Paranormal yard anomaly, Sasquatch, Misc. and Etc. links

Within I don’t know how many years, but in not too long a time, it’s going to become basic common sense that you are not some alien being who confronts an external world that is not you, but that almost every intelligent person will have the feeling of being an activity of the entire universe. – Excerpts from “Self & Other” a talk by Alan Watts, Source.


About that paranormal visitor I mentioned in the previous post. We have a clue. Andy found an unusual display in the yard. Sticks arranged in a row.

He didn’t know, but I had asked who might be trying to check in and Sasquatch content kept coming up. I have some Sasquatch interviews in the works. They are the tree people. Timing is right and this little nudge is my reminder not to drop the ball.

Cassie ran through the design before I had a chance to take the photo – but Andy said they were in a similar arrangement and spaced apart in a uniform manner. I do wonder if the previous arrangement suggested a number.

For everything a reason. Sasquatch. Interdimensional ambassadors for Nature.

Curious. 3.1.22 Yard Art The perfect hook.

One of the best Sasquatch interviews I have stumbled upon. Dean Harrison Yowie Expert. YouTube.

Video from one of his expeditions with thermal footage. Source. And a second feature report with more information. Source.

Website: Australian Yowie Research. Instagram stick design. Link.

Misc. and Etc.

  • Intelligence challenge. Animals have evolved to avoid overexploiting their resources – What about Humans? Raw Story.
  • Job challenge. Grizzly Conflict Manager. Previous Bear experience required. Slate.
  • Reincarnation. All eyes on this 2-year-old on TikTok, who saw a picture of her great grandma and said, “That’s me.” – “When asked how Ella’s grandma reacted to the video, @gi_gi216 explained, “My mom almost cried. She just framed this picture. My daughter told my mom the same thing except, ‘This is Mommy’s grandma and me.’ I NEVER said it was Grandma or explained who either person was to her.”” Yahoo.
  • OBE Science – helping researchers connect the dots. Source.
  • OBE Inspiration: Netflix series ‘Behind Her Eyes,’ Journalist follows the recipe. Tracks down instructor, Water Magister“He tells me about healing trauma and overcoming obstacles, and a time in his youth when he built an entire world in the astral realm with fellow travelers he met on the internet, only to have that world destroyed by lurking astral-projection-internet trolls. – I tell him that I’m just trying to make it past my bedside table.” The Ringer.
  • Check out some excellent OBE and Astral Travel resources on Bob Peterson’s OBE Outlook blog.
  • UFO. Multiple sightings – “I watched (around two seconds) then it went into cloud which lit up the cloud around it creating a perfect circle of light. Then it went horizontal past the point of my vision as I’m on my balcony. (So basically I would of had to run through the flat to go to front window to continue watching). Source.
  • None but the brave. 1. Complicated tale about a cursed grinding mill. Mysterious Universe. 2. Still Life, dolls. Painting includes warning. “The painting is a little dusty and a lot cursed. Buyer Beware.” Started at $50. At last check $80. Bidding thru Monday. 3/7/22. Ebay.
  • Long read. Mediums, Mystics and Martians. Source.

Shared Death OBE

“Three days after her brother’s funeral, Paula Lenz had an out-of-body experience with his spirit while she was driving. The result was a visit to “infinity” and a change in her consciousness. That experience with her brother Donnie didn’t take away the grief but it gave her an entirely new perspective about death. And Donnie is still around connecting dots.”Paula Lenz Interview – Wendy’s Coffeehouse

Book update

Revised 2022

Talking to Nightlights 2 is available for pre-order on Amazon. Link.

The nightlight Energy, a non-physical spirit companion, triggered a spiritual awakening and opened the door to PSI awareness that continues to evolve and expand. 

Beyond form

“The universe exists solely of waves of motion. There exists nothing other than vibration.” – Walter Russell


Happy Birthday Daisy.

That smile!

One thought on “Paranormal yard anomaly, Sasquatch, Misc. and Etc. links

  1. I just had an ( OBE ) encounter with a Sasquatch-like being the other day. The subject is really coming up again. I’ve saved the interview above to my “watch later” list. Bob’s OBE blog is the best!

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