’s the Majeena/Tall Whites, but I fully appreciate that this means nothing to researchers/investigators, of course, without strong evidence.”

This is the book I bought a few months ago. Maybe there is more to this story and a connection I had not explored. Yorro Yorro. Website. Look at the cover.

Yorro Yorro tells of the Wandjina creation spirits.

No doubt more will be revealed.


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