Forecast in progress 2019 – 2029. Predictions and projections, the decade of upheaval.

“Why is intuition superior to reason? – Because it does not depend upon experience or memory and frequently brings about the solution to our problems by methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance.” – Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System, Public Domain, Internet Archive Link

After twenty some years of channeling, I have learned there are opportunities that we are unable to access or fathom when simply trying to apply logic. When I have questions, I ask for guidance and see if answers given are relevant to what I am – in that moment – focused on. I never take it as written-in-stone. Rather, it is a glimpse of things in motion and energy in flow that has a good potential for manifesting given the current environment.

Here is what I have been offered from the Guides – those I refer to as “The Nightlights“. Posted in December of 2018, it would appear this scene is now well underway. The Guides offered the time frame as 2019 – 2029.

*Also posted another version on Wendy’s Coffeehouse.

Question: I am curious about what the future has in store and what challenges we are going to face in 2019. 

Response: Trends – Upheaval and change in the world market. Uncertainty, instability and much realigning. Investment shift to commodities and energy. As we have said, there will be massive change and extraordinary intervention/innovation – what that looks like as it happens is a huge divestment from business as usual.

You will see institutions thought to be solid and enduring evaporate and dissolve. The old and entrenched methodologies are no longer viable and that mentality is simply a dinosaur requiring enormous amounts of labor and funds to maintain.

Streamlined and high tech are the new trends and much more economical venues requiring a new mindset and those who understand and value a hands-off approach to let the market settle prior to expansion into areas that have become unsustainable and outdated. 

One who sees this as a speed bump is able to weather, watch and evolve and that is simply what happens as a result of technological advance. Humans and machines are in a learning phase to integrate and support efforts that combine/merge the optimum qualities and incorporate that into a long-term and efficient model. 

Question: What happens and what words can illustrate trends for 2019? 

Efficiency, minimize duplication, innovate, focus, acknowledge instability, anticipate rapid expansion and growth into economies underscoring new demand for quality control upgrade in food distribution and delivery.

Instability: Geographical and Social. Population shift as continued earth changes illustrate the vast redistribution of population will create pockets of inhabitable terrain. Disaster prep is a misnomer. The real message is shelf-life, practicality, resilience to bacteria and decay. Less reliance on ‘short term’ or ‘convenience’ items. 

Reduce footprint. Rethink energy. 

This is the decade of inconvenience and redistribution of resources. Speed bumps on the horizon. Plan wisely.

I think that answers my questions for now. Thank you.

And so it goes. The challenge is to observe the forecast as given and look to areas of opportunity. What can be done to develop products, methods, resources, actions to address the need?

We are going forward into a new phase that suggests any preparation we do now will benefit us if the ultimate goal is interplanetary travel and advancement for the species as a collective. So much to discover. Baby steps. That is us.

The message: What do you wish to manifest?

Engaging sustained thought or focus is key to manifesting an outcome. As such, a result most likely to manifest is determined from the thoughts you spend the most effort engaging. And that might be: worries, goals, dreams or wishes.

I am able to see what I am (intending or inadvertently) manifesting, as those thoughts are also reflected in my dreams. The day dream thoughts and night dream scenery shift the present and I may or may not see a physical or manifest result as I shift those areas to create or avoid an outcome.

Your thoughts, your results. Thoughts are fuel.

Food for thought: Some others, among us and alongside, can read our thoughts.

Stay curious.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse notes:

My recent interview with Reddit Dream Moderator RadOwl (J. M. DeBord) focused on dream characters and dreams about deceased loved ones. Find out what other dreamers are asking. Follow Reddit Dreams.

Also noted in that conversation (Link), a reference to the Johns Hopkins site that tracks real time numbers for the Coronavirus. Map Link.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse interview with J. M. DeBord.

The Magic 8 Ball image was the answer to a question and an experiment to see if I could get a valid response on a question about politics. Neutrality is key when asking about future potentials. My question: “Will Donald Trump be impeached.”

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