Down the Rabbit hole … turn left

“You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.” – Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

A Matter of Letters

In the search for UAP, UFO, USO and so on, humans overly dependent upon a Science reluctantly willing to postulate/acknowledge the metaphysical and psychic realms are sorely outmatched by inhabitants who easily transit said realms [dimensions].

It may be that we are required to evolve our cognitive awareness to efficiently grasp and navigate the extra-dimensional landscape as second nature. Mastery indicated for NDE/OBE/Lucid Dreaming/PsychoNavigation/Remote Viewing/Telepathy. Are all entry points into this field.

In so doing, we will have improved our ability to track a source of origin for other dimensional tourists.

  • Resource. Psychonavigation: Techniques for Travel Beyond Time, John Perkins.
    “This groundbreaking book is John Perkins’s firsthand account of his experiences with the shamanic technique of psychonavigation–a method of traveling outside the body by means of visions and dream wanderings–and his encounters with the Shuar of the Amazon, the Quechua of the Andes, and the Bugis of Indonesia.” – Amazon.

Swap ET/Extra-Terrestrial for ED/Extra-Dimensional and TD/Trans-Dimensional, OD/Other-Dimensional and ID/Inter-Dimensional.

Game on.

And, for what it is worth – ‘TDs’ suggest Telepathic Proficiency is ground zero.

Oxford Dictionary – ground zero

  1. the point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb.
  2. a starting point or base for some activity. “if you’re starting at ground zero in terms of knowledge, go to the library”

Through the Glass … Looking

The Message – 1.27.22 – Channeled. Emissaries of Light [TDs].

plural noun: emissaries

  1. a person sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative.

We are here and we need you to tell our story. The timeline is crashing and there is a huge influx of energy to precipitate this event. It is where rubber hits the road.

What is unseen is now suddenly front and center. All illusions and delusions are given a pass when this hits the front page. Why? It has never happened before and the world – already in chaos is even more flummoxed. What to do when everything you have been told about reality is a sham?

This is what is coming and why we have no words. Your world will shift. As has been prophesied and THAT is what calls the shots – welcome to the new age. Aloha! No beginning no end… continuation. The difference now – everyone can see it. Love and laugh. It’s all relative. Needed a new angle and this kills the wars. The ecosystem takes precedence. And this allows for that. Love and light.

Clarity will suffice

I have requested clarification regarding the ‘front page’ event. No luck on specifics. Rather – I am given a definition of terms to illustrate the purpose of what is being transmitted.

The reason for keeping things sufficiently vague is to prevent [me] from jumping to conclusions or attaching a present circumstance to the outcome. The point is to present a situation that might be relatable and similar to establish/identify a pattern.

We [humans] create our reality. Imaginations run wild when allowed to rest on auto-pilot. The goal from their TD perspective is to offer information that might help mediate whatever drama and chaos presents itself in our timeline – long enough to allow each and every one to re-set -and focus on cleaning up his thoughts to imagine an upgraded outcome that will prevail for the highest good.

Keep calm and carry on.

Cynthia Sue Larson of Reality Shifters does an excellent job modeling this with her mantra: “How good can it get?”

Odd Ducks

A caveat:


  1. a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations. “there are a number of caveats which concern the validity of the assessment results”

One must have a familiarity with the vision enough to know what is being previewed. As in ancient times – visualization of a computer would have been distorted in the interpretation as no such correlation could be made to define, describe or relate to such a creation. That is where things get complicated.

That paragraph is meant to offer the explanation for why there is no visual to accompany their message.

All for now.


“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

Channeled – Emissaries of Light also suggested to source this author and her content. They have their own agenda.

To Seek

The Goal: Omnidirectional Insight.


  1. receiving signals from or transmitting in all directions.

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