Weird lizard race on a window screen at Niobrara State Park — 1952. Reblogged via John Foster

John’s experiences – over decades – detail ongoing, clandestine engagement easily hidden from the masses, flying under the radar of public view and well beyond mainstream awareness.

Ridiculed if mentioned openly to discourage examination or the possibility of admitting the presence of an unknown far advanced beyond human intelligence: John Mack. The Lancet.

John Foster’s extensive documentation outlines interaction by a source/s with deliberate intent to influence humans on a subtle and mostly unconscious level for a long range purpose. That program – from his accounts – continues with no intention of disclosing or revealing an ultimate goal or agenda.

However, the presence is real and John is not the only one who has been or is being influenced.

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Demanding answers from any world government produces half truths – not because there is a spooky, nefarious higher order or organized world domination game plan – rather due to a lack of solid information because the originator/source is elsewhere.

The best place to start looking for answers is to learn from experiencers like John to know just how effective this element is at – remaining active and unseen. In so doing, one might start identifying new methods and avenues of engagement to discern multiple layers of clandestine influences on consciousness.

Meditation and Telepathy are two practices to advance higher consciousness and expand awareness to the subtle planes. I share his information in the hope that those who have an interest [and quite possibly similar experiences] and aptitude will find validation and can examine John’s work for corroborating clues.

There is so much to learn – beyond the current UFO headline curriculum of nuts and bolts black triangles, tic tacs and Area 51. The paranormal is a star component and Consciousness is key.

Thank you John for your fastidious attention to detail and excellent drawings and Thank you for reading!

Blue River UFO Blog - A very unusual authentic UFO story

During some encounters what happened seemed so puzzling we couldn’t seem make sense of them. We couldn’t rationalize the purpose or meaning. However, during my 1986/1987 flood of recollections I was able to link them to a broader range of knowledge, especially as I had the time to review them and compare one experience to another or others, even if years or decades separated the encounters I was trying to understand.

The following is a very weird encounter that took place in a cabin at Niobrara State Park when I was traveling on an extended trip with an aunt and uncle and family. We had just rented a cabin at the park which is in the northeast part of Nebraska. Yet, this was the old park which eventually was vacated because of floods on the Niobrara River. At present the new park is located in the hills just west of…

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